What Next?

Mike Spick gazes into his crystal ball to look at the RAF’s next quarter of a century.

THE ROYAL AIR FORCE celebrated its 75th anniversary on April 1. The past 25 years have been packed with incident — what will the next 25 years hold? Crystal gazing is a perilous occupation at the best of times. All we can state with any certainty is that mankind has a propensity for armed conflict, and that the lessons of the past can often, but not always, be applied to the future. In many ways, the early 1920s were similar to the present

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The Financial Continuum

It is often said that life is like a marathon. However, perhaps it is better to consider life as a series of sprints with periods of recovery in between. This can apply in so many areas of our lives. Family, career and finances are all areas of our lives that have periods of all-out sprints and then times of almost coasting. When it comes to the financial race, it is important to evaluate you are and where you want to go, and then to create the map to get there.

On your mark …

In the early stages of financial

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The Doha diaries

Our Doha-based columnist has his finger on the pulse of the city’s foodie scene.

The meat of the desert

Thankfully, things have developed somewhat in the last 150 years of culinary history.

Camel meat is prized in the Middle East. On a visit to Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the year. The Prince of wales was treated to a whole roasted baby camel by the Crown Prince, on a recent trip to the region, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was so intrigued when he was served camel, that he whipped out his iPhone to take a photo. To

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From mezze to the rituals of the hammam, you’ll taste the best of what Turkey has to offer at a racking new resort on the Mediterranean coast.

Here are many things to love about Turkey. The romance of its history and culture; its architectural wonders; the food — and what glorious food it is. For spa fans it’ll probably be the traditional hammam ritual, which is said to have kept the harems of the Ottoman Empire happily occupied when off duty and which is still a favourite pastime for modern Turkish women and men. Before even arriving in the country

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Something for Everyone!

Alan Warnes visited this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo and gives an overview of events.

DURING A summer that brought both torrential downpours and glorious sunshine, the weekend of July 16-17 was blessed with blue skies and warm weather for the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). Having seen the weather forecast, most families must have decided to make the trek to RAF Fairford. Gloucestershire, on the first day of the weekend, preferring to relax elsewhere on Sunday. That must be the assumption if we take into account the startling difference in the number of people at Fairford on the two

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RAF Tornado

An add-on for Flight Simulator 2002/2004 and Combat Flight Simulator 3. By Derek Davis

The Panavia Tornado is one of the most exciting military aircraft flying today and the release of Just Flight’s add-on, RAF Tornado, will help to satisfy the thirst of many Tornado aficionados.

RAF Tornado production values are high throughout and this reviewer was pleasantly surprised at the wealth of detail and the innovative features. The external modeling of the Tornado is stunning, with the aircraft exhibiting a photo-realistic finish. RAF Tornado also provides a multitude of camouflage and markings representing various nationalities and theatres of operation

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Land Rover is the ultimate country-living car. How many design icons do you know of that will take you to your country retreat, even across a flooded wintery landscape, and let you wash the mud out with a hose? The Defender, besides being the ultimate big boy’s Meccano set, able to adapt to your needs by bolting bits on, lives with classless urban sophistication just as well as it does covered in the dust of the Kalahari.

Need to move that kontreiwinkel chest of drawers? Check. Will all five kids and the dogs fit? Sure, no problem.

The story of

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How many springs feeds the Volga.

The author of these lines asked to write about the children’s drawings on the theme of Pushkin prepares to publish a children’s jubilee Pushkin Encyclopedia. The author refused. The initiators of the future publication of statistics like how many and which do and do exhibitions, as shown on the drawings or that show … But the figures whether the case! And who, how these figures can be collected?

A year ago, took place in Moscow two expositions: the young Muscovites and the whole of Russia. On the Republican exhibited in Moscow it was about a hundred pages, and the children

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How many haulage companies owe their existence to pigs? Michael Marshall tells us all about one.

It all started with pigs over 60 years ago. when in 1951. David Taylor had his first herd at the family farm near Bland-ford Forum.

The Taylor family have been farmers for generations and in 1867 moved to the Dorset village of Pimperne. Yard Farm was purchased in 1911 and David William Taylor was born on May 18,1921, at the Manor House in the village. During the Second World War he served in the Tank Regiment, seeing action in North Africa.

He returned to Pimperne in 1946 and took over Yard Farm from his mother the following year. The farm

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As the heat descended on Denmark Street the thoughts of the music trade turned to ice cream, portable fans and above all, flocks of visitors from abroad – the financial lifeblood of Tin Pan Alley. Sid Bishop recalls the guitar tourists of the 1970s.

Whoopee, summer had finally arrived to cheer up our damp and shivering population, and everyone in the retail trade was rubbing their hands in glee. The instrument dealers in Denmark Street were certainly no exception, and one word was buzzing on all our lips… ‘Tourists!’

No one working in Denmark Street could fail to notice the

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