US Navy and marine corps deployments

US Navy

From the moment the massive movement of US defensive forces commenced deployment to the Gulf, it was obvious that all four branches of the Department of Defense would be heavily committed. To ensure security of Saudi territory and other Gulf states, a host of US Air Force squadrons were hurriedly dispatched during early August to bolster local air defences. At the same time several aircraft carrier battle groups moved to waters around the Gulf and in the Red Sea to provide additional air power and help implement the blockade of shipping attempting to deliver supplies to Iraq itself

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The port with everything

The city of San Diego was founded in 1542 by Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo, who originally saw how the long dogleg of the bay could be used as a harbour for ships to shelter against the vagaries of the Pacific Ocean. Over the centuries the facilities at San Diego have been progressively enhanced, until today the port can truly be described as a super-port. San Diego is also a military city, being home to the US Navy’s largest naval base on the West Coast. Just 20 miles from the border with Mexico, San Diego has also, within the last 15 years,

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Rhino Retirement

THE IMPORTANCE OF accurate and timely battlefield aerial reconnaissance information cannot be understated. Knowing the activities and intent of hostile forces can give a tremendous advantage, with the potential to swing the successful outcome of a battle. It is for this reason, even with the National Defence surveillance system of sophisticated satellites, that each of the armed forces has supported a special reconnaissance aircraft.

Past strategy has been to provide a reconnaissance aircraft that was a dedicated special version of the premier fighter. The aircraft would then have the speed and manoeuvrability to go with or follow behind the strike

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Marine Harriers Over Afghanistan

Warren E Thompson profiles US Marine Corp AV-8B Harrier operations in Afghanistan undertaken by VMA-513, the ‘Flying Nightmares’.

THE SOVIET Union sent its military forces into Afghanistan in 1979 with the aim of extending its influence in that area of the world. Ten years later, it pulled out after losing 15,000 men. Soviet aircraft losses were also extremely high — unable to cope with the unconventional type of warfare that the Mujahideen used, the Russians paid heavily for the lesson. Moving forward 13 years, the rugged and desolate terrain of Afghanistan again became a battleground, though this time not for

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SCLC-2 (MP-2)

August 6, 1925 at the Leningrad airplane factory GAZ №3 under the leadership of one of the directors of the Board Aviatresta IK Hamburg meeting was held on the activities of the design bureau Grigorovich and implement a three-year plan for the construction of prototype. We considered the following types of aircraft:

1. I-7 (I-2) — 1 series.

2. MRL-1 — 1 series.

3. Aircraft Ukrvozduhput (SUVP).

4. I-7 (I-2) — 2nd series, 10 copies.

5. Marine fighter base with motor «Napier» (min-1).

6. Naval destroyer (MM).

7. Scout seas (POM).

8. Deck (ship) fighter (PI-1).

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High-flying Limos

ON SEPTEMBER 11, 1985, the Gulfstream’s fourth design series business jet made its maiden flight from the company’s facility at Savannah, Georgia. Designated the Gulfstream IV (GIV), it was the latest version of the Gulfstream family of business jets. New design features included a 2ft (0.6m) stretch in the fuselage and a refined wing.

New Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 61108 engines gave the GIV improved performance in comparison to the Gulfstream III. Range was 4,220 nautical miles (7,810km), maximum speed 519 knots (957km/h), with a maximum operating altitude of 51,000ft (15,545m).

In the Army Now The US Army was the first

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LANDING goes round and round …

Battalion tactical exercises with live fire — this is one of the most significant events for the Marines of any training period. In the Eastern Military District, in southern Primorye, on the territory of the polygon amphibious «clerk» this kind of combat training events are held regularly. In recent years, military training «black berets» Pacific Fleet is characterized by high intensity and the quality of working out problems. The bulk of the time the Marines carried out on field training and exercises, regardless of the time of year, weather conditions and time of day. Battalion tactical exercises (BTU) for the

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Marine vadaplavy prescribe in Minsk

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has once again announced its intention to reincarnate Belarus maritime power. As told in the management of marine and river transport, within the next 3 years Belarus will get two freight vadaplavy.Major strategic interests in seaports Belarus — exports of potash fertilizers, tractors and vehicles. During 2006, exports amounted to more than the size of 900 thousand tons, imports — about 70 thousand tons. Currently Belarusian products sent to customers through the Baltic and Black Sea ports of Ventspils, Klaipeda, Kaliningrad and Nikolaev.B. Govorovsky: "Judgment will register in Minsk"Speech on

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Naval Aviation will receive a new sighting system

  First serial Il-38N with the «novelty» will come into operation after a couple of years, lack of funding Aviation Navy (Navy) RF should substantially increase with the adoption of new sighting and navigation systems «Novella» necessary for spatial orientation, and search and guidance on target. For disk imaging «Izvestia» acquired from the Main Command of the Navy, the first serial Il-38N with the «novelty» will come into operation during the coming year. First test aircraft is considered to be in the Northern Fleet since late 2011, and the official transfer was accomplished in March 2012.   — Although the

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Truxtun — U.S. Navy destroyer entered the Black Sea on the teachings

South American guided missile destroyer with a weapon Truxtun entered the Dark Sea, where apprehend role in joint with Romania and Bulgaria teachings and actions of security, reports the U.S. Navy.   «In the Black Sea ship to visit the port and plan in advance the planned maneuvers with allies and partners,» — said in a statement, according to RIA Novosti.   Navy emphasize that the campaign was planned before the events in Crimea — even before the destroyer from a base in the United States. The ship is part of a carrier strike group led by the aircraft

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