In the Northern Fleet conducted extensive naval aviation flights

In the course of the flight crew change ASW aircraft Tu-142, Il-38 and Ka-27 helicopters sea Northern Fleet Air Force (SF) made the training missions, during which fulfilled tasks of search and tracking submarines imaginary enemy using the full range of anti-submarine weapons.

Also scheduled flights in the Su-25 pilots performed under the gun deck aviation ship Aviation Regiment individual. They worked out the elements of conduct air combat training and intercept high-altitude targets, improved ability to perform common, complex and aerobatics.

Total in implementing and providing training flights Naval Aviation SF took the role of more than 1,000 military

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In the Northern Fleet ended another step Marine Corps combat training

In the Marine Corps Northern Fleet (NF) ended the next step battle training units in a new school year. The result of the hard battle study was the teaching of a single shelf sea Infantry, conducted under the supervision of Coastal Forces Command SF.

Its main purpose was to test the readiness of the regiment to leave the dislocation Fri 100% of personnel and the conclusion of weapons and military equipment. Units were alerted and within an hour in full gear arrived at the staging area and the formation of marching columns.

During the training session were worked out as

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In Kamchatka, are exercises of naval aviation

Naval Aviation is conducting exercises in Kamchatka. Young pilots make the first night flights with opytneyshemi instructor pilot and helicopter pilots preparing to march in the Gulf of Aden, where they will fight the pirates. The Marines also solves the puzzles — an elite unit produces skydiving.

For pilots control tower is not only the "head", and "eyes." Hence manages all flight aircraft. Managers determined the sequence of landing aircraft and helicopters, as they provide information about weather, wind speed and direction.

MiG-31 is the foundation of king single mixed regiment. Aircraft Fighter Squadron aircraft capable of speeds, which is

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New navigation system posodeystvuyut pilots navigate without satellite signals Russian helicopter aircraft will move to new navigation system LINS-100RS, which constitute the base uniaxial laser gyros French company SAGEM. Those imports from the country — not a NATO member is limited to five multipurpose helicopters Ecureuil and Fennec, which «News» wrote on December 10.   A senior source in the Main Command of the Navy said, «Izvestia» that systems LINS-100RS first helicopters will be equipped naval aviation.   — French «brains» will appear in the next year. But keep in mind that laser gyros are only the base system, and



June 14 at the plant in Palmdale (Calif.) company Northrop Grumman ceremony show an unmanned aircraft system wide surveillance maritime area (Broad Area Maritime Surveillance — BAMS) MQ-4C for the U.S. Navy.   UAV MQ-4C, Triton received the official name and current time passing tests and evaluation, final assembly and installation, including Radar will complement maritime patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon.   MQ-4C is a vastly improved version than the first-generation Global Hawk Block 10, and is considered a kind of hybrid variant Global Hawk Block 20 and Block 30 Marine motivated load. Huge UAV with a wingspan of 130.9


IFA — the new all-terrain vehicle U.S. Marines

MPC brand new development that will multiwheel armored personnel carrier, designed to work across the range of military operations, but focused on an irregular battle environment, different operations in confined spaces and urban areas. As required of the fighting in the car is placed team from the 8-9 Marines and 2 crew members. MPC allows you to perform high-speed maneuvers on land. He also has significant ballistic protection for those in it marines.

Initially, the Corps sea MPC infantry was seen as a means of ensuring security landfall infantry battalions with 2 ton, worked out the fortified command. However,

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Oka shipyard launched the eighth tanker project RST27

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Today, March 26, Oka shipyard launched the eighth serial tanker "Volga-Don max" class project RST27 deadweight in the sea / river 7030/5428 tons of "VF Tanker — 18" (building number 02708). Customer — shipping company "VFTanker." RST27 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

 Contract DWT 6980/5378 tons of the ship "VF Tanker — 11" was exceeded by 50 tons — in fact it was 7030/5428 tons. The rate on the tests was 11.7 knots.   In comparison with other projects MEB tanker RST27 new project has

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Marine rotary-wing UAV NRUAV

In cooperation with India company Malat, owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has developed a naval rotary-wing unmanned system NRUAV (Naval Rotary Unmanned Air Vehicle). This carrier-based unmanned system designed to provide marine multilayer intelligence and surveillance. It was based on the works of Malat headset (Helicopter Modification Suite, HeMoS) available for proven manned offshore vertical take-off and landing.

Applied as a "flying masts" NRUAV can extend the coverage area of the ship on an even greater area, providing warning and premature detection aircraft, cruise missiles, surface ships, and even underwater activity. For example, it may just find a

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Maritime combat lasers prevents air

The U.S. Navy has long been willing to get a laser gun that could burn the enemy boats and aircraft, but in the way of adopting a naval battle laser is a severe obstacle — sea air.

For an effective impact on the target requires great focused beam of laser radiation. It is not difficult to achieve in the laboratory or in the criteria of the landfill, but in the open sea air is filled with water vapor, particles of dust and salt. This aerosol excellent scatters the laser energy, resulting in a defocused beam delivers even less energy purposes.

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Marine Icarus

The birth of aviation in Russia was made possible thanks to the initiative of the sailors. Specifically, the first explorers saw in aircraft principal means of increasing the strength of the navy and put a lot of effort and money for training of aviation personnel, aircraft acquisition and organization of the Russian aircraft industry.

First-ever proposal, in which the interaction was determined by the ship and aircraft, was also born in the Russian Navy. It was the creator of Captain Corps of Engineers Navy Lion Makarovich Matsievich. More October 23, 1909 in his own first memorandum to the Chief Naval

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