Underwater Ninja

"Reconnaissance Commando is a man without nerves. This is a suicide bomber. His life does not belong to him or his parents, it belongs to the Motherland "- the words of the oath of the Special sea Intelligence Navy submarine GRU.Until now, that is not a lot known about the secret units of underwater saboteurs, spies. Even in retirement, years later, they keep their mouths shut. Indeed, in the case of war, they will have to fight before it began — leak on another area and destroy the enemy military targets, killing radars missiles, anti-submarine warfare eliminate the system.Do

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Under the wing — the ocean

Traditionally aviators Pacific Fleet Prof. prazdnichek own mark on April 4. Specifically, in this day 80 years ago in the Far East were formed brigade of heavy bombers and two reconnaissance squadrons.

On the eve of the anniversary of the chief of Naval Air Pacific Fleet Colonel Peter Kiseleva met a special correspondent of the "Red Star".

— Petr, in recent years the structure of naval aviation fleet endured conspicuous configuration. Now that she is like, what the aviators have to solve puzzles?

— The reform we passed a naval missile-carrying aircraft of the Air Force Distant and fighter

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Overcome perseverance and the will

Commander amphibious assault company amphibious assault battalion separate Kirkenes Red Marine Regiment of the Northern Fleet captain Rafik Fayzulin considers himself a happy man, because he has been beloved of all, is in the famous regiment, which in the future will celebrate the 70th anniversary of their own education, and in time year, or he, or his staff are participating in major events of combat training of the Northern Fleet.

Acquainted with Rafiq Faizulin your correspondent had a chance two years back in Olenegorske when the Northern Fleet command solemnly met the task force and an assault company of coastal

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According to countless requests: in Russia creates a brand new fighting vehicle for the Marine Corps

This year will begin research on the latest combat machine Sea Infantry (BMMP). Such a machine is fairly necessary, especially taking into account the strengthening of the role of the Marine Corps in the development plans of the Armed Forces.

It is necessary to see that the problem of armored vehicles for the Marine Corps (MT), is more acute than the problem of equipping airborne units. And if the commander in chief of Navy still managed to reach adopting the latest battle machine (BMD-4M), the MP unit as previously required to dispense wheeled and tracked armored personnel carriers. And this

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Planned fees grenade and sniper marines

We grenadiers and snipers from the brigade sea Corps under the command of Colonel Igor Bushmina began planning fees in the Pacific Fleet. The Marines have settled in a field camp, centered at the site "Bamburovo" which, in the Khasan district, despite the beginning of the period Epiphany frosts.

Command of the compounds were resolved priority tasks, such as training camp to the charges, as the organization at the site of additional hot food (twice a day). Because of the low temperatures the classes held in the open air has been reduced, for the same reason, were intended for

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"Expo-2012" in Yeosu, South Korea

"Expo-2012" in Yeosu, South Korea Facts

From May 12 to August 12, 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea, held the International Exhibition "Expo-2012" on the theme "The Living Ocean and the coastal zone." The exhibition is the first of its kind to focus on the ocean and the islands and the international recognition of their role. The main message of the exhibition was the welfare of mankind, which is associated with the state of the oceans at risk. Sea level rise, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, and pollution — some of the many problems that threaten the seas and coasts. Restoring

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Swimming Peter Lofty: Russian fleet returned to the waters of the Arctic

Russian explorers resumed its presence in the Arctic. After a long hiatus military exercises in the Barents Sea, the crew conducts nuclear cruiser "Peter the Stately. "Workouts last for a day. Marines and airmen work out joint actions.

Somewhere deep in the leaden fog in the Barents Sea heavy atomic cruiser "Peter Stately"Actually lowers to zero speed. Crew of the ship is built on the helicopter deck. Line up to give a tribute to the Mariners, who died here during the Russian majestically in peacetime. Last accident that occurred in these waters — the death of the nuclear submarine

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Pioneer of the Russian submarine fleet SN Vlasiev

One of the pioneers of the Russian submarine fleet Sergey Vlasiev was born May 31, 1880 into a noble family. At the end of the Sea Cadet Corps, the course in Marine infantry training team and Landmine officer class in 1903, the young officer was assigned to service in Port Arthur on mine minelayer "Yenisei", which was destined to sink from being blown up by mines already own on the second day Russian-Japanese war. This catastrophe Vlasiev was seriously injured and transferred to the battleship "Relight", then on the battleship "Crown Prince," and then on "Victory", where he participated in

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Robots to aircraft carriers

Navy Commander described the view of the Russian navy coming Russian Navy base in a couple of years should make aircraft carriers and destroyers of the last generation. Fighting ability of the fleet should be expanded through the introduction of robotics, artificial intelligence systems, and non-lethal weapons. About promising directions of development of the fleet Navy Commander Admiral told Teals. Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov told about configurations that are expected in recently in the Russian Navy. According to him, by 2020, the Navy must be created grouping of strategic non-nuclear deterrence forces. Its base should make nuclear submarine project

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Off the coast of Anapa dead dolphins


16.05.11.Nepriyatnosti the coast. What kills the Black Sea dolphins? While scientists search for the answer, resting off the coast of Anapa dead marine mammals. Two dozen in Greater Utrish. Three more dead dolphins on Little noticed.

Rescuers have some assumptions about the causes of death. This can be poisoned, or a special virus-killing marine animals, or poaching activities. Dolphins are often caught by set to catch small fish. There were times when fishermen trying to keep gear intact, not get out of them too large prey, but simply cut dolphin fins.

Information about the mass deaths of

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