Zero Light Photography.

Marius Janse van Rensburg and Bazil Raubach are two of the photographers who covered the all drama productions of this year’s National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. We were able to interview Marius in person and consult Bazil through the wonders of modern technology.

PiX: That sounds like a wonderful assignment, how long have you guys been photographing the National Arts Festival? Bazil: I have been personally shooting for the Festival for the last couple of years as an official festival photographer. We supply images for the media office for use in press releases, their blog sites, newspapers and magazine usage.

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Cat burglar forced to surrender to police


The robber, on account of which already had several convictions, decided to continue his criminal career. But his plan was foiled cat, to intimidate would-be thief to death. A resident of Benesti, located in Romania, managed to visit places not so remote, but the lesson did not go for the future — a repeat offender continued to systematically violate the law. In one of the serene spring day in 31-year-old Marius Ionescu, strolling down the street, spotted a house that is very interested ushlogo robber.

The man began to follow the inhabitants of the property

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Giant moon hole — a place for alien base

Spacecraft Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA) has made the most detailed to date, taking pictures of the two giant holes in the surface of the moon. These holes look like black holes that go deep into the satellite, and are of particular scientific interest.

Dark Mare Ingenii failure could serve as an excellent place to build a lunar base. Housing units in the failure would be protected from cosmic radiation with a thick layer of lunar soil

Scientists believe that the dark gaps formed as a result of the destruction of underground lava tubes. As a result, any impact, perhaps

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Earthlings vs. UFOs


Author Andersen

Contact with aliens do not always end abductions and medical experiments on helpless people, sometimes earthlings still manages to avoid the worst option for themselves a meeting with extraterrestrial visitors. At the same time, some of our neighbors in the world, defending our freedom and honor, not even afraid to enter with a stranger in a direct confrontation.

Perhaps the most unusual incident on the road, which was attended by a UFO occurred in the evening March 23, 1965 in Maine, USA. John T. King was driving along the

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