Stargazing Lives Mark Thompson.

We spoke to Stargazing Live presenter (and pilot) Mark Thompson about all things astronomy related.

How did you first get started in astronomy?

I was ten years old and my dad took me to the observatory at the edge of the University of East Anglia. It’s now moved to the home of the Norwich Astronomical Society, where I’ve been chairman for 14-odd years. I got taken along to that observatory and I saw an image of Saturn through the telescope and that was it. That fired my imagination and hooked me on the subject, and I’ve been fascinated by it

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Mark Harrison

Receiving his first commissions from seminal 1980s magazine Blitz, commercial and editorial freelance Mark Harrison has spent much of his career shooting celebrities for such clients as The Times Magazine and The Observer. Now looking to move in a new direction, he tells David Land about finding an agent, the evolution of his style, and the role that video will play in the future

T’ll go into a situation, and within a couple of minutes, I know . exactly what the photographs are going to look like at the end of it», says commercial and editorial freelance Mark Harrison.


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Mark Harriso

First commissioned by seminal 1980s magazine Blitz, our f2 Profile this issue, commercial and editorial freelance Mark Harrison shoots celebrities for clients including The Times Magazine and The Observer.

While a student at Farnham he was advised by Nick Knight to develop a distinctive style, «But these days», he tells f2, «rather than worrying about my style being unique, I’m more interested in producing natural photographs, and trying to get a performance out of the subject. For me, a successful photograph is about showing emotion and the connection between the subject and myself.»

This shift is reflected in his subjects,

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Mark Gredzinski tells the story of Leylands brave attempt at something really different — the T45 Road train.

With only the ageing Marathon and Buffalo in Leyland’s heavy truck portfolio, the new T45 Road train was long overdue to prop up the manufacturer’s fortunes and gain credibility in the marketplace. From its lash-up origins using the old Ergomatic cab pressings, the ungainly Marathon eventually earned its stripes in Mk2 form, but it was desperately in need of replacement.

Ogle Design of Letchworth did the styling work on what was known as the new C4Q cab. alongside the Leyland engineers. The idea was to attack the premium heavyweight market head on and stop the erosion of Leyland dwindling share

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Jon Lake reviews the career of the RAF’s Tornado GR.4 and look at its future evolution.

RAF STRIKE Command’s No.1 Group Tornado GR.4 force was the backbone of the UK’s contribution to Operation Telic, with 31 aircraft deploying to the Middle East, forming two Wings. These played a major role in the air war, providing capabilities the US Air Force lacked, and the aircraft won many new admirers. After years during which press coverage of the GR.4 upgrade had concentrated on the very high cost, delays and slippages, the GR.4 story was suddenly all about impressive capability and operational effectiveness,

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Light fantastic

Cumbria-based landscape photographer Mark Littlejohn is making a name for himself with his moody and dramatic style. Andrew James talks to him about his rapid rise.

A quick glance through the portfolio of landscape photographer Mark Littlejohn and you instantly grasp that this is a man who understands the most important element of capturing stunning images — great light. His work shows a connection with nature and is underpinned by solid camera technique.

All this may seem relatively unremarkable until you realise that Mark hadn’t even picked up a compact camera until four years ago. This makes him a relative

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Faith in ligh

Award-winning wedding photojournalist MARK SEYMOUR tells Boo Marshall how he crosses religious and cultural differences to capture human emotion.

In one of those extraordinary timely moments, I contacted Mark to arrange this interview the day after he’d been awarded the Master Photographer Association (MPA) Wedding Photographer of the Year title. And a very quick look though his website confirmed that such an award comes as no surprise. One of the first thoughts to strike me is that Mark’s website is not your average wedding website for a number of reasons. The sheer quality of his work and his intuitive understanding

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Centenary Man

Mark Farrall is a keen Albion truck enthusiast, and the impending 100-year Centenary anniversary of World War One provided him with a new restoration challenge

A keen collector of early Albion vehicles, Mark Farrall had up until a few years ago always concentrated on civilian types, but upon learning about the existence of a 1916 Albion A10 chassis at a farm in Essex, the direction of his collection would soon change. As anyone who has had any dealings with the potential purchase of Great War era vehicles will know, finding a vehicle is one thing, but trying to broker a

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Do you have a Plant?

After Ronson failed to project its own group of music which would reflect his growing interest in hip-hop, Mark started DJing in clubs and bars, and modest fees does not bother him. Sometimes, he was paid and $ 50 per set. «I’m not upset, because my skills, to be honest, were minimal — recalls the time a musician. — But I loved very different styles and trends, and also knew a lot about the old funk and soul, which are then mixed into the hit infrequently sets. » As a result, Ronson was one of the first DJs who

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6 tips for bargain hunters

1. The rebate game

Rebates offer opportunities for big savings, but you have to look for them. Companies use rebates when a product will soon be discontinued, to cut down on excess inventory, or as an inducement for buyers to get into a camera system. They can be the mail-in type, but these are being supplanted by the instant rebate (especially at online retail sites), by which the buyer gets the rebate on the spot. Instant rebates are less unwieldy than mail-ins, which are administered by third-party fulfillment companies.

Rebates may come in cycles; some companies are known to offer

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