Olivia Ripper, 27, married Robert Morton, 26, at Lime Wood Hotel, Hampshire, in August 2012. She says:

Lime Wood Hotel seemed the perfect choice for our wedding as Robert had proposed there. We held the ceremony in it’s enclosed courtyard — we opened the sliding glass roof as the weather was good.

We decided on a white colour scheme because it suited the neutral interior of the venue. I wanted a clean, unfussy look.

I wanted them to be white, abundant and candlelit to create a romantic scene.

We had three different designs for the centrepieces, all using


Aphorisms about women

Women’s intuition is much more accurate than men’s confidence. R. Kipling Women’s immediate instinct may sometimes be more valuable than any logical arguments. Arthur Conan Doyle Get married, no matter what. If you got a good wife, you’ll be the exception, and if the bad will become a philosopher. Socrates Women created in order to be loved, and not in order to be understood. Oscar Wilde [cut] It would be easier to reconcile all Europe than a few women. Louis XIV As bad men do not think about women, any woman thinks of them even worse Nicolas Chamfort There are

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In South Korea, both married 3500 sectarians

On Sunday in South Korea at the same time married three and a half thousand pairs. All of them are followers of the teachings of Sun Myung Moon, the so-called "Unification Church." He claimed to have received a covenant to build the kingdom of God on earth in person of Jesus Christ. This — the first since the death of a mass wedding-moon in September last year, said channel "Russia 24".

In the video, along with South Korean newlyweds oath of loyalty uttered another 12,000 pairs worldwide. Later, they recovered to collect donations for his

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Twist of fate: the incredible coincidence

October 31, 2012 22:50

Matches at the site of action (an incredible series of coincidences) — incomprehensible and inexplicable in terms of the probability of the event. Sometimes overlap in the names of places or areas it is less surprising that the human mind refuses to believe that it is a pure coincidence.

In 1848, the tradesman Nicephorus Nikitin "for seditious speech on the flight to the Moon" was sent not just anywhere, but in the distant village … Baikonur! [Golovanov, J. "The road to the launch site," 1982]. (However, some researchers about the validity of this message, there are

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London: dangerously in love get married




Professor Semir Zeki of University College London Medical has long been studying the brains of romantic young boys and girls. In particular, he argues that the images of this part of the body you can see the love activation of specific areas related to the formation of

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My neighbor evil eye, so I had one

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Useful TV!

We cheer them on, experience. Here Nicholas retired from the village of Don grown in the garden zucchini weighing 20 pounds! But the student of the glorious Pyatigorsk broke the bank in the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Such examples are lacking. But we are in the framework of our immortal column as always talk about love. Only this time, the "television" the love that is born on the show "Let's get married!"

Meet Karina is a girl in our town known in certain circles. Kareena now lives in Moscow, and she came. In the survey day

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Wedding superstitions — believe it or not


For every girl's wedding — one of the most exciting events in life. Consequently, this must pass day is ideal. If something goes wrong … This is what makes most brides (sometimes grooms) to believe in omens and superstitions wedding. What of them is the truth and what fiction? It turns out that most of the popular will is a logical explanation.

Myth 1. You can not get married in a leap year.

Leap year — this is a purely human invention for correcting the calendar. If it is a leap year

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The royal family. The mystery to be happy to watch

History at least some of the country consists of a large number of family histories. However, in any of their history Russia is not affected with such catastrophic clarity, both in the family of Emperor Nicholas II. In the last of the Royal Family, as the multi-faceted diamond, display the age-old history millions of families of. Family it — is what connects us to our forefathers and descendants. Family traditions, family legends are made of individuals dignified people. Our film is intended as an example of the Royal Family to show the best part of family traditions of, to

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Orthodox wedding: what we know about him?

Orthodox wedding — this is the rite, which dreams of every girl. Yes, it's about the wedding, and not about the regular registration in the registry office, for the wedding — it's a marriage before God. And we believe that only such a marriage will be happy, and certainly the only one, sincerely hope that the wedding will save us from a possible divorce after they met, will help you find and keep for years to come understanding.


It is associated with no explainable expectations and excitement — only a wedding can create an invisible but strong and touching

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