Icon for a day: Mary Pickford

She was known as America’s Sweetheart, the girl with the curls and the first real movie star. She starred in hundreds of silent movies (and a few with sound) between 1909 and 1934, and for a while every woman wanted to be her. That’s 100 years ago now, and since then movies got sound, cameras became digital and ringlets went permanently out of fashion. So I knew that styling the shoot in the honour of the Queen of the Movies was going to be a challenge, but there was no icon I’d rather be for a day.

To me, Mary

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YOUR COLLECTION FOR SCHUMACHER: Combines feminine floral chinoiserie and fretwork paired with snakeskin and ’60s geometries.


LA: JF Chen is number one for antique and vintage furnishings. New York: Score hard-to-find porcelain at Bardith. Creel and Gow is a no-brainer for unbelievable minerals, fossils and taxidermy. Palm Beach: House of Lavande’s vintage jewelry is to-die-for. Lori Jayne Monogramming & More mean “more” when they say it. Who doesn’t love Circa Who for antiques?


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Martyrology of Liberty: Maria Saulsky

Saulsky Maria Yazepavna, cum. 1900 in Kamenka Pleshchenitsy p-well, polka, from farmers to collective farmers in lo-"Lenin’s Path" in s. Pohar Begoml p-well. 37.08.24 arrested. 37.11.19 Resolution condemned the NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as an agent of the Polish intelligence service of art. 68 of the Criminal Code of the BSSR to capital punishment. 37.12.29 shot in Vitebsk. 89.11.28 deal revise PROSECUTOR BVI. KGB Vitebsk region. 20621-P***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration

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Washington Minsk specified path and steps

Deputy Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Maria disk imaging Vanshyna said:"During the meeting they discussed in detail the full range of the Belarusian-American relations. Sides also discussed ways and steps to improve these relations."

Maria Vanshyna not say what other meetings will be held with representatives of the official Minsk.

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Ekaterinburg actress builds Square in the heart of the city

Ekaterinburg actress builds Square in the heart of the city.

As reported by Mary herself Kutkina, the actress’ Theatre on weight ", the project is implemented outside of Sacco and Vanzetti, 58. Before the activists took up the case, the site was a vacant lot and spontaneous parking.

  "The project is implemented entirely on a voluntary basis, without any commercial benefit. Over the past two months the project has already attracted more than 800,000 rubles — this is money the citizens (more than 200) that evaluated our idea, and the

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The girl is still alive after a lightning strike in Saratov


3.08.11.Ot ball lightning strike 28-year-old Mary Mertinu saved Theotokos.

Girl-teachers from the orphanage "Hope" pierced balloon temperature of about 1750 degrees. Brunt icon — lightning turned it into dust. For a whole month Maria is in the hospital. Next to her, her husband, Sergei, also hit by lightning. Doctors from the 2nd city hospital Engels refer to these patients with caution. — It's a miracle — said nurse Love Sergeyev. — I work in a hospital for 30 years and never seen this. How can you survive it all! Mary was born in a simple shirt. Now state Mertinyh

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In Texas, found the skull of a child star

It so happens that some people find very interesting things, and in the places where they did not expect this. Discovery, which Mary confirms that our planet is constantly visited by extraterrestrial beings, and their existence is not a myth but a reality.

In 1930, Mary, who was only 15 years old, his parents went to visit relatives in Chihuahua. Vacation was planned for 150 kilometers from Chihuahua, in an unusually beautiful place near the Copper Canyon. Relatives of Mary warned that it is best not to examine the abandoned mines, which were, as

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The accident at the Elkhorn River




This mysterious story that happened in 1881 in the United States, has long troubled many people. It took almost one hundred years, that science could more or less reliably explain the riddle of the miraculous salvation of the doomed passengers.

On the night of December 28, the

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In the Pacific, the crew mysteriously disappeared


VLADIVOSTOK. January 21. VOSTOK-MEDIA — In the Pacific there was another "Mary Celeste" — a vessel with a crew mysteriously disappeared. January 14 Taiwanese fishing vessel Ming Horng Yu worked 123 emergency beacon, the ship was in the 1500 miles to the northwest of Oahu, Hawaii.

The signal received U.S. Coast Guard, and launched an international rescue operation. In the area of vessel in distress were sent planes and ships are nearby, the Coast Guard contacted the owner who reported that the crew of the vessel length of 85 feet — 11 people, nationality were not called.

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Weeping Virgin Mary warns




And she says the language of the Bible and the anti-globalization

Melor Sturua

Statue of Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, injured in a shootout between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The nuns of the Order of the daughters of Charity in Bethlehem saw the weeping Virgin Mary. This

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