Masonic plans chipizatsii plans and the creation of man — Cyborg

Notice under what sauce it is presented and by whom. The list of members of this global project, you will find the Masonic family crafty politicians from different political parties and social organizations. What unites them all but one. Membership in the fraternity of Freemasons.


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  Surrogates — Film — Fiction

  Original title films: Surrogates Name of films: Surrogates Director: Jonathan Mostow Year of premiere: 2009 Genre: fiction, thriller The performers: Bruce Willis, Jack Nouzuorti Michael KUDIC, Michael O'Toole, James Jinto, Rosamund Pike, Valerie Ezlinn, Radha Mitchell,

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Analysis of occult symbols mural Bank of America

In a prominent place in the foyer of the Corporate Center Bank of America is frightening murals filled occult symbols. Even more disturbing is the fact that these images seem to predict events of a radical change in the world in the not too distant future. Predict whether these murals parish occult New World Order? Look at the occult symbols and their meaning in the frescoes found in the frescoes Bank of America.

InfoWars reader sent me pictures of some very strange looking frescoes Corporate Center Bank of America in Charlotte, S. Carolina. Needless to

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Why Russia has fallen into bondage? A shot from the future, or from double eagle flew

Chapter from the book "Eniology" Victor Rogozhkina

Russians have always had bad luck with cars and kings. If anyone helped this country, then long after this hiccup help comes. Is such a spiritual and resourceful people do not deserve a better fate?

Americanization of All Russia conducted a purposeful and long. Most clearly, this process began in the 90's. However, the desired results nor the Americans, nor the "brothers on reason" will not wait. Introduction followers Masonic lodge in the Russian leadership was conducted over many centuries. Freemasons themselves often did not understand why they do, in fact, necessary. For

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Freemasonry teaches at the universities of Belarus

In Grodno University. Yanka Kupala taught a course on the history of Freemasonry in Belarus, the website of the Department of History and Sociology of the university.

At the site of the university published a work program for the 4th year of full-time and curriculum, as well as practical training topics and issues to offset. The author of the developments is a doctor of historical sciences, head of the Belarusian culture and regional tourism, Professor Vyacheslav Swede.

The work program is made up of the same name based

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Secrets of Masonic lodges




"Freemasonry in Latvia — yesterday and today" — was the intriguing title Riga History and Navigation, the first time in more than two centuries has opened a wide audience full of mystery objects of the Order of Freemasons, dating from the XVII to XX century

The history

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Hitler believed the Masons competitors




But the "Freemasons" creators Third Reich took a lot: from a swastika to "Mein Kampf"

Valery Pavlov

At the beginning of March in Riga together representatives of the Masonic lodges of the 12 countries of the world. By coincidence, in the same month in the same city

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World behind the scenes. Freemasonry

Masons. A secret world government? Masonic Temple at the walls of the Kremlin … Satanic Castle in the city center … and the Mass dedicated to … How many Russian ministers wore an apron mason? That is encoded in the dollar sign? And how do you know a member of the Masonic Lodge? And also — for the first time on television — the forbidden initiation into the Masons.

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World government and new world order. Part 2

Another influential MP structure is three hundred Committee, which includes, in Kollemanu, three hundred of the world's richest families. This is a very old secret society founded in 1729 the "black nobility" by the British East India Company to resolve the problems of international banking and trade, and to ensure the opium trade. It is directly controlled by the British Crown. It includes the entire global banking system is the most important representatives of Western nations. Through the Committee of three hundred, all banks are connected with the Rothschilds. Committee closely related and important to the Illuminati, therefore, obviously, is

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World government and new world order. Part 1

The so-called world government, its goals and objectives for the new world order rather thankless job. First, more and more specifically the topic itself profaned discredited and moved into the category of platitudes and "conspiracy theories."

Second, the "highly scientific" position proved and incorporated into the public consciousness the necessity and inevitability of this mode of global governance, the planetary living arrangement and many are beginning to see a realistic alternative. B — Third, by and large, the world government and the New World Order is almost all is said and retold, it is only necessary to grasp

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Rule the world … caste

The global crisis, raging for over a year on the planet seems to be on the decline. And it will surely be over. But many questions remain, and chief among them — who are to blame for his appearance? Usually in such cases, all blamed on the machinations of some secret societies, most Masons. They are the subject of hundreds of books and thousands of articles, but for sure they are not known anything. Why? Because most of the stories about Freemasonry — it is a view from the side. And in order to understand the phenomenon, it is necessary

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