Secrets of Freemasonry. Grand Lodge of Latvia




Most secret and closed society opened the door to the scope of activity in our country is not a secret about the Masons we know little. But it is especially bad that even the existing knowledge is a terrible mixture of half-truths and fabrications with blatant lie.

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World behind the scenes. Freemasonry

Masons. A secret world government? Masonic Temple at the walls of the Kremlin … Satanic Castle in the city center … and the Mass dedicated to … How many Russian ministers wore an apron mason? That is encoded in the dollar sign? And how do you know a member of the Masonic Lodge? And also — for the first time on television — the forbidden initiation into the Masons.

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Rule the world … caste

The global crisis, raging for over a year on the planet seems to be on the decline. And it will surely be over. But many questions remain, and chief among them — who are to blame for his appearance? Usually in such cases, all blamed on the machinations of some secret societies, most Masons. They are the subject of hundreds of books and thousands of articles, but for sure they are not known anything. Why? Because most of the stories about Freemasonry — it is a view from the side. And in order to understand the phenomenon, it is necessary

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