Searching for monster stars

In 2010, Professor Paul Crowther and his team discovered the most massive known single star, R136a1.

Can we start by asking what first drew your attention to the R136 star cluster?

Well, it’s probably the prime target for anyone looking for the most massive stars – it’s the most obvious place to look really because it’s the most massive young star cluster in our part of the universe. It’s about the same size as the famous Orion Nebula, but while that’s got a couple of thousand stars, R136 probably contains 100,000 stars or more, if you could see them all.

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NGC 1277


The biggest black hole whose mass has so far been properly measured lies at the heart of a galaxy called NGC 1277, 250 million light years from Earth in the constellation of Perseus – and it’s a real whopper. While our own galaxy’s central black hole has an estimated mass of 4.1 million Suns, the black hole in NGC 1277 is around 17 billion solar masses.

Astronomers discover and assess black holes in distant galaxies by measuring the orbits of the stars that surround them. Many have now been found, with masses equivalent to millions or even

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Mass produced means better quality

Professor Bob Newman’s recent article on build quality ( AP 10 August) was certainly food for thought. I have always thought the term ‘build quality’ to be a strange one, and I am not even sure if it is grammatically correct. I prefer to use the term ‘well made’ rather than ‘good build quality’, and to my mind they both mean the same thing, although I am sure that some will disagree. If we have to use the term, however, my understanding has always been that mass-produced items generally exhibit the best build quality, because all the parts have to

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So Hadron Collider, duty horror story «yellow» media, fulfilled its mission — the Higgs boson caught!

However, the vast majority of this event is «a damn.» It is a majority, it is reasonable to ask: «And? What is this change? «

Not today, not tomorrow’s range of phones or Samsung Arrle this event will have no effect. And hardly questions about the Higgs boson candidates immediately enter into a minimum-physics graduate student and, especially, in the exam. And there is a reason: the discovery of the Higgs boson — almost tangible achievement of the horizon of knowledge. Or threshold,

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The Gomel oblast authorities have not allowed any of the 1st picket against repeal of benefits

20 eight of them were held in the regional center, thirteen — Svetlogorsk, 10 — in Rogachev, 5 pickets — Rechitsa also in Mozyr Kalinkavichy, Petrikov.But local executive committees not have allowed any of the action.For example, the Gomel City Executive Committee, denying applicants allege a violation of article 14 of the law "On mass events …" — Tipo "statements do not contain information about the surname, name and patronymic of the people who applied for permission." And in the 2nd case, the bureaucrats said that orders filed "later than 15 days before the date of the mass action."As explained

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August 27, 1937 in Minsk the first mass shooting

People with flowers and candles gathered at the cross erected in memory of those killed archaeologists. It is the only Kurapaty nominal cross reminiscent of those killed 70 years ago. Install it on their own archaeologists today and one of the initiators of the mourning activities — Nicholas Kryvaltsevich:"Three well-known Belarusian Sergey archaeologists Dubinsky, Alexander and Alexander Levdanskii Kovalenya. Spetsy It was excellent, and they were accused of spying for Poland and shot August 27, 1937. Certainly, it was a big loss. Our archaeological science whereupon revived only in 1960. "Researchers history of Stalinist repression argue that today held the

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Policemen kept outdoors Paul Sevyarinets

Paul participated Mass in solidarity around the church of St. Joseph, which the police broke up. Some participants Mass. police officers blocked in the bus 33rd route and tried to detain, but activists managed to leave. Phone calls Paul Sevyarytsa not responding.

Near Gomel in tracts unearthed the remains of 66 victims

By command of the battalion, on the surface of various graves remains of 66 victims raised — peaceful inhabitants. Riddled skulls and bones have transferred to temporary storage in Prybytkavski village council.Sudmedeksperty have not yet conclusions about the "age" of graves. Not yet, and conclusions about the found bullets that killed the victim.Official version of the origin of mass graves — shot by the Nazis and militia Red Army POWs first war.But local residents indicate there there were mass executions of people in the years of Stalinist repression.Members of the organizing committee of creation of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy"

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Who was shot in the woods near Gomel?

According to the appeal of people, places mass graves found two kilometers southeast of Gomel fighters 52th special search battalion of the Ministry of Defence. Raised above the surface 3-10-s human remains. Many in the skull with a bullet through the neck. One of the main versions — there were mass executions of peaceful inhabitants in the years of Stalinist repression.United democratic forces region offer include Regional Council of Deputies commission 2-own representatives — Anatolia Ilinchika and Yuri Glushakova. Last — historian, to nedavneshnego time was a fellow regional museum, doing research of military events.

Who initiated the excavations in places Stalin shootings near Gomel?

Knows how democracy activist Ales Gomel Kornienko, back in the late 1980s public activists tried to get an explanation from local authorities: who in fact buried in mass graves in a kilometer from the town? Answer applicants did not accept — say, burial really there, but they are not the remains of victims of political repression, and criminals. One of the notable professionals in the Stalinist purges, historian Igor Kuznetsov says that maintaining near Gomel exactly classified as a place of execution of the prewar years. It became clear from the results of the exhumation, which was held here first

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