One of the most interesting strategic games that we’ve played, Master of Orion, will soon become a grandmother. Or grandfather, if we look at what is happening on the other side. Soon — respect. For most computer craft is "soon" — Irresistible forever, but for the Master of Orion, and those who know the price of this game — a reasonable time.

Master of Orion has become a point of reference against which everything else revolves. Why did it happen to ordinary people like you and me do not understand. If MOO cleanse the body from the distant childhood memories

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News from Space

Third Master of Orion

Sensational news for all fans of the global space strategy! Hasbro Interactive (stomach which rests the once brilliant MicroProse) announced its intention to proceed with a series of glorious Master of Orion. The game, which tried unsuccessfully to beat all and sundry, in the long years of existence has acquired a lot of fans, many of whom had to procreate and grow a beard. These same fans began to demand MOO3 immediately after the release of the second part and finally succeeded! According to official data completely, the third series of the famous game will

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