How long is the longest dildo, and how short is the shortest dipstick? We pit her favorite battery-operated toys with seasoned manoy. Someone else has to decide who wins, through…



Two things pretend-penises don’t cover in the length and girth departments: 1. They don’t have optional flaccid modes; 2. And—not counting dildos packaged as “first timer” toys (5.5” by 1.5”)—they don’t make them small. On average, they’re a clean 6 to 8 inches (excluding grip/suction base), and at their commercially available longest, can run the stretch of 11.5 to 12 inches with 1.5-to 2.5-inch girths (long whilst unproportional

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Tests & Comments

When I was invited to sample the new Inca #280.10 table saw, I thought I’d be in for a real treat, a version of their #2100 (reviewed in Popular Woodworking Issue #34) that I could actually afford. Since the tool was not yet for sale in this country, there was no price on it. My friendly Inca dealer had both saws in his shop. Next to the 12″ saw, this new one is almost diminutive.

The machines differ other than just in size. The mortising table for the big saw is a rock-stable 92 pound behemoth that cost around $1,200

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How planets form.

Discover how our home, along with our Solar System neighbours and every other planet in the universe, was born from a chaotic cloud of dust and gas.

In a sense, planetary birth is a side effect of a larger birth: the formation of a star. Stars form from nebulas, massive clouds of gas and dust dominated by hydrogen and helium. Now and then, a disturbance in a nebula concentrates an area of gas and dust into a denser knot of material. If the knot is big enough and dense enough, it will exert enough gravitational pull to collapse in on

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Build a Solid and warm home for moderate money is quite possible, if properly selected wall material. House of aerated concrete is characterized by high capacity for heat saving, and they are built quickly enough.

Aerated concrete blocks made from cement-lime-sand mixture to which is added a blowing agent — the aluminum powder. Aluminum reacts with lime and water, resulting in gas evolution and the formation of a finely porous structure. The resulting product was placed in an autoclave chamber. Here, in the conditions of high temperature and moisture curing occurs and curing of the material. The process is the same-dimensional, without the occurrence of Schshk internal stresses and, as a consequence, usadoch-deformations.

perfect fit

The final product has excellent mechanical strength, thermal and performance. This aerated concrete blocks have accurate geometrical parameters. Building

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Lift Education at the beginning of the XX century

By the beginning of the XX century a well organized system of distance education made it possible for men and women to obtain new skills or improve their skills (in the form of continuous training) in different areas related professions and professional disciplines.

This unique system of education, when students receive training materials by mail, studied them, and then filled the examination forms and sent back to school for testing and evaluation in the United States gave rise to the first comprehensive training course in the field of elevator-building. In the first part of this article discussed on the training

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Company Pflow Industries, Inc. added lift Series Box (B) to its range of vertical lifts and conveyors for materials with variable-return movement. This is the seventh of a series of articles Pflow, including a device that can be designed to order for different ways of operating.

Lift Series is designed for efficient transport crates, boxes, barrels, loose parts and other portable items from attics and basements, or between floors. The size of the carriage for transportation of goods is 3 feet x 3 feet x 4 feet with a mechanical drive. Hoist in series can move a load of

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Fecal (scraping) to enterobiasis

Analysis Kal (scraping) to enterobiasis — detection of pinworm eggs (helminths, clinical manifestations of which are itching of the anus and intestinal disorders).

As shown by the analysis of feces?

Investigation of fecal enterobiasis reveals the presence or absence of pinworm eggs.

What are the indications for analysis?

Suspicion of being infected with pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis); "Barrier" analysis (at admission, registration of medical books, references to the pool, etc.)

How to gather material for the study?

In the morning until the toilet stool and holding the genitals with a cotton swab dipped in glycerin to scrape the

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Criminal proceedings against the Young transferred to the tribunal

Malady do not exclude that the trial will start the other day, "Chernobyl Way".Sergei Grakhovo investigator who conducted the investigation of a case brought against the activists of the KGB "Young Front", transferred the materials of the criminal case to the tribunal Russian district of Minsk. He confirmed that Radio Liberty:"Yes. Investigation is completed and the case is referred to the tribunal."Recall: February 4, police detained 27 activists of "Young Front" during a meeting of the central council of the organization. Dmitri Fedoruk and Aleh Korban held three days in the KGB remand prison. Released youths taking a promise to

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The Minsk prosecutor’s office, the Italians taught Vika Moroz lie

Italian media for disk imaging, in its own materials Belarusian side Tipo blames family of Cogoleto premeditated inciting girls to heresy. This Belarusian psychologist Tipo admitted herself Vika Moroz.Despite the fact that the materials sent from Minsk to Genueszki tribunal kept secret, they also became public. Leading Italian publishing and television broadcast an interview persons who one way or another are related to this case. Availability of materials Belarusian prosecutors confirmed to reporters the official lawyer of the Belarusian Embassy in Rome Diego Perugini.According to a leading Italian edition of La Repubblica, these documents show that Alessandro Giusto and Maria

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The hunters Chukchi updated equipment

Chukchi sea mammal hunters received new boats, fuel, safety equipment and satellite tracking devices program of state seal hunting.


Large lot of material and technical resources for communities of marine mammal hunters brought in Chukotka in the framework of the state program to support seal hunting. As RIA the press service of the regional government, local fishermen to give eight large motor boats, fuel monitoring system for floating craft based on GLONASS, and Survival Gear.

Ship "Levadia" finished unloading the material and technical means for marine hunters Providence Bay area in the port of

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