Unlocking a New Design Niche

Founded in 1968 by Conway Wong. Vatord Group of Companies specialises in construction and contracting. manufacturing and supply of building materials and property investment. Vatord has since grown to become an operation with substantial undertakings in China, particularly Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in Singapore, and is a leading fit-out contractor for the retail, note and commercial sectors in the Southeast Asia region.

Today, the conglomerate is needed by Wong’s daughter Elizabeth, a Stanford graduate, who oversees the Group’s, operations and has for the past few years focused on revitalising the building materials side of the business by

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the art of surprise

Canberra-based industrial designer Chris Hardy’s clean and minimal aesthetic is driven by a rational approach to materials and an interest in finding surprise in the everyday.

Canberra-based designer Chris Hardy feels compelled to make. “I grew up in quite an unusual family. I grew up making, painting and drawing things. Always creating, always in Dad’s studio making stuff,” he says. “My father’s an artist, my grandmother’s an artist, uncles are artists, and now, with all the cousins, we’ve got photographers and fashion designers too, so there’s a gene somewhere in the Hardy family that’s very heavily geared towards creativity in

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A contemporary approach, a roster of warm materials and an enduring connection to its natural environs provided the foundation for the landscape design of this Montecito abode. To create the scenic display, which is nestled within the Santa Barbara Mountains landscape architect Tavi Perttula says he chose to «seamlessly blend the sight lines of the premise’s natural foliage into the property.» To execute this goal, he embraced a diverse palette of greenery—such as olive trees, agave and coast live oak—and embraced the industrial-style architectural elements of the home by integrating concrete and sandblasted cedar for the hardscape. «My decisions enabled



This is the third in a series of features on alternate building materials. The previous features were on straw bale and mud brick construction.


Rammed earth is a material I have had experience with when constructing buildings. In fact, it all started back when I was still at school. During the Christmas school holidays a group of friends and I were into spending all our spare time building fortifications in and around where we lived in South Tamworth, NSW. Being a bunch of resourceful boys with access to open spaces and a plentiful supply of building materials from

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A deck can add more than just an entertaining area to your home.

Adding a deck to your home will not only provide you with an extra living space; it can increase the value of your home, too. Whether you’re thinking about selling or you want to add space for entertaining, some professional advice will go a long way.


Clinton Skeoch from Boral Timber says a deck’s low maintenance and appeal make it a good investment. «A deck can add to the functionality and flow of a home and provide an extra living and entertaining room,» he says.

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Art Show

French artists find a home in a Parisian hotel

Located in Paris’ prestigious Triangle D’Or, Hotel Marignan is the first hotel project from local residential designer Pierre Yovanovitch. Unshaken by the challenge, Yovanovitch deftly wove a tale of contemporary elegance whose protagonists were natural materials and gallery-quality French art and furniture.

Collaborating with and promoting local artists, galleries, and craftsmen is essential to Yovanovitch’s exacting design approach. “Working on custom-made pieces is one of the aspects I love most about interior design. The artisans know their materials very well and they are eager to explore new shapes as well as

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This mossy, Blackthorn

When equipped with a tank camouflage kit "Cape" (Moscow Institute of Steel Development), The probability of detection in the near-infrared day and night vision devices, and scopes, thermal imaging systems and homing (GOS) is reduced by 30%. In the thermal range of probability of detection and capture of a tank with infrared homing down 2-3.

Drastically reduced the visibility of the tank in the range of radio — the temperature of the tank with masking and the background are the same. In the radar range and probability of detection range equipped with "cape" tank snizhetsya in six

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CMP equipped with new systems of control of raw materials

At the Cherepovets Steel Mill, which is part of the group "Severstal" ends the program for the conversion and the addition of several new control points incoming raw materials to the plant. The program, worth 150 million rubles, include projects to build a rail and truck scales.

In addition, the complete reconstruction of the existing truck scales at the plant, which will allow better control of the flow of materials within the plant and ensure that the quality of scrap was appropriate. Precision instruments will determine the composition of the scrap, the extent of his littered.

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Through hardship to the stars — Russian scientific research are published

Everyone knows perfectly well laser cutting, thermal imaging equipment and optical guidance systems in military vehicles. And everyone knows the high price of this equipments.

But few people know that the great part of their value is speializirovannaya optics, which have to be purchased only abroad, as Russia, until recently, this segment has not been given sufficient attention.

In this article we want to talk about that in this segment has finally been a serious event — the opening of a new production of optical materials IR, UV and visible spectra. Group of companies R'AIN

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Defence Technology Centre will create in Siberia

Center for Basic Research and Development for the defense and security will be based on the Siberian academic institutions, said at a general meeting of the Chairman of the SB RAS Academician Alexander Aseyev.

Create a center of defense and security instructed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, in March 2012. The decision was made after a visit in February, Novosibirsk, where he attended a meeting of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences.

"In the near future we will have to create a consortium or a commercial partnership with the companies cooperating on these issues with our institutions.

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