The power of ANTIMATTER

Is antimatter the key to understanding more about our universe and propelling future spacecraft between the stars? All About Space investigates how close we are to finding out more about this exotic matter

Written by Gemma Lavender

Imagine a mirror held up to the universe, one that reflects matter on the scale of particles. Just like a normal mirror, the image would be reversed. Particles like protons with positive charge would suddenly look to be negatively charged, while electrons that spin in quantum fashion one way would appear to spin the other way. While the universe doesn’t really have a

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New dark matter detector placed deep underground

A tank of water and a fire extinguisher over 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles) beneath the surface aims to find dark matter.

COUPP-60 is an underground dark matter experiment consisting of apparatus that includes a large jar containing purified water and CF3I, a chemical found in fire extinguishers. The aim of the detector is to search for signs of dark matter particles. When a particle passes through the detector its energy will produce tiny bubbles in the clear liquid.

“It’s an underground observatory,” explained Fermilab’s Hugh Lippincott, who oversaw the installation of the detector. “So it’s looking for the same thing

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The advance of new technology brings opportunities for photographers to change their pictures in post-production. So, does in-camera discipline still matter? Well yes and no, says Tim Clinch. . .

The newest version of Lightroom (Lightroom 5) has just been released.

As you know, I write a monthly column about using it for this magazine.

It is spectacularly good software, and I can state, hand on heart, that it has changed the way I work and has improved my photography immensely.

In case you’re wondering, by the way, sadly, I’m not paid anything by them to say this. I’m just

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One of those arrested in the blast case — on the loose

In an interview with "Freedom" after the release of Paul Kurianovich told that with any of the detainees in the case of the explosion had not seen one was sitting in the chamber remand KGB. By Kuryanovich for always his detention once summoned for questioning: during interrogation asked that did NIGHT MODE democratic activist from third on the fourth of July. Kurianovich said that he had a "steel alibi," which was confirmed when testing KGB.Paul views on Kuryanovich true persecution and detention of democratic activists associated with election campaign.

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A. Marachkin: an image of suffering and crying

Now Alexei Marochkin evening came to Kurapaty forest together with his son Igor. They removed the board with the chapel, which was damaged by vandals attached image of God Kurapaty mother and her place stuck latest reproduction. Sovereign Marochkin said that confiscates creased image icon for the museum vandalism.The original icon of Our Lady Moms Kurapaty all innocently shot, written by the artist about 5 years ago, Reddish is in the church. Reproduction of restoration at the chapel in Kurapaty Forest sovereign Marochkin has been doing for the 3rd time. "For the third time, we are passionate about, to somehow

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Heavy ion accelerator began to build in Dubna

The construction of the collider of heavy ions — the NICA in Dubna, one of the six largest facilities of Russian science related to the class of "mega-Science."

Layout accelerator-storage NICA

NICA collider is a cyclotron with a circumference of 500 meters. He is able to accelerate and collide beams of protons and heavy ions up to very massive gold ions. The proposed kinetic energy of the ions to reach 4.5 GeV / nucleon protons — 12.6 GeV. The source of the beams for the LHC will be built in 1993 accelerator "Nuclotron" Europe's first

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End quote: 2007

January"Go two people, behold the lying cow lyapeh. One other reads:" John, you could for $ 100 zestsi it? "John says," Yes, could be. "Ate, Kohl paid, go further, both unhappy, behold the Once lyapeh. Bob says: "And you could eat this lyapeh for $ 100?" Kohl ate Bob paid, rather, returned won $ 100. Go on and think: "What we have done! Nazherlisya manure and stayed at the property. "That’s neat result of this scandal." Radzikhovsky, a columnist for "Russian newspaper" — about the Belarusian-Russian crisis. "We are ready to cooperate with the devil, even with Satan to ensure

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The study of dwarf galaxies deepens the mystery of dark matter

The study of dwarf galaxies deepens the mystery of dark matter Facts

The study of the two neighbors the Milky Way dwarf galaxy in the constellation Sculptor oven and shows a smooth distribution of dark matter. According to scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics familiar cosmological model in which clumps of dark matter at the center of galaxies, may be incorrect.

Like all of the galaxy, the Milky Way contains dark matter. It is invisible, but finds itself due to gravitational effects on other objects. So, without dark matter velocity stars would be shattered in all directions.

According to

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Hurricanes have a negative impact on water quality

September 30. Water quality in lakes and other bodies of water can be significantly reduced if the global warming will increase the number of hurricanes. This statement was made by scientists from Yale University.

Last summer, the New York agglomeration of Hurricane "Irene" — it was the strongest storm in the region over the past 200 years. When the element had subsided, the team found a record high amount of dissolved organic matter in the Ashokan Reservoir and the Catskill watershed ridge, which are the main source of drinking water for the city, according to "United Press International".


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Our universe may fall apart at any moment


15/10/03, the



In Glasgow at the British Association Festival of Science with a rather unusual statement was made by Dr. Benjamin Allanak. He works at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Dr. Allanak warns humanity that matter in our universe, perhaps, is now in a state such that at any time there is

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