Max Payne

Everything you wanted to know about Max Payne, but were afraid to ask.

Today the exhibition is especially animated. Happy, but tired, visitors learn almost everything you dreamed of, but the soul still requires, and the legs themselves are in another booth — take a look at the new items and pull the nerves developers. Although some benefits of gab.

One group stands out crowds dancing to something dynamic girls in bright dresses. They advertise prefixed (so — bogomerzky, but somehow this cute heart) Space Channel 5. On the other crowd a mile away bears, sorry, silicone implants


New Amazon

Written by — Juliusz Machulski, IOLANTA Hartwig Paul Gaina director — Juliusz Machulski operator — Jerzy LUKASHEVICH artist — JANUSZ Sosnowski composer — HENRIK KUZNYAK

Roles performed:

Max — Jerzy Stur

Albert — Algirdas LUKASHEVICH


Emma — Bohuslav Pavelets


Bern — Beata Tyszkiewicz and others

«Frame», POLAND

The film is dubbed in the film studio «Lenfilm»



Imprint according to the permissive license — 8.5. ADVANCED.

For his film debut of a young writer and director Juliusz Machulski chose quite realistic criminal history of bank robbery. But truly phenomenal success

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Three Capitals Maxim Tank

In the 1930s of the last century Vilnius represents a literary Babil — in the town immediately went Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Jewish periodicals. Participants Vilnius literary process as the builders of the Tower of Babel could not always agree among themselves, but passing each other, staged joint poetry readings. Maxim Tank while many translations of Polish poets, many of them made friends (with Vladislav Bronevski, Jerzy Putramantam). Through the Polish poetry was an opportunity retranslyavats Merit Western European poetry in Belarus, and Tank successfully coped with this difficult task. Many of his poems have appeared in listening to the

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Hockey on many white-red-white flags

Belarusian TV is broadcast live on the first play of Belarusians — the Czechs and the Yankees. Both times, the Ice Palace soared many white-red-white flags.Media expert Leonid Mindlin clarify that employees of BT does not depend that the audience will see. Reflection of events in the championship (so called "Painting") on television — the total for all states, where these staring competitions."There is a TV, which acquired the rights to broadcast the championship. In this case, it is a Russian company. It gives television" image. "And it’s her staff — directors, cameramen, engineers — provide a picture of the

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Max Mirnyi will play the 19th player in the world

Max Mirnyi — The only representative of Belarus in the men’s tournament — met with the representative of Germany Nicholas Kiferam. German Olympian occupies in the world ranking 19th place, while Belarusian is now only the third best players Sotk planet.In the women’s tournament Belarus are already four tennis. Not lucky Olga Govortsova, which immediately fell to the fifth-ranked American woman Syrynu Vilyamz. Will be even easier Victoria Azarenka, which play a Ukrainian Tatiana Perebiynis. In the women’s doubles together with Victoria Azarenka Tatiana Poutchek met with the Estonian duoMaret Ani— Kaya Kanepi. And Olga Govortsova with Darya Kustova will

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The process of 14. Tribunal moved to mon

In Minsk Central District Court will sudyatsabvinavachanyh in a criminal case, which was called "a matter of 14": Alexander Borozenko, Paul Vinogradova, minor Maksim Dashuk and Misha Subach.Referee Valeri Essman.Lawyers: Ira Bagnich, Svetlana Gorbatok, Paul Sapelka.

Pavel Vinogradov

Misha Suboch

Maxim Dashuk "Freedom" of "the process of 14"Case was brought for group acts which have resulted in Tipo gross violation of public order during a protest on January 10 businessmen. April 23, the court sentenced to fines and restriction of freedom of 9 people. Andrei Kim was charged to the same dangers police officer during a demonstration on January 21

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The premiere of the newest anti-aircraft missile complexes will be held at the MAKS-2013

Bulk samples of the newest anti-aircraft missiles (SAM) will be produced in Russia for the first time presented at the XI International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in St. Petersburg. «Now, our serial standards some of the best weapons in the world, evidenced and, namely, their popularity, especially anti-aircraft missile complexes in global arms markets. Some of them, we show for the first time at the MAKS this year «, — said the head of the country after visiting the Obukhov factory. Developments in the field of SAMs on Putin views are able

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MAKS 2013: flight program

In airshow perceive the role of 12 crews, aviation enthusiasts expect new items and Premieres In flight programmke of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, which will be held in the town of Zhukovsky from August 27 to September 1, perceive the role of 12 crews. In the days of mass salon visit — 30-31 August and 1 September — at the air show to provide an expanded flying program from. Aerobatics show favorite aerobatic team, not only considering the organizers promise that the fans expect some impressive MAX Prime. For the first time in Russia will perform aerobatic

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First results of the MAKS-2011

10 International Aviation and Space Show in Zhukovsky, MAKS-2011 was a record year for all the years of its holding, sales Russian civilian aircraft production. Total transactions amounted to nearly 14 billion dollars.

Recall site MAKS opened its doors in 1993, in general, vsepolnotsennym commercial event in the world of aviation it was in 2003, when the transactions amounted to 1.5 billion dollars. In most transactions, contracts were signed with companies representing Russia for the supply of a Russian aircraft models for the purposes of civilian, military and paramilitary only had to deal only 8%, and a bit

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China tested a hypersonic aircraft

China successfully conducted the first flight test of a hypersonic system, potentially capable of delivering a warhead to bypass the defense system. This anonymous source said the South American right-conservative publication The Washington Free Beacon. The Pentagon did not disclose details of the publication of tests, but confirmed the fact of its holding. The tests were conducted on January 9 over the territory of China. According to the source, hypersonic missile was launched from a very moving and highest speed — about 10 Mach numbers. Pentagon spokesman refused to give comments regarding the test. It usually refers to hypersonic flight

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