McCain: Lukashenko — aggressive Teran

As reported by the local press, such a statement was manufactured in response to a resident of the town of Sparks replica. She expressed concern about the fate of the upcoming private company, which is due to trade sanctions against the Lukashenko regime can not continue to deal with the principal for her partner in Belarus and therefore risk going broke. Nevada businesswoman asked McCain, how he is going to lead foreign policy, so as not to destroy the South American interests.Responding to a question, presidential candidate U.S. Voters posoboleznoval, but noted that he supports sanctions against the "despotic power

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McCain adviser threatened ambassador to Minsk

The other day in an interview with Washington Times Graham said that Americans are "mental decline" and is "zhalbitav civilization." Private messages Broadcasting CBS News sends a clear answer to these words of McCain, in response McCain Councillor threatened that he would send his ambassador to Belarus."Phil Graham says on my behalf. I speak on their own behalf, and I strongly disagree." I believe that a person, for example, here in Michigan, lost his job, is not in the mental decline. And these people did not whine. " Asked by journalists to comment on the information that McCain if he

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McCain has a website for Belarusians

And this website in Belorussian a biography of the candidate, explains why McCain best presidential candidate U.S. Belarusians who constantly live either are U.S. citizens and saving for Belarus"Senator McCain — against negotiations with the dictator, he — a staunch opponent of the despots of all stripes globally.It offers a strict policy of Russia, which is the sponsor of the Lukashenko regime.McCain knows what Belarus, system support democratic reforms in our country.Lukashenko fears McCain believes his personal enemy, because he did not let it in Belarus, when Senator wanted to visit it.

George Bush and John McCainSenator McCain — the

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D.Makkeyn about the U.S. presidential election and about Belarus

"If I am elected President of the United States, my core values will be the revival of the transatlantic partnership and moral solidarity of the West," wrote John McCain Suddeutsche Zeitung.McCain writes that the "big eight" must once again become the leading club of democratic countries with market economies. To take in the G8 India and Brazil, but exclude from the Russian.

These applets are important both for Russia and Belarus, where dictatorship continues to use a common pressure …

"Europe and the USA should increment skaardynavasts own programs in order to support democracy and the rule of law in

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John McCain — our candidate

And let many utter — "yes, it’s all show," in response to think — "we have a show."Belarus election not long ago, a whole generation does not know what it is yet. Currently no elections already in adjacent RF, whose policy in Belarus were better known than their own, because most of the Belarusians accustomed to look at the world through Russian television window.And because even if you are not a genius money Wall Street and you have no real intrigued about who overcome in the U.S., you can not stay flegmantichnym for this exciting race. So our people are

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The dictatorship in democratic clothing

The senior senator from Arizona — horn decrepit world leader

John McCain, the senior senator from Arizona, is very popular all over the world. The mystery of his popularity is simple: it is convenient for the press — about the same as was previously easy to Russian journalism Zhirinovsky. McCain is always on the edge, and even beyond the political scandal with international color, always expressive and aggressive and tend to talk more about bombs and rockets — in any way — and does not claim to be a Nobel Peace Prize, as a cautious and almost always predictable

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About the diagnosis of Putin and the exclusivity of the United States

President Putin, when he was Prime Minister, once referred to Sen. John McCain's crazy. Putin, possessing analytical thinking, mathematically calculated that if people drop into the pit for a few months (in Vietnamese captivity McCain really was sitting in the pit), the common sense of it will be only his memoirs.

But in life, almost anything can happen, including miracles, one of which is Senator McCain have to admit that not always and everywhere a person with severe psychological disorders can reach such heights in politics, which headed for McCain, I almost became a favorite of the first nation

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McCain again threatens Russia

South american Sen.-Republican John McCain again threatened Russia. He referred to the revolution in Libya, an inspiration and an example for the people of Iran, Syria, China and Russia, said Agence France-Presse. Such a statement McCain made at a press conference in the capital Libya — Tripoli, where he and three other Republican senators arrived on September 29.

According to him, the U.S. convinced the Libyan people, "inspires people in Tehran, Damascus and even in Beijing and Moscow. They encourage and inspire the world. "

For John McCain, this is the second visit to the Libyan government this year.

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McCain warns China on the approximation of the Arab Spring

Senator John McCain, the Republican Party of Arizona warns China the approach of the "Arab Spring." McCain made this comment during a security conference held in Munich, referring to Zhai Jun, zamministre foreign ministers of China. McCain mentioned nedavneshnem act of self-immolation of Tibetan monks who are protesting against Chinese control Tibet, reported the "Voice of America".

"I have often read, and will say again: in China comes the "Arab spring"And there is no way absolutely strangle it, that's because of such devices — McCain said a diplomat from China, showing the phone. — I hope that China will evolve

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McCain does not agree with the views of Putins statement that he had gone crazy

Competitor Barack Obama for the U.S. presidency in 2008, John McCain believes that the beginning of a new period of Vladimir Fishing season does not predict anything decent, and the Russian president criticizes the expression that he had "gone crazy" during his stay in a Vietnamese prisoner of war.

"When Putin came back for another 12 years, people have been wondering which way it will go … But when you see a Russian veto sanctions against Syria at the UN war commentary that the placement of missile defense in Europe can be seen as an excuse to attack side

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