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Ambassador McFaul discouraged the Foreign Ministry of Agriculture diplomacy Gopnik

"We are extremely puzzled expression took the U.S. ambassador in Moscow, Michael McFaul made by him in a speech May 25, 2012 the students of the Higher School of Economics — said today at the Russian Foreign Ministry. — Sounded evaluation of interaction between Russia and the United States in the form goes far beyond the bounds of diplomatic etiquette, and are essentially a deliberate distortion of several aspects of the Russian-American dialogue. "

"In particular, the Russian government has never used

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Reload McFaul

In the last week of May and already izmayavshiysya South American salting in Russia Michael McFaul delivered a lecture to the students of the Higher School of Economics. The time was evening, but as noted by McFaul, he was surprised that to see him come so many people. At Stanford, again according to Michael McFaul, wait for such number of students in a very late hour for employment is not necessary. If such a phrase uttered at least some other people, it can be taken for a particular compliment to the audience. But due to the fact that the person

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A new round of missile warfare

September 15, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama announced a new U.S. ambassador to Russia. They became the last assistant now Obama's national security Michael McFaul. McFaul is also known for countless works for Democratic municipal services, including on RF, is also a doctor of the Center on Democracy at Stanford Institute.

It seems to be infrequent, but non-personal news. But McFaul has already managed to get on the front page, not even having time to present his credentials. Speaking in the Senate, McFaul made a statement that everybody expected. On the one hand, his words had been expected, but

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McFaul said whom America is sponsoring in Russia

Funds allocated by the United States on the development of civilian society RF, not intended for either organizing demonstrations or for the funding of political organizations, movements, political parties and political leaders. This announcement was made by U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

According to a South American ambassador in RF What about this "profoundly wrong." He stressed that the grants are awarded only non-partisan, independent and non-governmental organizations working on the development of civilian society. This is done in order to strengthen society, assist cope with the abundance of problems that appear in the civilian society throughout the

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McFaul blames Russia Today

Michael McFaul, salting the United States to Russia, said Margarita Simonyan, the editor channel Russia Today, that he lied on the air. According to McFaul, the air was information that it was he who sent the blogger A. Navalny at the Yale Institute for participation in the course of international favorites and experts.

"Today Russia Today channel was made that McFaul sent Navalny to study at Yale. It's a lie, "- wrote in his own tweet South American diplomat. He reminded the editor RT, as during a meeting in Washington Simonyan asked McFaul to tell her if the channel

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Michael McFaul, was approved by U.S. Ambassador in Russia

On Saturday, Michael McFaul has become the new U.S. ambassador to Moscow. According to the views of political observers of American media, he is the main spice in the United States of.

Noting the huge awards McFaul as the initiator of the idea of a "reset" of relations with the Russian Federation, commentators drew attention to the difficult path to the current policy purpose. This is due to the fact that the approval of a new ambassador was twice postponed. The intention to appoint McFaul to the post, U.S. President Barack Obama has said, on May 29, and to the

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Michael McFaul offense

The most discussed ambassadors of foreign countries in the Russian Federation is now salting U.S. prince McFaul. Even in the midst of all U.S. ambassadors shortly Michael McFaul by attention to themselves and to their activity undisputed winner, despite the fact that he was in Moscow at all so long ago. The names of his predecessors in the post of ambassador to RF — William Barnes and John Beyrle — now far not every Russian who even considers himself interested in the political life of the country, remember. But the phrase "Michael McFaul," has become almost stable phraseology indicating the

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Michael McFaul made a new offer

February 14th, I was invited to a business breakfast with one of the senior Russian government officials. He recounted that during nedavneshnih Russian-US talks on START took their role in Michael McFaul stubbornly impose our delegation proposal, that all mobile ground missile complexes "Topol-M" and the RS-24 "Yars" were fitted on top of the identification mark round with a diameter of two meters, in what was a private number PGRK — and Americans watched from space using its own satellites electro-optical reconnaissance for their movement, is not identifying all Russian mobile missile launchers and their membership of a particular division

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The occurrence of open sabotage U.S. against Russia

One example of

A few days ago the head of the U.S. diplomatic mission, Michael McFaul, spoke to the students of the Higher School of Economics.

And he made some hard-hitting statements about Russia. In particular, accused Moscow of bribing authorities in Kyrgyzstan to those "thrown" American airbase "Manas".

This was followed by the reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Foreign Ministry said: The words of Ambassador in form goes far beyond the bounds of diplomatic etiquette. And are a number of aspects of deliberate distortion of the Russian-American dialogue.

Michael McFaul responded to the allegations.

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Hu of Mr. McFaul

"Goes! Goes "- satisfied with clicks and welcome with bread and salt should be met Russian people, according to virtually adopted the South American view, the new United States ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul sovereign. Still, Americans think, because we have for you — Russian — practically giving away the most precious thing after Barack and Hillary — the brain and, as is typical, the particular supporter of Russian democracy, so he promoted freedom and democracy in this barbarous country.

Even at the end of May this year there — the ocean — have decided exactly what McFaul

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