Christmas gifts from parents Madeline McKenna

"We wish that our Madeline toys as Christmas gifts received by those small Belarusians who eventually most diverse circumstances deprived of happy young people", quotes the words of parents McKenna British "Daily Mirror". According to British media, Christmas gifts, each of which is attached photo Madeline, students must obtain Zhodino yes Bobruisk orphanages.How to write English media campaign organized by the charitable organization "Samaritan’s Purse" and recently made a charitable foundation "Madeline." The purpose of the campaign — to draw attention around the world catastrophic fate of this and encourage girls to find her in the midst of the inhabitants

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Night rainbow: mirage or reality?

October 9, 2012 0:02

We always respond positively to the rainbow? daughter of seven colors of the sun and the rain. But who of us has seen a rainbow at night? It would seem that without sunlight, it is not possible.

However, on moonlit nights it happens. This type is called a rainbow "moonbow."

Martin McKenna from Northern Ireland saw a rainbow at night on October 3 in Port Ballintou.

"I was lucky to capture this rare surreal on the Atlantic coast in the Bay Ballitnou" — said McKenna.

"The moon gives enough light that illuminates

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Acceleration of time — where were going

April 18, 2012 7:57

In 1970, American explorer Terrens McKenna developed a 'Time Wave Zero "after he learned the ancient Chinese system of predictions I-Tszyn. He has a mathematical algorithm that looks like a calendar. This calendar covers all historical changes to our civilization. When McKenna received a pattern and laid-Tszyna the historical time line, he made a shocking discovery — in December 2012 chart completely drops to zero and goes to infinity. It is unknown what will happen on this day, it is clear is that this will be the most significant moment in the history

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