Ales Antipenko: For me, the meaning of life in the work and the presence of

Karatkevich: "What is the hardest question to you in today’s Belarus?"Antipenko: "This is, for sure, the coming of our national perspective, the way in which the situation is resolved, this brand new, and the political and financial.» Sur eznasts and extent of future economic problems are likely to be felt at the end of this year . So we are entering a very sur» eznuyu phase transition to the new realities. "Karatkevich: "You are running a professional on the Belarusian Association of Journalists. How, in your opinion, the information in Belarus offer meets the needs of society." Antipenko: "If we

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Again aviation

It's no longer a secret that the 3rd serial Su-35s at the end of January (17.01.12g.) Tested by programmke municipal joint test, the results of which will decide on the formulation of the aircraft into service. We're talking a lot of "not a lot", "slowly", "faster better and more" yes "abruptly" and from the airfield of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association took off plane and held aloft for more than 2-hours. The fighter flown by test pilot Taras Artsebarsky, which does the job and does not direct attention to our vozvaniya what I support him and appreciate his extraordinary work

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Secret meaning of the Olympic Games in London 2012. Video


This video describes the occult symbolism in the Olympic medals in London 2012. The new world order worship Lucifer (Satan). Imagine every piece of the puzzle has a different meaning. Now, if you add two pieces of the puzzle together, they form different images and meanings, as well as individual components having different story and meaning. And so on, this applies to all other parts, until you have a complete picture. Complete mystery brings a different image and a different meaning.

This is a subliminal language layers of meaning to each other. This is the language that they

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Paganism …

Paganism — Please accept this word is not in terms of religious dogma, but as a set of philosophical ideas of ancient ancestors, who did not know the word, but meant by it something more sacred, magical than we now impose, distorting the true meaning of Russian …

I write this article prompted the ignorance of our people, who does not know and does not want to know the history of his family (and the one who is not interested in the history of our species, and who consider themselves above it, plays community of peoples, acquiring in return name

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Psychology of family life.

Family psychology deals with the study of human development in a family environment, characteristics of family relationships, structure and development of the family.

For any family is characterized by integrity, repetitive patterns of relationships life and development according to its own logic.

The term "dysfunctional family" is commonly used in a broad context to the family system, which is a source of non-adaptive behavior of one or more of its members, does not provide the necessary conditions for their personal growth. According to the modern family and psychological research, dysfunctional families have the following characteristics: the existence

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A man decides to suicide, when under the influence of certain circumstances of his life loses meaning. But his loss — albeit a necessary but not sufficient condition for suicidal behavior. Need more overestimation of death. Death must acquire a certain sense, and then the idea of it can become a target activity. And finally, the events are often pushing to suicide, causing a powerful blow to the values of the person.

The decision to commit suicide — an act of moral choice. Preferring suicide, a person relates his motive and result, accepts responsibility for self-destruction or shifts

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Kurginyan: at the end of the 80s there was a tragedy

"The system made by Gorbachev and Yeltsin, I prefer to call the cesspool"

Tomorrow will perform in Yekaterinburg political scientist, director and founder of the movement and the favorite "Essence of Time" Sergei Kurginyan. In the near future is quite often "touring" in the towns of the Russian Federation public figure had to draw the attention of many share his views and opposite — those who disagree with thoughts of motion and the proposed scenario of the future of. IA "News" has decided to make his world of Sergei Kurginyane by asking him a few questions. In our conversation, Sergei

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Runes. Alphabets. Thoughtforms

"It is time that the ancient symbols of knowledge must be translated into mathematical equations. " Agni Yoga.

1. Futhorc

Runic Alphabet (Futhark) is a set of 24 characters, each of which has a well-defined meaning, ie to some extent, each character of the alphabet is the hieroglyph. But unlike the character that reflects the static relationship characters, letters have runic alphabet and dynamics, because they laid and and functional sense.

In promotional materials, "Fund Law of Time", was dedicated to the "White Spectral Wizard" (26 July 2003-25 July 2004 he) is the next set of

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Mikhail Zadornov: Thank you and thank

Mikhail Zadornov. Thank you for this word is encoded on slavery. I have always had an ambiguous relationship to the word "thank you", the most popular in communication between people, but the ratio was previously more on the level of feelings, than consciousness. But recently it and realize that the word is the word of the parasite, which is included in our language with a purpose.

The word parasite — a word with a double meaning. The first point — this is the meaning which we have accustomed as correct. The second meaning — the meaning is

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Lad, Lada, Sweetness

Lad, Lada, Sweetness, Rook, Fount, Treasure, Warehouse, get along, Palm, Salary, pancakes, well, stroking, cold, young, Marmalade, Chocolate, Pallas, Hellas, Discord, messy, luggage, etc.? Many in the language of words with the root of "LA" ("LAD-"). First try at least approximate the value of sounds that make up the root, based on data fusion of various linguistic studies of language.

These data suggest that the modern letter "L" includes several options for the original sound "L" — from hard to soft (in between there is a semi-soft and semi-hard versions of sound). Besides these options sound

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