What caused the restriction on the import of meat from abroad?

Inhabitants of border Pribuzhie they say about the lack of imported meat products in the markets of the region. In an interview with Vladimir Korsakov from Brest turns: August 11, import, for example, through the transition sausage "Warsaw Bridge" customs restricted to slices on sandwiches:"From Poland we can not bring a decent piece of meat or sausage. Naturally, you can read on, Belarusian authorities did not allow people to bring foreign varieties to the local population bought more expensive meat or sausages manufactured in Belarus. "I ask a friend if he knew examples of the new restrictions "clipped" business Belarusian

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Our homeland announce meatpacking plants, in which will not take products

According to state disk imaging services "Rosselkhoznadzor" total illicit supply of meat on territory of Russia in 2006 amounted to 200 thousand tons.With all this "contraband" meat imports from Belarus exceeded 40 thousand tons. How to find Russian experts at virtually all production was of Polish origin, and 18 months from Poland meat imports to Russia banned.One of the managers "Rosselkhoznadzor" Alexei Alexeenko said check Belarusian companies partially completed. But the list of "rejected" the sovereign Belarus companies Alexeenko not say willed:"Rejected? Maybe it’s not quite the right word. If some companies manufacture products that do not correspond to the

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In Zhodino seek out dog meat trader

The man calls himself a slaughterhouse employee. He explains that has the ability to take a cheap meat products that he did not need, while it is much needed funds.Cheating uncovered buyers themselves. Some carried acquired in the laboratory for examination. There it turned out that instead of beef they have acquired dog meat.According to law enforcement officials, a man with an 40 years old, he acts very carefully and to detain him because so far failed. It is reported portal TUT.by.As evidenced by physicians, epidemiologists, dog meat consumption can lead to a number of unsafe conditions, namely, rabies and

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Sausage and hot dogs are killed


The large-scale study involving half a million men and women revealed a link between eating processed meat products and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Dangerous course. (Photo by A. Huber / U. Starke / Corbis.) The study EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) seized 10 countries and 23 cities in Europe. Assess the impact of meat production on health has so far been rather difficult as there was a mix effects lifestyle. Vegetarians often take a more healthy behaviors than the general

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Sausage Russian market — a view from outside

According to market research sausage conducted by «Step by Step», namely the Russian market of meat and meat products is currently one of the largest and most have a wide product range.  

In the study says that the sausages take up more than half of the total meat production.

About 60% of the Russians include different types of sausage products in your daily diet.

According Marketing.rbc «major players in the market of sausages are domestic manufacturers. Domestic production is about 98% of all consumed sausages. The share of

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In the products of Nestle found horsemeat

The Swiss company Nestle has been forced to withdraw some of its products from stores in Italy and Spain after a DNA test showed the presence of some goods company traces of horse meat.

Thus, the world’s largest producer of food, too, was drawn into an expanding food scandal in the European Union.

Last Friday, at an emergency meeting in Brussels, EU experts decided on the immediate beginning of the worldwide alliance of analyzes of meat products on their content of horse meat.

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In Uren (Nizhny Novgorod region). Opened a mini-plant for the production of meat products

The city opened Uren mini-workshop "meat" for the production and sale of meat products from beef and pork. In addition to meat and meat buyers are offered a wide choice of semi-finished products — homemade ravioli and meatballs, meatballs and schnitzels, steaks and meatballs.

Opened this mini-shop owners — his wife Lyudmila and Alexander Tarasov. To do this, they renovated the rental unit, bought new equipment. The shop cleanliness and order prevail. It even has a UV lamp for air disinfection of bacteria and viruses, and special disinfectant mats.

In Bishkek increased incidence of brucellosis


Bishkek. June 10. KirTAG — Albina Meterova. In the capital of Kyrgyzstan is rapidly increasing incidence of brucellosis. This KirTAG deputy chief physician of the State Sanitary and epidemilogicheskogo supervision Bishkek Kurmanbek Omuraliev Friday.

"This year, an increase of brucellosis: 5 months in Bishkek city recorded 91 cases of the disease. For comparison, during the same period in 2010, there were 77 cases of the disease. Major category of patients with this disease are women between the ages of 20 to 40 years ", — said K.Omuraliev

Particularly worrying doctors is the annual growth the number of cases in

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Ranks the most popular Ukrainian brands

The magazine "Focus" for the fourth time presented expert rating of 50 most popular Ukrainian brands that surely hold first place in the consumption baskets of Ukrainians. Ranking of goods carried out in terms of retail sales in the domestic market in 2011.

According to the publication, the top three food preferences Ukrainians included chicken, chocolate and beer. In this case, a significant part of the positions presented in the ranking — 10 of 50 — take the brand spirits. It is they who hold the lion's share of seats in the top ten. The leader in

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History of the All-Russian Fraud — Meat watch online

If you believe the statistics, every inhabitant of the Russian Federation for the year eats 37 kg of meat products. Scrambled eggs with sausage doctor — for breakfast, a ham sandwich at lunch, meat soup and meatballs for lunch, a delicious steak or chicken breast — for dinner. On a noble place in the center of the ceremonial table is always worth a plate with "narezochka": smoked sausage, brisket, carbonate, salami. And of course, what a picnic without a kebab?

Meat — part of our national character, and even the scheme of bovine carcasses something reminiscent map

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