Mechanical Character Design

REALISTIC ROBOTS Concept artist Joe Peterson reveals how to make imaginary robots feel part of your sci-fi world

Robots are an enduringly popular element in SF art, but their ubiquity makes it that much harder to get them right. Just like the anatomy of a human figure, anyone looking at your robot will have a sense of whether or not it feels correct, based on the design decisions you make and your ability to make your robot seem part of the world you’ve created.

Joe Peterson’s mission in this three-hours-plus video is simply to help you create more convincing robots.

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Mechanically controlled electron tubes.

In modern electronic equipment is widely used mechanically driven vacuum tubes, very useful for solving some problems of measuring equipment. First, these lamps are used mainly in mechanical values ​​gauges (sensitive mics, accelerometers, pressure, force, vibration, high-sensitivity microphones and pickups, surface roughness gauges etc.). As a result of further study of areas of possible use of mechanically operated vacuum tubes it installed the possibility and expediency of their application for measuring electrical quantities. Then it turned out that the mechanically driven vacuum tubes can be used as small of contactless controlled dimmers, automatic regulators, stabilizing devices, controlled rectifiers and

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Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant continues to supply medical equipment to Indonesia

Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant signed a contract for the supply of equipment for neonatal public hospitals in Indonesia. The contract amount — 100,000 euros. In September 2012 in Jakarta OAO "PO" UOMZ ", part of the Russian Engineering Union, held a presentation of neonatal equipment for government hospitals in the Republic of Indonesia.

The company's products attracted great interest from the Indonesian side, and one of the outcomes of the presentation was the signing of a contract to equip the medical technology of production of JSC "PO" UOMZ "a number of public hospitals in Indonesia in 2013 as

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Uralvagonzavod system is implemented lean manufacturing

At the head office of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" a seminar on the results of the quality management system. Particular attention was paid to the methods of lean manufacturing, implementation of which began at the northernmost site UVZ — in the shops Volchansk mechanical plant.

Quality Director Victor Shchekotov summed up the quality assurance during production and use of products produced at the plant. He stressed that in 2010 there was a significant reduction in losses from marriage relative to gross output:

in steel production — by 33.5%, a railway car — by 44% in mechanical assembly

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Volchansky mechanical plant started producing cars vesopoverochnyh

On Volchansky Mechanical Plant (Volchansk, Sverdlovsk region) started production of a new species — vesopoverochnyh cars.

Two months ago, Volchansky mechanical plant produced the first prototype of the hopper car for transportation of bulk cargo with increased load capacity. Today, the plant started manufacturing batch vesopoverochnyh new generation cars.

Volchansky mechanical plant is the city main, with its stable performance due to both the welfare of factory workers and the entire Volchansk urban district.

The buyer of these cars will be Railways. New products Volchansk mechanical plant will gradually replace the exhausted

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Crane conical buckets of PJSC Dneprotyazhmash

Summer (early July to early September) is usually characterized by a lack of worldwide exhibitions in the industrial sector, during the period, taken to stop on a preventive maintenance and staff furlough. In connection with the upcoming 22th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, and reduced summer vacation inNational Complex "Expocentre of Ukraine", Kiev from 20 to 23 August 2013 hold an annual national exhibition action"Colorful Ukraine ‘. The purpose of the event — to demonstrate the country’s achievements in the fields of economy, social and cultural spheres; presentation of domestic enterprises the best scientific and technical developments, techniques and technologies,

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PATH upgraded equipment shop for Hot-rolled

Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (part of CTRP) completed the planned overhaul of tube mill "30-102" in one of the main workshops. In accordance with the program of modernization in the repair work has been dismantled 107 tons of obsolete equipment, which was launched into production in 90 years, established new units.

Changes affected the entire process chain of production of pipes, including the major mechanical, electrical machinery, sectional heating furnaces, mechanization systems, liquid and thick lubricants, pipelines and gidrosmyva. After the repair is made Verification of the accuracy of the basic mechanical processing machines. The modernization

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Resuscitation Service Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital has received

new equipment

As part of the modernization of health care in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Regional Hospital in March received 35 sets of modern ventilation (mechanical ventilation). The total acquisition cost was more than 37 million rubles.

The devices can operate in all modern modes of mechanical ventilation, allow you to track the most important indicators of the patient’s lungs, in addition, have the ability to pick their own ventilation parameters necessary individual patient, exercising respiratory support from a state of complete hardware control to move the patient‘s spontaneous breathing, told in the Ministry

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Russian scientists have created a device for scanning thin films

Staff at Holy Trinity Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials (TISNCM) created a device that allows a comprehensive analysis of coating thickness from a few nanometers to a few micrometers and a hardness of from several to tens of GPa. Previously, the study of complex parameters to the strength of the roughness had to use multiple heterogeneous devices, now this can be done using a single hardware and software system. Thereby significantly reducing the measurement time as coatings on the output quality control, and within the objectives of R & D industrial concerns.


Alexei Useinov

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OMZ-Special Steels is commissioning mechanical turner


The device can turn over shell diameter of 5.5 m and a height of 6 m and weighing up to 250 tons forged shell, made by OMZ-Special Steels, Izhorskiye used by plants for the production of such critical equipment as nuclear reactors and petrochemical vessels.

Turner is a mechanical device weighing 62 tons to perform operations on products with tilting rotation axis (axes) at 90 °. Turner required for the work of two new lathes HNK vertical lathes g / n 200 tons, will be installed in the second quarter of this year. Design, supply and

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