Ups and downs «Luzhniki»

Russian triumph

7 gold medals the Russian team

A few days before the tournament starts to boycott it because of «health problems» declared Olympic champion Yuliya Zaripov, Sergei Kirdyapkin Olga Kaniskina Yuri Borzakovskiy. Spiteful critics started talking about «fear not pass a drug test,» experts — that the country «will miss guaranteed medals», and the national team can not show the result, which is calculated on the sports officials. Fortunately, the fears proved groundless. For the second day of competition the Russians won the first award the highest standard: it is on account of 20-year-old debutant tournaments such rank

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Osaka 2007: Belarusians took everything they could?

At the World Championships in Athletics, held in the Japanese town of Osaka, Belarusian athletes podymali three times on the podium. Until all the laurels went to athletes representing power views. In the first day received a bronze medal shot putter Andrew Mihnevich. Right behind him the highest class of shot-confirmed Nadezhda Ostapchuk, who rose to the second stage. A higher credit on the 3rd World Championships in a row earned hammer thrower Ivan Tikhon.Now, in the fifth day of the competition, the Belarusians were no medals.Osaka 2007: championship disappointments?Despite the fact that in the team standings medalevym Belarus team

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How many medals Belarusians can count on the Beijing Olympics?

If we start counting from now, before the opening of the Beijing Olympics is exactly 14 months. 8th August 2008 the official opening of the most popular events on the planet. Athletes will compete for 906 medals.How many medals can expect Olympians Belarus? With this issue I appealed to the Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Dmitry Shichko. Sovereign Shichko results initially recalled the last 3 Olympics. In Atlyantse Belarusians have 15 medals in Sydney — 17 in Athens — again same fifteenth added that this number allows the athlete comes to Belarus by 20 of strongest countries

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In Belarus there are new Righteous among the Nations

Israeli Memorial Institute for Holocaust and Heroism euro Jewry "Yad Vashem" once a year given the title Righteous Gentile people of different nationalities. Honor with those who risked their lives to save Jews from the Nazi genocide."Who will rescue one life, he will rescue the world" — is written on the coin. Notable diplomas and medals handed Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel to salting Republic of Belarus Zeev Ben-Arie."This is perhaps the most important and most notable ceremony th most noble duty that falls to an Israeli diplomat. Vganarovvaem We righteous in Belarus is not the first time. But as

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Lukashenko should postpone the election by changing the CEC

Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs David Merkel during his own visit to Belarus, said the United States expects from the official Minsk new steps to improve relations. Let me remind you that this visit took place after the release of political prisoners. Comments listeners:Man: "The next step in the overseas investment verbovaniya Lukashenko should postpone the election, changing the electoral law and the CEC. Surikov And that many did not speak, and it is necessary to remove the fingerprints."Galina, Mogilev: "If you want bolshennom Western European Union and the United States, no matter how strong

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Olympic bridge spanned from Beijing to London

Successful game in China and have been for Belarusians: State team beat two immediately previous records — the highest value on the awards and the total amount of medals. Exception of those athletes entrusted with certain medalevyya hopes to embody that failed. Namely, can hardly recorded in the asset bronze merit repeated world champion Ekaterina Karsten or Ivan Tikhon. Absolutely no medals were Olympic champion Yuliya Nesterenko past years, Yanina Korolchik and Zvereva, also last Olympics medalists Natalia velyasypedystka Tsilinskaya boxer Victor Zuev and others. Each of his clarification on unrealized results. For Grodno arrow Constantine Lukashik the Olympics became

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Olympic gold brought people in boots and quilted jackets

At the Olympics in Beijing Belarusian fans attention was riveted now to vyaslyarnaga first channel, where there were finishing heats and canoeing, as well to the arena stadium "Bird’s Nest" — then completed the competition started yesterday decathletes. The results exceeded even the wildest expectations: a 2-3-heats canoeists produced two gold medals. Tomorrow Belarusian rowers try to secure more success in the 2-disciplines. Decathlete Andrei Kravchenko finished second in the overall standings.In general, it all began for Belarusian rowers are not so optimistic. In finishing zaezde 1000m canoeist Alexander Zhukovsky come to finish only fifth. However, it is considered the

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Belarus is the first gold at the Olympics

In the clean and jerk, snatch and the amount of Combined Andrew Aryamnov set three world records — in the snatch (200 kg), clean and jerk (236 kg) and the amount of snatch (436 kg). Second place in the competition took Russian weightlifter Dmitry Klokov (423 kg), the third — his compatriot Dmitry Lapikov (420 kg).Belarus after winning Aryamnova moved into 27th place on the quality of medals. By the number of medals Belarus occupies 13th position.

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Belarusians — the middle of the favorites for the Olympic bronze

Optimism sports officials now may prove to be very exaggerated. The other day out in the Beijing head of the Belarusian delegation, Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov expressed worldview: the training of Belarusian athletes gives reason to wait or not the best result in the history of performances at the Olympics as an independent team. It was assumed that the Belarusians will gain medals no less than during the most prolific Sydney Olympics — in other words, 17 or more awards. But in fact the Beijing trip may be most moderate. Now asset Belarusians 10 medals, and among them

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Michael Phelps — The Amphibian Man

With the current a day or 23-year-old Michael Phelps belongs to the most notable title in the sport — the best Olympian of all time. He blocked the achievement of another Yankees Brand Spittsa, that in 1972 in Munich "fished" from the Olympic swimming pool seven gold medals. And all Michael Phelps has already 14 titles Olympic champion. And it is also the world’s best achievement. Honored coach of Belarus in swimming Vladimir Zvernik, in the past one of the team coaches Russian Union does not find many words to express his admiration:"This, of course, the paradox is more Spittsa.

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