The Ottoman Medical Service in the Crimea

In recent medal sales, DNW has auctioned the fine collection relating to medical services formed by the late Tony Sabell. My attention was drawn to a few — and there were only a few — examples of Crimean medals awarded to British personnel attached to the Ottoman Medical Service. British medical failures during the Crimean war are all too well-known, as is the novel role of volunteer nurses like Florence Nightingale and various other groups. British involvement with the «Turkish Contingent” in the Crimea is well enough recorded, but I for one had never heard of British work with the

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The medical device company must back up its recommendations with scientific research.

I certainly understand why a hospital would be skeptical of Bosi e Faora’s solutions-selling strategy, given that the company doesn’t seem to be backing up its recommendations with scientific proof.

Before planning to disseminate inexpensive blood-pressure monitors for home use, a medical device manufacturer should study whether patients are likely to participate in such a program, how much training of medical and support staff would be required, and whether the new practice would improve health outcomes. Before marketing the device, the company should run pilot studies, either on its own or in partnership with academic researchers, that set up the

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The market of high technologies

Health on the smartphone

Analysts J’son & Partners Consulting presented the results of market research mobile medicine (m-Health) in Russia and in the world. They stated that this market is in its infancy. In a broad sense, m-Health — the use of mobile technologies for health services and information in the field of health, m-Health is a component of a well-known concept of e-Health.

Mobile medicine effectively helps in the treatment and prevention of diseases, care of the elderly, informing pregnant women, the fight against child and maternal mortality.

The fastest growing segment of this market are mobile applications for

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Do I need a hospital nurse?

Much has been said and written about the fact that hospitals do not have enough middle and junior medical staff. I can not explain how such status with nurses, and this is why few among physicians of boys, I know firsthand.

I think it is not necessary to prove both need strong male hand in the hospital, but that’s reluctant to take the guys in medical school for learning how to tend to think «female» professions. Above guys make such a choice, laugh, consider them frivolous people. Through it all, I had to go this summer.

On the medical

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Franak Vyachorka was again summoned to the military commissariat

Russian military commissariat district of Minsk dispatched youth activist BPF, despite the fact that the district was Franak summer honey commission, which gave him a certificate of unfitness for service in the army. Then after surgery on the eyes of the doctors pronounced Franak that it has a delay least for six months. Franak Vyachorka said Radio Liberty, bureaucrats recruiting office brought him into the office and to This time keep it there, and explained to him nothing.Doctors have called oscillation preliminary results of medical research and claimed, that Franak Vyachorka brought new radiographs.

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500 thousand euros for mobile research laboratories

This was said today at a meeting in Gomel Interstate Coordination Committee on Chernobyl issues coordinator Nicholas Nagorno applets.Funds from donor countries will be used to support the work of Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian mobile research laboratories, also for the purchase of pharmaceuticals and vitamins to the population affected by Chernobyl.Mobile diagnostic laboratories Belarusian society Cross reddish conduct research population in Gomel, Brest and Mogilev regions more heavily in human Fri remote from large medical centers. This is done for detection of early thyroid disease and direction of people in the medical institutions of healing and mental rehabilitation.How do people

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Electronic record to the doctor has been running 100 Moscow clinics

To stop medical information-analytical system (EMIAS) already connected 100 metropolitan clinics. The press service of the Department of Information Technology in Moscow. In the halls of medical institutions established infomats for self-recording to experts at a convenient time for the patient. Plan a visit to the 77 clinics also are available by calling (495) 539 3000 and in a city portal of public services New institutions are added to the system daily.

To book a reception, it is necessary to pass the simplified registration of the Moscow government services portal (, confirming the cell phone number

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ELARA digitized unique medical publications

ELARA Corporation has completed a project to digitize the most valuable books from the collection of the Fundamental Library of the St. Petersburg State Medical University. Academician Ivan Pavlov. The press service of the company. Work was carried out to ensure the preservation of publications and the organization of access to rare books.

The processed information resource is a rare medical books XVI — XVII centuries. Among them — the famous work of the eastern scientist and physician Avicenna's "Canon of Medicine", published in 1555 in Venice. Old editions have been digitized on equipment ELARA PlanScan

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Your child — only the best

The appearance of the baby for the parents and the joy and new experiences: what he's cute, helpless, the best and certainly the most beautiful! And new concerns: how to make a child grow up healthy, well developed?

Here are just some of the questions that may arise from their parents. How to bathe a baby? When baby begins to discover her mother? When should erupt teeth? How to introduce solid foods? In that dressing a child for a walk? Harmful or not to conduct ultrasound? What shots do?

Unfortunately, many young parents find the answers to these and

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Management of Pregnancy

Pregnancy — The period in a woman's life when her health requires the most attention and supervision by physicians. After all, competent management of pregnancy and childbirth in many ways the health and life of the unborn child.

During the first nine months of the expectant mother will regularly visit gynecologist, blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound and undergo other tests. Accordingly, one of the first issues facing the woman: where occur during pregnancy? Before you make this important decision, the pregnant woman should consider all of the currently existing options, keeping in mind that each of them has its

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