The second wave

Currently statistics clearly shows that the first wave of a pandemic influenza H1N1 (in some countries, there were already two) passed its peak and is now the incidence has declined. The same can generally be said of the "seasonal" strains of influenza and other viral respiratory infections.

Cases of swine flu registered in 209 countries, 14,142 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease led to the death (the real number of deaths is much higher). However, forecasts the spread of the virus in 2009, made on the basis of information about previous pandemics have been exaggerated: the actual mortality and morbidity

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The immune response to inflammation intimate

Despite the continuous improvement of methods of microbiological diagnosis and the development of new antimicrobial agents, there is a group infectious and inflammatory disease, the incidence of which in recent decades has been stably high without decreasing.

It is an infection of female genitalia. According to statistics, they rank first among all gynecological diseases with a frequency of occurrence of about 60 percent. A significant portion of these diseases are infections of the vulva and vagina.

The reasons for this situation somewhat. Among them — the variety of pathogens infectious and inflammatory diseases of the female

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Who threatens to impotence?


In this article, we will examine the risk group — those facing erectile dysfunction and how to fight it.

Problem: The way of life

In erectile dysfunction plays an important role Unhealthy Lifestyle: Smoking, alcohol, drugs, poor diet. Office work contributes to the development of ED (erectile dysfunction), the mite: a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy and unbalanced diet (a lack of important nutrients, excess fat and salt), stress and a sedentary lifestyle. All this leads to a deterioration of the small blood vessels of the penis — they just fail, refusing to

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Thrush: get rid of or put up?

Author:Irina Kuznetsova Vsevolodovna, prof.,Department. Obstetrics and Gynecology, SEI SPE RMAPO Health Minister

Burning and itching of the vulva, white cheesy vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse, pain during urination — about three-quarters of the female population of the planet at least once in their lives experienced the result of uncontrolled breeding of the vagina fungi Candida. It seems to be not so terrible thrush, serious threat to health can not be held to the same, the assurances of commercials, thrush can be very easy to treat — three days and it "is gone!" And a

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Do not allow yourself to fall asleep at the wheel

The most "popular" drugs in the autumn and winter — are drugs against symptoms of ARI. Most people do not pay attention to what medicine They are selected because it is assumed that they have approximately the same efficiency. Few pay attention that differ in their drug side effects. For example, some of them cause fatigue and drowsiness, which may be dangerous under certain circumstances.

Almost everyone suffers from seasonal colds and flu. Although doctors recommend when ill to remain in bed, someone is trying to treat yourself without sacrificing performance. Many drugs are available to take the form

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Leave without problems

Get out of town, we all strive to take the children on nature. But the joy of summer cottages can greatly overshadowed by a cloud of pesky "neighbors." Just one bite can cause a disaster if your baby is allergic to insects.

So what do you do if Child bitten by a bee

Quickly remove the sting, along with a bag containing the poison. The bite treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and, if possible, apply ice or a hot water bottle with cold water. This will slow down the absorption of bee venom. In strengthening

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Skin? Physical therapy can help

What do you mean by "problem skin"? The presence of pimples? The tendency to redness and irritation of the skin, any action? Or maybe you have always irritated, scratched themselves, tormented dandruff scalp? Doctors concepts "problem" skin no. But if you begin to deal with all these joyless states that doctors are called different diagnoses, and people — "problem skin", you can find a very simple common symptoms. At the heart of all — a violation of the so-called "skin barrier." Actually, skin — A powerful protective body, almost mythical chain mail, with many ways to meet the

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The common cold, acute respiratory disease, SARS, influenza — how they differ

Children are much more adults suffer from colds. This fact is known to many. Since the beginning of the cold season, the majority of parents are faced with a problem — the child is unwell, have a fever, runny nose, cough … The cause of these symptoms may be cold, acute respiratory disease, SARS or influenza, but what's different about these diseases? How to know exactly what your child is sick? How to protect it from viral infections? For clarification, we turned to the pediatrician with 33 years experience, specialist in the treatment of infectious diseases in children,

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Silvering teeth

Unfortunately, the ubiquitous caries threatens even the youngest children. To regular "holes" in the teeth do not become habitual, parents need to take care of their prevention. It is important that primary teeth are healthy and beautiful and perfect smile has become the norm at birth.

One of the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of dental caries Baby Teeth is silvering teeth. With this method, the disease can be halted at the first step when only caries spot appeared. Silver-tooth avoids his handling of a drill, and a more gentle effect compared to making the filling.

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The Healing Power of Plants

Yesterday you were cheerful and friendly — and now instead of a friendly young lady looked in the mirror Mr. Hyde in a skirt. Who does not happen? It happens with many, and quite regularly: once a month. Just you have premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Results of recent studies indicate a high prevalence of premenstrual syndrome. According to scientists, it is observed in almost 90% of women. The first sign of PMS — mood swings. In this time some women, for no apparent reason begins to overcome panic, someone can not concentrate on anything, the other is extremely difficult to

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