In Bobruisk social pickets not allowed

Request for holding a picket fed activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Lena Medvedev, Ira Mitsuru yes nonpartisan Veronica Popko.One of the applicants, Lena Medvedev’s ruling executive committee named politically targeted."In the fear of the executive committee protests, even on isolated sites from people who have the street Urickogo stadium "- said" Freedom "activist" Hulk "Lena Medvedev.Stadium Street Urickogo in Bobruisk City Council led to a place where to be held mass public event.September 20 in Bobruisk state security management Committee questioned activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Tais Kabanchuk. It tried to take the receipt

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For reconstruction in Grodno Minsk archaeologist monitors

Reporter: "We are at the place where there was a stone building of the late XIX century, on a street corner Naydusa and Russian. It is destroyed, there is sufficient deepest cellars, they pelted system materials broken brick. Alexander Medvedev makes archaeological supervision, he comes from the Academy of Minsk. "Myaddvedev: "When the work started, we did the pits, so look or preserved culture layer. Was immediately evident that this home mnogarazova rebuilt, but this street Naydusa she plans known on campus even the fifteenth century, because enthusiasm for this very site great. We did pits by ul.Russkoy and found

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Grodno, near the grave of David Kolozhi not have found

Near Kolozhu in pits (so called archaeological site) working students of historical faculty of the Institute of Grodno. Managing Minsk excavations archaeologist Alexander Medvedev, carefully photographed. I went closer and ask why began excavating near Kolozhu?Medvedev: "Fact, that the planned reconstruction Kaloskay church to reinforce the foundation, to give it the appropriate type for the purpose of inclusion in the forthcoming UNESCO list. " Reporter: "I see that you dig on the site where, according to legend, is the tomb of the famous Prince Davyd Grodno, who was walking on the Crusaders and they are very afraid."Medvedev: "It was not

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Saakashvili: Our motherland wants to rework the map of Europe

Meanwhile, Russian President and France Dmitry Myadvedev and Nicolas Sarkozy discussed Russian-Georgian military conflict during a telephone conversation, which lasted more than an hour. According to the Russian side, Medvedev said Sarkozy that Georgian troops must return to their barracks, in accordance with the armistice agreement.

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Medvedev makes the latest Yankees

Observers turning their attention, that the anti-American rhetoric Russian president sounded a day when whole world looking at America, which celebrated the historic victory of a black candidate Barack Obama presidential elections.Medvedev said that the Americans used the Russian-Georgian conflict in order to increment its military presence in Europe:"Conflict in the Caucasus was used as a pretext for introducing the Dark Sea of NATO warships, and then accelerated to impose Europe of American anti-missile systems, which by itself will cause a response from the Russian Federation."Medvedev said that in response to the deployment of the U.S. missile defense units in

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Medvedev wants to increment its own term

He stated this in a message to the Federal Assembly of the yearly Interfax. Dmitry Medvedev noted that "question not about constitutional reform, and specifically about the adjustment of the Constitution. " Now, according to the constitution, Russian President elected for 4 years.

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Medvedev proposes Lukashenko talk about Georgia

"Once again, we go out on the great number", — said the head of, now taking residence in Sochi Alexander Lukashenko. Analysts turning their attention that the Russian president proposed a guest from Minsk not limited to economic and social issues, and international prepyadstviya see. By As the last, "That anger, which was committed by Georgia against the civilian population of South Ossetia" — said Dmitry Medvedev. Many analysts, both in Moscow and Minsk in Sochi meeting noted the other day: The Kremlin is unhappy that his neighbor ally in public has spoken in support of action Raes in the

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Or Moscow and Tbilisi will start read?

Now — the day the principal diplomatic steps to settle the Georgian-Russian conflict.During a joint press conference with Merkel, Medvedev said the restoration of security in South Ossetia, adding that "Russian peacekeepers remain its guarantor in the Caucasus."Medvedev fully responsible for the nedavneshnie actions in South Ossetia to the Georgian control."It feels like the sovereign Saakashvili bored with all this diplomacy, and he just decided one prominent one solution to remove all the tasks to remove all asetynav that hindered him," — said the Russian president.Medvedev said that Moscow is waiting for the written consent of Tbilisi with the principles

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Lukashenko expects Medvedev in Sochi on August 19

"August 19, in my opinion, in Sochi meeting should involve 2-presidents. Dmitry Anatolyevich expects", — Putin said during a meeting in Moscow on Thursday with Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky.Prime Minister said that the presidents 2-states "to continue talks on a whole range of issues, and now Prime Minister of Belarus and discuss economic cooperation and social sphere" — Interfax.Putin also said that in late September — early October is scheduled to meet Russian-Belarusian intergovernmental commission.

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After constructing the transit pipelines begin another reality

Tsigankov: "Recall that the first zabugornye visit the new president of the Russian Federation was a trip to Kazakhstan and China. Currently Germany here. Can I have at the moment to say what may be foreign policy under President Medvedev of Russia?" "Belarus is obviously not the first place in the current Russian foreign policy values."

Kalinkina: "I believe that it is early to draw any global conclusions, but in my opinion of course, it would be during the reign of where on the first plan will leave the economy and very pragmatic approaches. Our homeland is not retreating from

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