Meeting Architects Promstroiproekt

In Kharkov House architect from 8 to 10 May. the city held a meeting to exchange experience in the field of architecture, industrial buildings, designed by the Institute of Promstroiproekt. At the meeting it was presented to the Moscow branch of the Institute and its Kharkov, Kiev, Rostov and Sverdlovsk branch.

A report on the results and problems of architectural design in Promstroiproekt made chief architect of the institute correspondent member of the Academy of Architecture VM’s with n and n.

Speaking of the importance of urban development of industrial enterprises, the speaker particularly emphasized the role of the side

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In Minsk Delegation of the European Commission

The visit will last until October 11.Head of the Minsk office TACIS Aizsalnieks Janis said:"Mrs. Gardeman arrived in Minsk under the constant exchange of conceptions with Belarusian municipal organizations and non-governmental sector. Purpose of the visit — again reaffirm the EU’s willingness to cooperate more closely — of course, provided that the issues mentioned in the 12-pt that the EU could bring to Belarus, will be made.One of the specific points that will open a discussion and that we are very interested in is the time of opening a consulate of the European Commission in Minsk. Willingness to take such

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In Dushanbe ended summit of the CSTO and EurAsEC

The leaders of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan signed a package of documents relating to the legal framework of the Customs Union. Later he was able to join other members of the Eurasian Economic Community — Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. At the summit approved a plan of action in the formation of the Customs Union by 2010.Political scientist Andrei Fedorov Pronunciation:"In practice, that a single economic space, only Ukraine with its excluded. Fact, how it will be done? In addition, we have a conflict with Russia on a range of duties. Because I knew the experience of previous such agreements, fear

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Observers reported ballot box opened

"Honest elections have been held. Our observers documented many violations and even the fact that the ballot box for early voting at one of the sites was revealed. That’s all we have documented. "According to information available to the team Fur, he received more votes than voiced district commission. But now there is no disorder, says Fur:

Alexander Fur"I was able to distribute about 20 thousand leaflets with my applets. Virtually every family. Vo-2, I spent 90 meetings, each meeting was for 50-60 people. Visited Kobrin and enterprises, and in the villages. Everywhere us very badabout perceived. "Currently A. Fur

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Club presidents met

At the last summit in St. Petersburg, President of Kazakhstan proposed to solve for each year at least one question in the framework of the CIS. But this proposal was not approved. Number of contracts community grows, but a significant portion of them are not made. For example, an agreement to develop a free trade area, signed in 1994. "The Free Trade Agreement tried to embody in the CIS, which according to legend, there integration, and in essence, is a regional organization — says a representative of Moscow University CIS Vladimir Zharihin. — Within the framework of such organizations impossible

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Vladimir Konopleva fired as chairman of the House of Representatives

According to the regulations, the deputies voted in secret ballot with the introduction of cardboard. The decision is considered adopted if a majority of ordinary vote of the full House of Representatives.Vladimir Kanaplyou not in session. MPs porazdavali his statement, in which he refers to the bad state of health.The deputy, who asked not to call his name, said Radio Liberty, that V.Konoplev wrote another statement in which reports that it can not be at this meeting• deputies will Speaker, budget and language, 2.10.2007

Tribunal over public activists Novapolatsk

Case Valery Shevchenko leads referee Peter Lyavchonak and Igor Sukhorukov and Anton Yasinovich — Alexander Fedyukevich referee. Igor Sukhorukov, Valery Shevchenko and Anton Yasinovich on the porch Novopolotsk court before the hearingThe morning session, which lasted for three hours listening to witnesses. Then he announced the break up to 14 hours.From June 27 to July 27 in Novapolatsk conducted Month protest against the abolition of privileges.In the midst of other shares of the Month and was collecting signatures for a review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who supported the decision.Since the organizers of the action, on the views of the

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In Brest businessmen held a meeting

Speakers protested, among other, against the presidential decree number 760, which limits the range of close relatives of those individual entrepreneurs have the right hire.V.Marchik: "There are a lot of people, judging by the conditions — we were pressured and intimidated"Special prirekaniya nedavneshnie caused seizures on Brest markets.One of the organizers Victor Tchaikovsky reads as follows:"Seizures have occurred in the markets" Warsaw "," Kovalev "and the market" Jubilee. "Namely, businessmen selling shoes. I know that they have suffered."According to Tchaikovsky, shoes and washing powder seized together over two thousands of dollars.At the meeting were representatives of other regions.Victor Marchik from

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Borisov demands of the protesters make out executive committee

Chairman of the Board for personal business market of "Gerakombel" Oleg Popkov said that the reason for the spontaneous meeting was to raise private owners rental market trading places 3-6 times.Entrepreneurs got bills to pay rent in October and a symbol of the protest staged a rally in the square at the Executive Committee structure."More than 150 people have expressed a requirement to see the executive committee of the merits, on the other from October 1, the market will boycott — says Oleg ass.• Borisov spontaneous rally business 24.09.2007

Vitebsk city executive committee did not give businessmen the ability to hold a meeting

This response management Vitebsk branch of the NGO "Perspective" has received the 20th of September. The meeting was scheduled for September 24th, immediately after the weekend. So makarom, agree with the designated services businessmen simply not given the ability, although it was filed in advance and action was held in place, specifically certain executive committee for such purposes — the Park of the 30th anniversary of the Komsomol.The rally had to accept the role entrepreneurs working in the Smolensk, Polotsk and Southern markets, shopping center "EVIC" also stands. They are meant to draw attention to the dilemmas associated with the

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