I recently wrote about Les Skuse, Jimmie Skuse , the Bristol Tattoo Club, and the upcoming Philadelphia Convention. This is a follow up of the whole experience. As a collector, talking and sharing with other collectors is always great fun and a learning experience. The history is as important as the collectable item itself.

This year was truly historical at Troy Timpel’s Philly Convention due to the fact that the Bristol Tattoo Club (est. 1953) was making its first appearance in the United States since founder, Les Skuse, visited in 1956. Just the history of the members



This garden plaything must be the most popular that has ever been devised. I have tried to avoid one or two problems that do occur when designing and making a free-standing swing. The bases are very long and the swing is braced at the sides so you don’t need to secure it into the ground. If you fit a plywood base it will prevent the mud puddle which is so often found beneath swings, and the dangerous concrete that usually fills the hole after the first season’s use.

Today many gardens are fairly small and there are more paved patio

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Slides and helter-skelters hold a particular fascination for active youngsters. The adrenalin they gain from zooming down the slide seems to give them the energy to race from the bottom back up to the top of the steps for another go.

I made this toy from Nordic redwood and ‘far eastern’ plywood, but, if you can afford it, Finnish plywood is better. It is more expensive but tends to splinter less.

The climbing frame

I Start by preparing the four uprights -or ‘stringers’ — for the two ladders that form the frame. The stringers have to have slots, or ‘trenches’,

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IDGC Holding summed up the program, Mains complex — for the protection of the environment

In large-scale campaign, designed to compensate for the loss incurred by the country's forest resources in 2010, involving more than half a million people. Among them are employees of the distribution grid companies, their family members, religious and social organizations, federal and regional executive authorities. United them all target setting "Save the energy of the forest."

In 2011, members of national campaign led by the staff of IDGC and RSK planted about one million trees and seedlings of coniferous and deciduous species, tens of thousands of shrubs.

In the cities and towns of the 69 regions of the Russian

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Extremist States

Now, in the U.S. there are more than 800 extremist groups who profess an ideology of hatred towards members of another race, religion, or sexual orientation. Some 200 extremist organizations declare that they are willing to resort to violence to achieve their goals. The exact number of extremist organizations in the United States is not known, it is not known how many Americans become their members and how much sympathetic to their ideology.

According to Robert Barnema Robert Burnham, head of the FBI FBI, engaged in the fight against terrorism, local, all these heterogeneous groups and movements in common

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Stalin — a criminal? Not proven

If you read all the articles antisovetschikov modern and latter-day historians type Svanidze Mlechina and others, the keynote of the statement "Stalin was a bloody criminal." But all these statements of our plaintiffs are contrary to democracy itself — a norm that no person can be declared a prestupnikombez court. Who, what court judge Stalin? If you take a common justice, it is all clear — no Stalin did not judge. There was no formal allegations made against him, there was no investigation, no criminal case, the prosecutor, defense witnesses and judges. That farce that had a Svanidze with Mlechina

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Their customs-30 (September 17 — October 13)

Latvian memorial "Defenders Bauski against the second Soviet occupation" — a monument commemorates the Nazi policemen.

September 17. Belgian city of Antwerp police arrested 230 members of unauthorized protests Islamic radicals. It is reported that the protesters chanted: "Wrong Dog" and "Let us rise together."

September 17. NATO responded to the killing of four soldiers ISAF, causing air strike on the eastern Afghan province of Laghman. As a result of the raid killed nine women who were collecting firewood in the spurs of the mountains, and nuts.

September 17. In Latvia, a memorial to "Defenders of the Soviet

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Britains House of Commons voted in favor of gay marriage

Most members of the British House of Commons voted in favor of the legalization of same-sex marriages in England and Wales, despite the disapproval of the 161 deputies.

366 members of the House voted for the bill and applause greeted the announcement of results.

Most critics of the bill are members of the Conservative Party.

On Monday, the Government's proposal to legalize same-sex marriage back on the discussion in the House of Commons. According to the results of the debate the Tories have reached an agreement with the Labour Party's support of the bill.

Draft marriage law was

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Eight Russian scientists became part of the European Academy


Eight Russian scientists have been elected a full member of the European Academy (Academia Europaea). Among them, two professors of Department of Chemistry — Eugene Antipov and Arkady Karjakin, famous St. Petersburg physicist Dmitry Deacons, Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna Mikhail Itkis. Also the number of full members included Academicians Valentin Smirnov and Vladimir Zakharov, Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions Valery Zagrebaev, Soviet cosmonaut and physician Oleg Atkov. A full list of the new members of the Academy is available on its official website.

"This is an

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Sent from St. Petersburg 57th Antarctic expedition

Russian polar fleet flagship — research vessel "Akademik Fedorov" tonight goes to the 200-day voyage to Antarctica. About this correspondent. Itar-Tass on the eve of the head of the Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE) — the deputy director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet Valery Lukin.


"From St. Petersburg on board the ship will leave 73 crew members and 103 members of the 57th RAE", — He said. During calls "Akademik Fedorov" in Bremerhaven (Germany) and Cape Town (South Africa) to join them 74 members of the expedition. On board the vessel, about 2 thousand

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