Dambuster Commemorations

A black granite memorial honouring fallen members of 617 Squadron ‘The Dambusters’ was unveiled at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, on May 18. The 3m-tall (9ft 10in) memorial bears the names of some 35 personnel who died on duty with 617 Sqn, or in service after their time on the squadron, since World War Two. The V-shaped sculpture represents the shapes of two 617 Squadron aircraft – the Avro Vulcan and Panavia Tornado. Wreaths were laid during the unveiling ceremony and the Royal Air Force Memorial Flight Lancaster flew overhead, followed by the two 617 Sqn Tornados specially painted to mark the

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At the opening of the memorial plaque Bykov TBM words are not given

And in this list do not fit the chairman of the regional council TBM, Joseph Navumchyk nor his deputy.Yuri Babich The celebrations to mark the opening of a memorial plaque, Vasil Bykov given word only representatives of the Union of Writers of Belarus Olga Rusiltsy and, Gennady Patsienko artist-veteranAnatoly Kuznetsov wu State and editor of the newspaper "People’s Word". Sergei Rublevskaya

Inhabitants of Vitebsk lozhut flowers at the memorial plaque Despite the fact that in almost every speech he thanked for taking care of memory Bykov respect to local authorities, the event was only one representative of the municipal

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At the opening of a memorial plaque Bykov no widow, nor her sister was not invited

Members of the TBM in 2003, the year offered to commemorate Vasil Bykov the Vitebsk region — his native land. Suggestions were made available to Executive Committee, and in 2004, the year some of them have been approved at the official level. Namely, and a proposal to install a plaque on the building where presently located Art School, and was formerly an art college. But to honor the memory of the famous writer Vitebsk authorities gathered only at the moment, in conjunction with the opening of the board to a citywide campaign, "We — Belarusians". So Makarov, this event will

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Or appear in Belarus bargaining chip?

There is international practice: if a country develops its monetary system, first produced iron, coins. In all statesah have a bargaining system is steel carton monetary system — says Hist. Ira Kolobov."Memorial coins are issued, usually in countries with manetnuyu currency system. Abnormal thing for monetary monetary system that we have no bargaining iron tools — coins. Yet, our country produces coins commemorative memorabilia. Different, beautiful — appropriate. Etc. … But this is not entirely true means. In the traditional commemorative coins numismatics real means never were. "Spokesman for the State Bank Zhuravovich Misha said that releasing a bargaining chip

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In Brest desecrated a memorial to victims of the symbol of the Jewish ghetto

According to police, the person who did the act of vandalism have not been found.Memorable character that honors destroyed during the second World War I Jewish population suffers from vandals already second time. Earlier it painted a swastika, poured paint. Accused was found only at one point, but since the boy was a minor, he escaped punishment.

Paul leads Seviarynets educational work on chemistry

In the book collection navachasnyh Belarusian prose works, also books on the history of Belarus.In addition policies donated to the Library tucked into a beautiful framed copy of the XVI century engravings depicting Sitnenskaga castle.June 4 will be a festive opening of the memorial sign at the place where the castle stood. It was built in 1563 Muscovites, and during the Livonian War (1558-1582 years) it took twice troops majestically Duchy of Lithuania. After the war, the castle has two Sitna years was border fortress on the border with Muscovy.Memorable symbol of the castle will be installed on the initiative

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1000 euros for the return of the memorial plaque

During transmission, the plaque at the German Embassy Belarusian citizen, who asked not to reveal his name, said the board was found near the reception Fri non-ferrous metals in the village Kolodishchi Minsk district. By a man who introduced himself by the reception Fri, memorable character in the engine oil found it personally. A guy says, people, who brought the board to pass, afraid do and thrown to the ground symbol after, how to read text cast on it. Citizens of Belarus, who were present at the ceremony of transfer boards, the man offered to abandon the real merit, based

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Yama memorial at the Minsk held a mourning rally

Now the memorial day Yama, that at the intersection of the streets of Minsk and Zaslavskaya Melnikayte, there were about 100 people. These were the main activists of various Jewish organizations, the diplomatic corps and representatives.Ambassadors: Israel — Zeev Ben Arie, England — Brian Bennett, of — Alexander Surikov, Latvia — Maira Mora, Deputy U.S. Ambassador Jonathan Moore. Says the organizer of the meeting, the chairman of the Union of Jewish Communities and Organizations Leonid Levin:"March 2 was mayhem. And this monument dedicated to this mayhem. He survived, he is. And we today going here on the Pit. "In November

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Police learned of the incident fracture bench Clinton

Igor Kuznetsov said: "The fact is obvious destruction of almost the third part of the memorial sign. I do not understand what should make law enforcement agencies. This is the only memorial symbol in Kurapaty that has official status … Criminal case, by my views, must started immediately, without further verification.About the destruction of the memorial sign in Kurapaty became clear on January 30.Clinton’s Bench — a memorial symbol "From the U.S. to commemorate the people of Belarus," which presented the U.S. President Bill Clinton during his own visit to Belarus.Chap. and • Photo: Kurapaty broken bench Clinton

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U.S. embassy statement about the destruction of bench Clinton

Spokesman Alexei Embassy Solomaha voiced U.S. embassy statement.Listen: Solomaha "Embassy regrets that again was damaged memorial bench — a gift Belarusian people from the people United States. But still a huge concern that this act of vandalism offends the memory of thousands of victims of political repression. Embassy is going to continue pochetat memory of those who died in Kurapaty, and considering a range of options for restoration of the memorial bench. " Reports of Kurapaty also the police response and public figures engaged in history and perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinism — later on the website

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