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OS X Mavericks is generating a lot of buzz with its stick-looking app upgrades, but Rik Myslewski is more excited about the features we can’t see

Apple’s OS X Mavericks adds a number of nifty features — I’m particularly jazzed about improvements to the Finder, Safari, and the Calendar app — but even more interesting to us in the geek community are a trio of under-the-hood items that boost both performance and battery life.

The first goes by the oh-so-cute name of App Nap — definitely a «What took you so long?» feature. App Nap keeps an eye on the

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Roger hicks

RUSSIAN roulette is not an intellectually demanding game, and it is probably best played when you are extremely drunk. For those unfamiliar with the rules, they are simple. You load one chamber of a revolver, leaving the others empty; close your eyes; spin the cylinder; hold the gun to your own head, and pull the trigger. Assuming it has the customary six chambers, you have a five out of six chance of survival. I have to admit that I’ve never played it, and I don’t think that this has much to do with the fact that my favourite revolver, my

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If your retro-gaming skills ain’t what they used to be, fix your joystick buttons. By Ben Wheeler

If you play vintage game systems, you’ll sometimes find that Mario won’t jump on command, or Ms. pauses when moving left. No wonder: the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller just celebrated its 20th birthday, and Atari, Intellivision, and Commodore 64 controllers are even older. Over the course of the hundreds of sessions in a controller’s life, metallic connectors beneath the buttons and direction pad can wear away and no longer complete the circuit that registers a keypress event. Luckily, it’s a simple matter



Remember the original source of the title? Did the authors, it actually means? But I just replaced the selfish «my» friendly «our» … certainly none Nicolas Guillen when composing or Ina Tynianov when translated, nor Vladislav Andrianov, when he sang, unaware that they all sing a car head unit.

Since its birth almost exactly in the middle of the last century, car head unit was a combination of waves (this radio) and memory (this is a recording medium). The fate of the waves and the memory has developed very differently.

The first memory was the vinyl 16 rpm, it

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The leading edge of science.

Autobiographical memory — the ability to remember the events of life in chronological order and make them into a single picture. As far as the science of cause and effect is able to establish a «king of beasts»

(in the sense — people), but mentally «travel through time» and make these trips can correct conclusions, as it turned out, even larger primates.

«Our work shows that the human memory is not unique. We share some of our ability with animals «, — said co-author Martin Jem experiment Odras of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

In order to

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Loshitsa: Cross memory of the victims of repression are willing to bear?

On the return of the Institute of History Freedom Now said the secretary of the organizing committee of the public to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression Vladimir Romanovsky."They asked: when, by whom, for whom the project was set to cross Loshitsa. If there are none, it raises the question of winding up of the cross. This is a signal of the Institute of History, where Tipo official inquiry came to the validity of the existence of the cross. How come? We decided Now figure out where. Either it made at the Minsk City Executive Committee, or

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In Minsk, commemorated the victims of Stalinist repression

Year In memory of the victims of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus public committee conducts a number of shares. They are confined to the 70th anniversary of the culmination of the Stalinist repression in the country. Now in 15 hours about 10 people laid flowers and lit candles at the cross in Minsk park CHelyuskincev. This is one of the recognizable places of execution victims of repression. Member of the public committee Vladimir Romanovsky said:"Specifically, the number 29 was the peak settlement of people. These were destroyed by day prominent people in the country. Was therefore decided to make the 29th

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Victims of Stalinism willing to lay flowers to the bullpen KGB

The letter expressed the hope that a group of 10 people to come to allow the bullpen with candles and flowers memorial to perform the action. The group comes and pensioner Vladimir Romanovsky, born in the dungeons of the Gulag. In an interview with Radio nashmau sovereign Romanovsky said:"I consider it my duty, especially at the moment when my mom died, how you can contribute to preserving the memory of Stalin’s victims. And pass this memory descendants. After all, life points — it should be done. And although in a letter to the chairman of the KGB, we remember the

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6 years ago appeared Hour watch memory Kurapaty

On October 26, the office will open BPF exhibition dedicated to the memory of victims of days of Stalinism in Belarus. A September 29 mourning ceremonies commemorating the victims of Stalinist repression held in the park and CHelyuskincev Kurapaty.Public Committee to commemorate the victims of Stalinist repression supported proposals artist Mikola Kupavy an appeal to the head of the government of the need to build a monument to the victims in Minsk, also an appeal to the Chairman of the Committee of state security and the Minsk authorities about the ability of laying flowers to the building interior bullpen KGB

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Week in Belarus in photo 27 — August 31

August 27. In Kurapaty commemorated shot August 27, 1937 Archaeologists Nikolai and Sergei Tarasov Kryvaltsevich at the cross erected in memory of the executed scholars archaeologists August 27, 1937 Cross Archaeologist nearby Stone painted with the image of St. KurapatyAugust 28. Deputy Economy Minister Vladimir Adashkevich states to raise prices on virtually all food and non-food products. Deputy Minister of Economy: more expensive all …August 29. Honoring the memory of victims of political repression in KurapatyAugust 30. Beaten by riot policemen August 16 Tatiana Tsishkevich in rehab in Aksakovschina

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