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Grodno remember the twentieth century

Society "The history of the twentieth century in the memories of Grodno" — a collection of records in the genre of "oral history" of the events witnessed by our contemporaries. The presentation will take place on February 24 in the evening in Grodno.

Book prepared for the press center support community initiatives "Third Sector". Its leader Vytautas mine said that in her, among others, have memories of the 1920-30's, about the time of the German occupation and the end of 1990 years. The authors have Yavgen Petrashevich, Vera Kuncevich, Ales Gostsev, Vladimir Vyderka, Nicholas Tarand, Nikolai Markevich and others,

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Tokyo Hypnosis Cafe Colors. You can drink and lose memories

In Tokyo's Shinjuku appeared unusual cafe. In a place called «Tokyo Hypnosis Cafe Colors» visitors to get rid of the emotional "baggage" or the unnecessary memories.

This is achieved by using a number of techniques of hypnosis to help quit smoking or forget traumatic memories, reports Kedem.

In this case, hypnosis is an expert, who also plays the role of the bartender. In fact, the service is free, but the choice of a special hypnotic method costs from $ 12 to $ 600.

Before you start

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Even today, 15 February

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Frosty …

…and sunny. Temperature: -19 — 16 C.

Do not pass:

In the Palace of Culture in Minsk party in memory of the musician Czeslaw Niemen (1939-2004). Starts at 17:30.


In Bratislava summit of the Visegrad Group (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland), dedicated to the 20th anniversary of its creation.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the UK.


In 1564 was born the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei (d. 1642).

In 1989 ended with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

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National Geographic Challenge your brain. Part 3: Attention, vision and memory

Gorgeous transmissions from National Geographic, devoted to the subject: How does our brain. In these three films, you have to try the capabilities of the brain in the area: Attention, vision and memory. Transmissions are made in an entertaining and very interesting form. Will not be bored

National Geographic_Ispytayte your brain 1. Attention

National Geographic_Ispytayte your brain 2. Vision

National Geographic_Ispytayte your brain 3. Memory

Thanks for the idea of Yuri


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Revealed the secret of turning human beings into zombies

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Big jump. Labyrinths of Memory Watch online

Why learn something newcomer so hard? All the matter in the most mysterious of our consciousness — memory. Where and how we store your memoirs?

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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DVR With counting function Passengers

ASV-RF04 with the function of passenger counting and recording of road conditions. 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder with automatic passenger counting, and monitoring road conditions allowing you to connect 1 to 4 cameras and 1 to 4 sensor passenger counting. You can create not only what is happening in the cabin of the vehicle, but also road conditions. ASV-RF04 is a small electronic device that produces video on SD memory cards with capacity of up to 128GB 1, with the display in the video for the change of the number of transported passengers, the number of the vehicle

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Coming out of the coma, she feels like a teenager

September 29, 2012 19:25

32-year-old Briton Sarah Thompson, the mother of the family, in part because of the lost memory of aneurysm rupture. After the release of the coma adult woman again became a fan of the Spice Girls and Michael Jackson. Doctors say that the amount of memory it is on the spot, when the woman was 19 years old. The remaining 13 years of his life have disappeared from the memory of Sarah. After a 10-day coma, she forgot about the existence of her husband and three children. She puts it this way: "When I asked whose

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Souls of the dead are stored in the memory of the worlds oceans

October 3, 2012 21:51

Scientists have deciphered the "chemical memory" of water

To a surprising conclusion reached by scientists from the Institute of Polar Research Alfred Wegener (AWI), published a paper in the journal Biogeosciences. It turns out that the water in the oceans, "stores" information about the living beings in it. A "remembers" the ocean by organic molecules, which are stored in water after the dissolution of the body of a living organism.

— Water has a chemical "memory" to keep information about the organisms are in it as a single organic molecules — explains Professor Boris

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Belarus is the first textbook on the Holocaust

Society today, marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, all over Belarus today will be mourning. In Minsk lay flowers at the monument to the victims of the Minsk ghetto street dry, and the memorial to "The Pit." But the theme of the mass extermination of Jews in the ghettos and concentration camps on the lessons of history is studied in some places, fragments, in "The international character of the struggle against the Nazi invaders."

The term "Holocaust" in the textbooks was missing. Therefore, a group of enthusiasts, scientists decided to create a manual for teachers of history of the Minsk

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