Radstonsky monolith

In the UK, which is considered the center of the megalithic culture, there are many monuments, besides the famous Stonehenge. One of the most famous, is standing upright standing stone, carved from a single block of — Radstonsky monolith…

It is located in the county of Yorkshire in the north of England and is the highest menhir, whose height exceeds 7.5 meters. If we consider that the top of the monolith broken off, then it was originally more than a full meter. But at the same monolith itself is quite

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Menhirs that pose?

"UFO", 24.05.2004, St. Petersburg, n22 (339), page 7

Author: Alexey Popov

What is a menhir? In the most general terms — is a stone slab, mounted on three or four poles. The era of dolmens and menhirs was very long. They were built at the beginning of our era, that is usually used as tombs. The whole world agrees to assume their tombstones. A funerary function assigned and dolmens located in Karelia.

Secondly, the stone due to its crystal structure has the properties of the battery. If you heat the stone — it builds up heat, it retains

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Megaliths and dolmens?

Morphologically, these structures are very simple. It is either a single, vertical standing stone pillars — menhirs, or circles of such stones — cromlechs, as well as parallel rows of menhirs — alley. These simple forms may be combined with each other. Finally, another kind of megaliths — dolmens.

This yaschikoobraznye construction of multi-ton flat stone slabs resembling a huge bird houses or bunkers from the Second World War. Sometimes they are complicated. For example, in the ancient dolmen was hid under the ground or covered with a huge stone

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Research megaliths

Today, science has not yet developed techniques for determining the age of majority, megaliths, with which one could determine exactly when a block of stone was cut out of the quarry. Archaeologists usually think so. For example, near the site of ancient menhir found people. Hence the conclusion that these people are manufactured and installed this megalith. In ceramics, jewelry, weapons and similar findings in the parking lot is determined by the type of culture of these people.

Parking refers to a certain age,-which can sometimes be confirmed and the

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Les menhirs cusk

In the middle of the stone rows of Le cusk a sharp turn, and this is accomplished with the use of complex geometric construction. Changes regularly and the height of stones in the ranks: the western ends of the largest stones, up to four meters to the east of their height gradually reduced to about 40-60 centimeters, then, at the eastern ends of the rows, the stones are once again above, though smaller in size stones at the western end. In general, these rows of stones are lying on the ground with a

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The fourth shell Secrets — acoustic set?

The immediate impetus for the promotion incentive hypothesis was the startling discovery of British scientists concerning one of the megalithic monuments of Britain — Rollrayta. This structure consists of a circle of stones, dolmens and menhirs, that is, is no different from other similar megalithic structures. It all started with the fact that a zoologist, who studied the flight of bats in the area using a portable ultrasound receiver, found that at a certain time of day megalith emits ultrasound scoring squeaking bats. He reported it to scientists at Oxford University.

The fourth shell Secrets — acoustic set?

Location dolmens

Acoustic vibrators are, apparently, and menhirs. Maybe it was to enhance the piezoelectric effect to them to shape a pointed pencil — the maximum compressive strain and focused, like the dolmen, menhir at the bottom. It is possible that under the menhirs and enclose a special "heel" stones, with a strong piezoelectric effect.

The question of the energy source feeding the acoustic vibrators, megaliths, requires further consideration. It is possible that the tidal action of the moon and sun are just a "trigger" (or, as the researchers say, trigger), which

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