1 week of pregnancy


Even before you've learned that you are pregnant, your organism began to prepare for a new life. This work does not begin at conception, but much earlier, during the the last menstrual period. It is from this period (the first day the last menstrual period) And starts the pregnancy calendar.

Your organism preparing one of the eggs to fertilize. This work he does every month, and it takes about two weeks, after which ovulation occurs (yield mature egg to the uterus).


Delayed puberty in girls

About the delay sexual development You can talk to when to fifteen-, sixteen years of age at the girl observed underdevelopment of secondary sexual characteristics and rare irregular menstruation.


Reasons for the delay puberty few:

— Violations of organic nature: brain injury, the effects of childhood encephalitis or meningitis.

— Neuroses and stress. These include fatigue and at school, frequent conflicts. Even the suspense of the first menstruation can cause stress.

— Weight problems — such as excessive and deficient (body weight 45 — 50 kg). This may also include anorexia nervosa and circulated among

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How to determine the time menopause?

In the life of every woman of a certain age comes a pretty difficult time, connected with the natural hormonal changes in the body. This physiological period during which the general background on age-related changes in body processes prevail in the reproductive system, characterized by the cessation of fertility first and then menstrual functions. It is called climacteric, from the Greek "stairway", "step".

At what stages divided into menopause?

Menopause is divided into three main phases.

Premenopausal — period to the last menstrual period usually begins after 40-50 years and continues on average 15-18 months. At this time, a

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Complications of endometriosis

Even when you are away from the uterus, the endometrium retains its properties — during every period of endometrial lesions began to trickle blood. Blood accumulates andhearth gradually turns into a cavity with a biodegradable content. With each menstruation its size increases, which causes severe pain.

Inflammation around the endometrial lesions leads to adhesions in the pelvic area, and even the abdomen, which can disrupt the function of internal organs and also cause pain.

Very often endometrium grows into the muscle layer of the uterus — the myometrium. Such embodiment Endometriosis called adenomyosis. In the myometrium of

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Delay menstruation and first pregnancy ultrasound — articles that are worth exploring every woman

Today, users can find hundreds of publications on a variety of topics. Is there articles designed for avid anglers, there are publications that are designed for real fashionistas have whole pieces of music for gamers who help to pass this or that game ….

And there are articles that are intended for a wider range of "network users" — for women. On two of these publications, we now discuss in more detail. However, before this, we note that both of these articles has read their consumers Bizon.ru school development.

The first such article, in which we would like to

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Phase of the menstrual cycle and female sex hormones

Menstrual cycle — it changes in a woman's genital area approximately equal intervals. The biological purpose of the menstrual cycle — preparation of the woman's body for a possible pregnancy.

What is the length of the menstrual cycle?

The normal length of the menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days. Menstrual cycle begins counting from the first day of bleeding.

The phases of the menstrual cycle and hormones, their regulatory

The menstrual cycle is divided into two phases, between which ovulation occurs.

The first phase is called the follicular. It is in this phase of developing follicle

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