Strike wing

Coastal Command’s campaign against enemy surface shipping during the early years of the war met with limited success. The Blenheims, Hampdens and Beauforts rarely attacked as a co-ordinated force and, faced by a formidable threat, suffered heavy losses for very modest results.

The availability of the Beaufighter brought about a dramatic change in the anti-shipping campaign and the Command’s Strike Wings changed the course of the war in the waters off German-occupied Europe.

In November 1942 the first of the Strike Wings was formed at North Coates on the Lincolnshire coast. Its task was to attack the important convoys, heavily

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Now Bangalore rally entrepreneurs

The trading market Zhdanovichi as usual at the weekend — and stupidly noisy. That traders know about the meeting of businessmen who held on September 10 in Bangalore Square and 12 hours, I’m going to find out in the shopping center "The world of fashion." Specifically, there a few weeks back the clock during the conflict Tax Inspectorate officials and traders took a spontaneous rally. First my companion, a young woman, the clothes of the top trades. Buyers at no point, and she willingly supports conversation.Merchant: "Know." Reporter: "Do you personally want to go there?"Merchant: "I think so, I’ll go."

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Poll: Do you support the strike initiators business?

Businessman: "I take this flegmantichno. Necessary to work."Businessman: "The strike will not help. Here the authorities should not … help, so at least we would not interfere. And so all their requirements, these certificates — all we must. Maybe only to someone they cling. Then we can go on strike. But it is unlikely to help. "Businessman: "That’s right, they do. So the government grips us, so entrepreneurs underestimated. I support the strike."Businessman: "Excellent attitude. Very hard began to work. Taxes constantly grow, and the purchasing power falls. Because our business is all worse and worse. "Businessman: "I support their

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Merchant’s death will be judged in Bangkok

41-year-old Viktor Bout, who is considered one of the greatest personal weapon dealers in the world, was arrested in the hotel bangkotskim few hours after, as he arrived from Moscow. The prosecutor’s office in New York accuses him of trying to implement the game implements a few million bucks Colombian FARC rebels from the organization, which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization. According to the views of American laws, Bout and his business partner Andrew Smulyan threatens up to 15 years in prison. Michael Garcia, Attorney Southern District of New York, said at a press conference on March 6 that

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In Arkhangelsk is a reconstruction of the bell tower of the Cathedral of Saint Elias

Currently, builders began to cover the walls of the cathedral bell tower Iliinsky new plaster. After the end finishing, interior work will begin. The building will be expanded with the extension.    In September 2012 the bell tower was installed a new dome and a cross made of gold-nitrotitana. The height of the whole structure is 12 meters. Dome and a cross produced by specialists from the Rostov region. The first wooden church on the site of the present St Elias Cathedral was built in 1773 and works diligently Archangel merchant Athanasius Yusova and merchant widow Juliana

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Kommersant: There can be only one comment: the doctor

Society Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is not going to talk to the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the forthcoming informal CSTO summit in Yerevan.

This writes the Russian "Kommersant".

On Friday, Alexander Lukashenko, responding to criticism of Dmitry Medvedev of failing to Minsk promises to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, accusing the latter in the "nesumlennastsi." In response, the Russian leader's assistant Sergei Prikhodko expressed willingness to disclose not only the transcript of the CSTO summit in which Alexander Lukashenko promised to recognize the two republics, but his other statements, "which are not without interest of both

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Parable of wealth, happiness and freedom

It just so happened that in our time the happiness and freedom is associated with wealth, as many people believe that wealth and provide freedom and happiness. A little parable about this.

Near the small village held a small caravan, and a wealthy merchant, owner of the camels and upsell decided to stop for the night nearby.

Seeing the sage, sitting in the shade of a huge tree, a merchant came up and sat beside her. Struck up a conversation. Merchant and then spoke of happiness and freedom, alluding to his wealth and opportunities, thus subconsciously trying

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Poland called for the U.S. to assist the Belarusian dissidents

Society Poland's Ambassador to the U.S. Robert Merchant compared the struggle of democratic activists in Belarus solidarity with the movement in his country during the reign of the Communists.

Merchant urged the United States to match aid to Belarus with the support of the Polish dissidents during the Cold War.

"Comes to mind is the role that Western free institutions played in the establishment of freedom in Poland" — said in an interview with Merchant Associated Press.

Poland invites other countries, in including United States, on the donors' conference in Warsaw in early February to raise funds for the

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Caucasus, Persia, and our homeland. Eastern policy of Peter I

Russian government grew rapidly and this could not affect the relationship Russian and Caucasian peoples. If the initial period of relations between Russia and the Caucasus, was placed between them wide "desert" (virtually uninhabited territory), where it was easier to meet a gang of robbers and steppe Udaltsov than a peaceful, agricultural settlement, by the beginning of the 18th century changed the situation radically. The entire place from Oka to Don and estuaries from Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod to Astrakhan was densely occupied chain towns and villages.

From now starts a chain marches on Caucasus, committed under Peter

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Red Flower — Fairytale

The merchant was going to trade in distant lands, and before leaving he asked his three daughters what Gostintsev they bring. The older daughter asked the expensive clothes and jewelry, and the youngest Alyonushka asked scarlet flower, which is not beautiful in this world. The merchant found that flower on one island and tore it, but was taken prisoner by monsters — the owner of the island and vermillion flower. Monster had to promise that one of his daughters to go to him to the island.

About the film: Year: 1977 Genre: Fairy Tale, a children's Made

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