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Hoaxes of the last century: the truth and fiction about the phenomena




Wolf Messing, V.V.Shereshevsky, Rosa Kuleshov, Nina Kulagina, Wang, Chumak Kashpirovsky, Longo, Uri Geller and others …. Over the 40 years since the vigorous interest in the phenomenology of person, I had to track down a lot of posts about the phenomena that are widely known in experimental

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Wolf Messing. Unknown prediction

November 8, 2011 17:13

He could read minds, predict the future and see the events that took place thousands of miles away. Who was actually Wolf Messing? ..

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Komsomolskaya looking for telepaths




In the summer we held a congress of people-the "x", and now, please respond to those who have other equally amazing psychic abilities

In the article "The session telepathy Orinoco — Moscow" ("KP" on October 22. G) we talked about the upcoming grand experiment on transfer of thoughts

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Wolf Messing I — telepath

Wolf Messing legendary book "I — telepath"

Artist of the original genre, a psychiatrist, a hypnotist. Had unique psychic abilities, in particular — the suggestion (suggestion of reality).

He was born in the village of Gora-Kalwaria near Warsaw (Poland), studied at cheder. Since the early 1900s, with concerts in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. I personally know of Jan Erik Gannusena, astrologer Third Reich.

Demonstrated his ability to Einstein, Freud, Gandhi, J. Pilsudski. At one of its sessions Messing predicted the death of the Third Reich, immediately became a personal enemy of Hitler. Download the book "I

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Visions of Wolf Messing

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Top secret. Our time. Myths Wolf Messing. (2013)

In the minds of the people he has two aspects: an unusual hypnotist, psychic, psychic predictor of the future, and entertainer. So who was Wolf Messing, a man with superhuman abilities or talented artist?Olga Migunova — psychotherapist, Honored Artist of Russia, currently the only woman in the country, serving the artistic genre of hypnosis. She worked with Wolf Messing. What special abilities possessed this man? Is he predicted the fate of people? How did he do it? Which apartment lived a famous artist, and what money he possessed.

Name Wolf Messing overgrown with legends. Some events in the life of

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Messing mystery solved?

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Secret history. Wolf Messing. The fate of the Prophet

May 30, 2012 7:55

Wolf Messing as the great prophet and a great charlatan. The mystery of this man will never be solved. He hated the Soviet regime, but was forced to become a personal predictor of Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev. All his life he suffered from other people's thoughts and could enter a trance several thousand people. Sensational footage chronicles the life of the unique facts of a mysterious prophet of humanity.

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Top 10 phenomenal people (photo)


These people put scientists in a deadlock. Who are they? Skilled workers of miracles or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? Or a combination of both? They studied the phenomena, they even given names, popular in the scientific community. But while the world captures another fashion for all the mysterious, they are in demand and nobody is willing to expose them.

Nostradamus — Michel de Notre Dame, was born on December 14, 1503 in the town of Saint-Remy (Provence). July 2, 1566 he died at the Salon. Prophetic legacy includes 10 Centuries of Nostradamus (942 quatrains),

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The Spirit Messing prevent shooting


On the set of TV movie "Wolf Messing," which will be released soon on the TV channel "Russia", relating to the identity predictor controversial — some believe in the supernatural abilities of this historical figure, someone — no. After all, there are rumors that the spirit of the clairvoyant vigilantly monitors the work on the film.

And many believe that confirmation of the tragic death of the musician as a young Messing, actor Roman Grechishkina, hit by a car in January of this year.


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