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A device for measuring diabetes


Scientists from the Institute of Physics. PN Lebedev created a unique device that can be used in medical practice for the control of the energy status of the body. The analyzer, called "Kinoks? 4", will help determine the severity of systemic diseases such as diabetes, and to monitor the effectiveness of their treatment.

The instrument was developed in the NGO "functional" — an innovative company, established with the support of the Innovation Park FIAN. NGO "functional" is engaged in the development of biophysical technologies and their introduction into medical practice. The roots of this work

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Ortoreksiya and how to avoid it

Obsession with healthy eating — is also a disorder that is called ortoreksiey. Most sufferers of this disease — women 30 years and older, active and apparently quite wealthy. Ortoreksiya not just a source of constant concern and dissatisfaction with themselves, it is fraught with a variety of diseases.

And all because of a desire to look better, we undersupplies body with essential vitamins and minerals to it.

And here come to the aid of multivitamin complexes. They remove a lot of problems and allow to eat as much as you seem right, do not worry that you limit

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What can and can not in psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis long and complex process, the most important of which are the moments of experience of treatment, long-term monitoring of patients and the right choice of methods and means of therapy. You should always remember that the most important thing in the treatment of this unpredictable disease — "touchy NOCERE» (do no harm). In many ways the treatment of psoriasis depends on the patient, from his awareness of this disease, mental state, mood and optimism.

Make sure that it is really psoriasis (if the rash first appeared.) Remember what circumstances and events preceded the appearance of

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In the human bones found something that can cure infertility and diabetes

Bones not only constitute the "skeleton" of the human body, but also play the role of the glands. They produce the hormone osteocalcin affects the organs and acts as a catalyst in the treatment of diabetes and infertility, according to news agency ANSA.

Biologists from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and the University "Campus Biomedica" proved that this hormone serves as a "language" in which "talk" different bodies in the first place — the bones and the endocrine system. Osteocalcin also plays a role in energy metabolism and the production of sex hormones. This allowed the scientists to conclude

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