Awaken the dead

On the influence of stars and comets in the invisible world of spirits written in ancient times. No doubt this influence in the Middle Ages. The appearance of comets in the sky clearly interpreted as a harbinger of misfortune. According to popular belief, comets not only brought the epidemic and the war, but also sends people out demons. It has long been observed that in times of appearance of comets appear more often than usual ghosts, spirits are activated at seances, the number of cases of telepathic communication and receiving prophecies amplify various mental disorders, including sleepwalking and hallucinations.


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Genus Tanichthys. White Clouds, Meteor Minnows, and Sparkling Gems.

Few ornamental fishes have made a successful aquarium debut so soon after their scientific description as Tanichthys albonubes. The type series of this colorful little minnow was collected in 1932 from streams draining Bai Yun Shan—White Cloud Mountain—in China’s Guangdong Province by Tan Kam Fei, a scoutmaster with a keen interest in the flora and fauna of his native region. In appreciation of his efforts, the Chinese ichthyologist S.Y. Lin later in the same year erected the genus Tanichthys for this diminutive and morphologically distinctive cyprinid, whose species name, albonubes (= white cloud), refers to the type locality. The White

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In Belarus, found four meteors

"Lim" on this week 1938 publishes it to the USSR Prosecutor A.Vyshynskaga process pravatratskistskaga block: "I remind you to questioning of the defendant Rykov. Asked whether that was a bourgeois-fascist organization that operated in Belarus running Golodeda, Chervyakova and Sharangovich Rykov owed recognize that even destiny as any large individual employees in leadership positions in Belarus earlier consistent with Polish intelligence. "The same "Lim", but 10 years later, criticizes creative designer Lyangbarda: "In the same building of the Belarusian Municipal Theatre of Opera and Ballet Master, of course, made a rather large error in the plan, as for example, the

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Can I hear the meteors?

Can I hear the meteors? It is interesting

After a meteor shower is sometimes there are messages that people hear the meteors. Moreover, the most prominent representatives made a low hissing sound, like the sound of the meat that is fried.

Scientists, astronomers believe these assumptions well-founded. Falling, meteor burns at a height of 100 kilometers above the earth. Since the speed of sound is less than the speed of light, the noise from a large meteor will be heard only a few minutes after his appearance in the field of view. Noise object flying at an altitude of 100

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Next week will be a star rain


AFP / Scanpix

7.08.11.V night of 12 to 13 August in Latvia will be seen again "star rain", the website This period falls peak Perseids meteor.

Meteor rain, visible to the naked eye, can be observed on 12 and 13 August, after 0:30 Latvian time.

It is assumed that in the absence of clouds in the sky can be observed around 60 meteors per hour. At the same time, as for the same period is the full moon to the naked eye can only see the brightest "shooting stars."

Meteors — is tiny fragments of comet dust

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Fireball in the sky Montenegro


Photo from:

17.08.11.V Sunday around 21.20 in the sky above Becici there was a fireball that frightened residents and tourists, writes Dan newspaper.

The ball made a circle, and then turned in the direction of Budva. At one point it seemed that the ball went out, but then he appeared again, and later disappeared, witnesses told an extraordinary phenomenon.

In Belgrade Society of Astronomy. Ruggero Boscovich believed that it was a fireball, very rare natural phenomenon. But in this version Gidrometeobyuro Montenegro rejected, suggesting that it was probably a meteor. Weather forecaster Branko Mitsev told reporters that

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At the Earth poured this year's first meteor rain

That night, it was possible to watch one of the most beautiful celestial phenomena. At the Earth poured this year's first meteor rain, so-called flow Quadrantids. Every year, it starts at the same time — in the period from December 28 to January 7. This time the scene was much brighter.

Moonlight is not eclipsed shooting stars, so it was clearly visible. In an hour you can be counted up to hundreds of meteors. The most beautiful night sky was over the Northern Hemisphere. But the people of the South — so lucky. During stellar rain they

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At the Earth Star shed rain

The first meteor shower in 2012 will be able to observe the inhabitants of the planet. Earth passes through the Quadrantids meteor shower. After a couple of hours just come its peak. At night, those who are lucky with clear weather, can watch a hundred shooting stars per hour.

In Moscow and the region, however, expected low clouds. But do not despair. Each year, the planet passes through several meteor showers, consisting, as scientists believe, of tiny fragments of ancient comets.

Bright star rain expects Earth on the night of January 4

NEW YORK, Jan. 3. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Alexander Bekreneva /. On the night of Wednesday, January 4, residents will be able to observe the Earth beautiful celestial phenomenon on our planet, "shed" this year's first star rain — the Quadrantids meteor shower. According to astronomers, the Terrans, a fantastic spectacle, because this year the stream does not overshadow the bright moon, and it will be particularly visible.

This "Star" is observed each year from December 28 to January 7, the peak of its activity in the 3 and 4 January. According to

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We expect the first year, meteor rain

On the fourth day of the year the sky will appreciate our spectacular sight: the fourth of January the inhabitants of the earth will see the first of this year's meteor rain, which can be observed during the passage of the Quadrantids meteor shower.

According to estimates by NASA, at the time of closest approach to the Earth flow in one hour will be visible to the hundreds of "shooting stars", flew from the asteroid "2003 EH1». Quadrantids can be observed from December 28 to January 12, but the peak flow falls exactly on the fourth of January.

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