Michael McFaul made a new offer

February 14th, I was invited to a business breakfast with one of the senior Russian government officials. He recounted that during nedavneshnih Russian-US talks on START took their role in Michael McFaul stubbornly impose our delegation proposal, that all mobile ground missile complexes "Topol-M" and the RS-24 "Yars" were fitted on top of the identification mark round with a diameter of two meters, in what was a private number PGRK — and Americans watched from space using its own satellites electro-optical reconnaissance for their movement, is not identifying all Russian mobile missile launchers and their membership of a particular division

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The occurrence of open sabotage U.S. against Russia

One example of

A few days ago the head of the U.S. diplomatic mission, Michael McFaul, spoke to the students of the Higher School of Economics.

And he made some hard-hitting statements about Russia. In particular, accused Moscow of bribing authorities in Kyrgyzstan to those "thrown" American airbase "Manas".

This was followed by the reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Foreign Ministry said: The words of Ambassador in form goes far beyond the bounds of diplomatic etiquette. And are a number of aspects of deliberate distortion of the Russian-American dialogue.

Michael McFaul responded to the allegations.

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