Shanghai’s current metabolism manufactures a city of uneven pockets, in which glass skyscrapers overlook rooftop shanties and dusty building plots overturn low-rise back streets. The area around the recently opened Rockbund Art Museum, near the north strip of the Huangpu River, witnesses this patchwork urbanism.

Leading up to the museum’s entrance, a 165m-long scroll hangs, tracing a half-real, half-imagined panorama. Traditional in form, the scroll, Analogical City Made in Shanghai, announces the exhibition and visualises the prevalent paradigm of old as a backdrop to new.

Model Home is a display of a work – and a city – in progress.


How many haulage companies owe their existence to pigs? Michael Marshall tells us all about one.

It all started with pigs over 60 years ago. when in 1951. David Taylor had his first herd at the family farm near Bland-ford Forum.

The Taylor family have been farmers for generations and in 1867 moved to the Dorset village of Pimperne. Yard Farm was purchased in 1911 and David William Taylor was born on May 18,1921, at the Manor House in the village. During the Second World War he served in the Tank Regiment, seeing action in North Africa.

He returned to Pimperne in 1946 and took over Yard Farm from his mother the following year. The farm

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The winners of the Great Troubles

In November, Russia celebrated the holiday — Day of National Unity. 400 years ago, October 22 (November 1), 1612, soldiers militia led by Kuzma Minin and a citizen of Prince Dmitry Pozharsky stormed China Town, captured by the invaders. October 27 Polish garrison surrendered, and that moment was a turning point in the history of the Time of Troubles — a period when Russia was simply not in a protracted decline, and in fact, on the verge of losing its statehood and could disappear from the maps as a single power.

Paying tribute to Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry

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Gang star

It’s easy to see why artist Michael Vasquez has been earning a reputation as one of the country’s most incendiary young talents-one deserving of his debut solo show at Miami’s well-regarded Frederic Snitzer Gallery in February. Take one of his best-known pieces: “Bloody Buddy Row,” an eight-foot-high portrait of a gangster depicted with a bare chest, covered in tattoos and chains, his hands forming a gang sign. It’s washed in red paint, brutal and menacing-but it’s the painting’s subtitle, “Friendly Father Figures» that hints at the piece’s subtext and Vasquez’s real area of inquiry: not gangsters but the bonds of

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Young Rescuer — Young Hero of Russia Mikhail Yarmonov

Often in everyday life there are situations when the life and health depend on the correct and timely action by a bystander. In such a situation, everyone can be a lifesaver.

It's a story with a happy rescue took place last summer in the village of Majorca Charyshsky district of the Altai Territory. It has become the hero of ten teens who teaches fourth grade then still Misha Yarmonov.

 August 28, 2012 to Michael asked a neighbor, mother of seven boys, asking them to see where her son is running. Michael immediately responded to a

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Soldier gave his savings to children

WWII veteran Mikhail S. Stepanov of Upper Chebula gave their savings to children. Rehabilitation center "change", he gave 100,000 rubles, and the office of the local school physics — 30000. The idea of charity came from Michael Stepanovich is not out of the blue, soldier approached the matter seriously and thoroughly. "At first, he wanted to make a gift to the children's home and came up with these intentions in our head of the Department of Social Protection. Said," Irina, I want to help the orphanage. "She said that her department's home, but there are a rehabilitation center.

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The process of 14. What struck

Under this bubnenne judges, it is not difficult to fall asleep. And I almost fell asleep.

Anton Koipish: "Now read out the referee case materials, all four volumes, and under them, under this bubnenne judges, it is not difficult to fall asleep. And I almost fell asleep. Thankfully, I was awakened by Ales Streltsov. All five lawyers sent a note that the arbitrator did identification — the one in this picture is not one. And she came to the conclusion that, for example, I figure a 2-moments: when I stand in front of the bus, but who among the

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Criminal case on January 10 events — in court

14 people accuse the organization of group actions violating public order and hooliganism. In a criminal case incriminated: Andrew Kim, Tatiana Tsishkevich Misha Suboch Alexander Chernyshev, Alexander Streltsov, Pavel Vinogradov, Alexey Bondar, Alexander Baradenka Maxim Dashuk Vladimir Sergeev, Misha Kryvau, underage Artem Dubski, Anton Koipish Misha Pashkevich.

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

On This time start with the latest Hong Kong master tapes Andrew Love. A couple of years reversing his "Infernal Affairs" hit the list of best crime dramas of the world. In 2006, it processed on own way Hollywood veteran Martin Scorsese — and received their own "The Departed," "Oscar". And in 2007, Love moved to Hollywood to make a South American career. His first movie on the newest site is called "the flock." The main roles are played by Richard Gere and charming Kersten Dunst. But come on hopes for a romantic comedy! Tape dedicated beggar fate court observers

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The coach and captain of growth — the best in the first division

Head coach of "growth" Oleg Dolmatov and captain Michael Osinov Southerners named the best coach and the best player of the season in the first division clubs in the poll of the Professional Football League (PFL), the official site of the Russian Football Union (RFU). Michael Osinov [img =] Michael aspen is also recognized as the best midfielder of the season. The best game in the rest of the lines are named goalkeeper of "growth" Roman Gerus, a defender of the Krasnodar "Kuban" Roman Lengyel and forward "growth" Dmitri Akimov (the first part of the season striker spent in

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