Unusual natural phenomenon on the shores of Lake Michigan



During the past week, on the shores of Lake Michigan, there were huge blocks of ice the size of a basketball. The weight of some of them reached 35 kilograms. Experts say that something like this happens more than once in ten years, but the emergence of such large balls put them in a deadlock.



Rounded objects are formed

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Tornado in the south-east of Dexter, Michigan

Tornado in the south-east of Dexter, Michigan Natural Disasters

Less than two weeks after a series of powerful tornadoes in Indiana and Kentucky, picking up dozens of lives, the U.S. again under threat of bad weather. March 15, 2012 four Midwestern states were controlled by the raging storms and thunderstorms. In Michigan, the local television broadcast images of funnel clouds looming over the village of Dexter. As a result of a tornado destroyed more than 100 homes and other buildings, some of which was razed to the ground. According to official figures, the victims or the victims were found.

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Lake Michigan waterspouts

September 13, 2013. In the north of the United States — in Michigan — the locals have seen the formation of two giant tornado at the same time. The damage was avoided because the tornadoes were on the water surface of the lake. But local meteorologists warned of the possibility in the near future such new phenomena that may affect residential areas.

Source: RT

Michigan is breeding poverty

As the nation's attention is focused on birth control, I had the idea that if we want to combat poverty, reduce violent crime and reduce our shameful proportion of people without a definite occupation, we need to change the means of contraception for fluorine-containing compounds in drinking water of Michigan.

Chief editor of 'The Detroit News' Nolan Finley on the line

We have a problem with babies in Michigan. Too many babies are born with immature parents who do not have the skills for their education, too many are born to poor women

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USA: Ominous clouds covered Michigan

July 25, 2013. Yesterday at about 20:30 local time on the staff of Michigan appeared ominous clouds yellow-orange color. According to one of the local newspapers, the witnesses of this strange phenomenon immediately began to shoot video and take pictures, and then putting them online. One of the locals in the comments wrote that what he saw is the craziest thing he had ever met. In fact, many Michigan residents expect after such a horrifying sight to see a hurricane or tornado.

But meteorologists have denied such allegations, noting that it is a rare phenomenon called Mammatus. In

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NSU will exchange students from Michigan State University

NSU Department of Physics and Department of Physics, Michigan State University signed a cooperation agreement with plans that institutions will exchange students.

As explained in the press service of the Novosibirsk State University, high schools watched each other’s work over the past two years. As a result, the University of Michigan has attracted a good astrophysics Novosibirsk scientists and their colleagues from the United States seriously interested in teaching methods NSU professors and students.

— I think that NSU students will be the first Russians who will be able to study in Michigan for the

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USA: On Lake Michigan rose ice island

March 10, 2013. Island appeared off the coast of lake Michigan and he came out of the mud, writes Up North Live.

"It was just a bunch of ice blocks stacked on top of each other, and they were" welded "together by the wind and snow", — explained the nature lover Josh Baker.

During the weekend, Baker and his family stumbled upon this giant island, swimming in the lake Michigan outside the small town of Good Hart. On Sunday, John decided to climb up to the rack, 4.5-meter-high mountain of ice. As soon as he got to the

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Ice boulders rolled on shore of Lake Michigan

February 26, 2013. In Leelanau County (Leelanau County): A natural phenomenon of winter on the shores of Lake Michigan attracted the attention of people in the north of the state and across the country. In the Bay of Good Harbor (GoogleMap) On the shore of the lake were thrown hundreds of ice balls or boulders.

A resident of the town of Cedar Leda Olmstead came across these balls last Thursday, while walking the dog. Olmstead said she was surprised by their kin and took a few shots, which are then placed on page 7 & 4 News on Facebook

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Tornado destroyed dozens of homes in Michigan

In Michigan eliminates the effects of a powerful tornado. Wind gusts reached 100 kilometers per hour. Many buildings damaged roofs and walls. Several dozen houses completely destroyed, roads are fallen trees, severed power lines, thousands of people were left without electricity.

Source: Vseneprostotak.ru.

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Storm on Lake Michigan sozdaetvolny 6 feet, 2 killed

Two sailors were killed when their 35-foot sailboat capsized in a storm, while the six crew members were pulled from Lake Michigan, the other boat competing in the annual Race to Mackinac, the Coast Guard said Monday. In midnight storm generated four to six foot waves WingNuts, boat, registered in Saginaw, Michigan, capsized and issued a distress signal. The crew of the boat "Sociable"Radio authorities and pulled six people from the temperate waters of the lake, Coast Guard Petty Officer Lauren Jorgensen said. Two Coast Guard vessels and a helicopter found WingNuts overturned 13 kilometers north-west of Charlevoix, Michigan,

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