The prodigy of the Middle East

An investment hub brimming with opportunity, Kurdistan is fast becoming the prodigy of the Middle East.

From the ashes of the tumultuous previous regime has emerged modern Kurdistan like the mythological phoenix. To look back on this prosperous decade is to take stock of just how far the region has come in such a short space of time.

From a primitive, lifeless caterpillar a vibrant and colorful butterfly has blossomed. A modern, mature state fully engaged in international business and peaceful diplomacy.

There’s no looking back for Kurdistan 2013; too much has been achieved in both geopolitical relations and international

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Taking the Strain in the Middle East

THE RAF’S Hercules fleet is seeing a major surge in the tempo of its operations in the Middle East to support simultaneous British Army combat deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. It comes at a time when almost half the RAF’s C-130K fleet is undergoing urgent modifications.

As a result, the RAF’s C-130J fleet, operated by 24 and 30 Squadrons, is being heavily tasked during the current rotation of army brigades, totalling more than 20,000 troops, into Afghanistan and Iraq. C-130Js are used to shuttle troops to and from Basra so that RAF Tristars and chartered airliners can land at Al

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Middle Wallop

MIDDLE WALLOP’S INTERNATIONAL Helicopter Exhibition (May 12-15) was inevitably dominated by talk of the forthcoming contract for the Army Air Corps’ new attack helicopter. It is anticipated that about 91 of the new breed will partially replace the TOW-armed Lynx from around 2001.

The contenders are: Agusta A129 Mangusta, BAe/Eurocopter Tiger, Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche, GEC-Marconi/Bell AH-1W Cobra Venom, Marshall/Atlas CSH-2 Rooivalk and Westland/MDH AH-64 Apache/Longbow Apache.

Of these, front-runners are likely to be the Apache, Cobra Venom and Tiger, all of which were at the Middle Wallop show, together with the Rooivalk. The latter was making its UK debut and

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Voice Bykov

From Finland and Germany to freedom Vasil banished his parable, and they sounded the air. Remember, then had to argue with some writers who (of course, in a very correct expressions) questioned sample Bykov foothold in a new genre for him. Maybe nastsyarorzhvala publitsystychnasts and relevance, which, according to the views of my opponents could not be sumyashchanaya with artistic price. I would answer that the "Divine Comedy" by Dante read in the time like a sharp polemical work, with real characters. Current Reissue parables — the best judge in those disputes. Indeed, in the "horror" will provide the reader

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France will be the best cognacs Bobruisk spill

"Bobruisk courier". The best cognacs France will pour in Bobruisk. The French company "Belveder" coupled with Bobruisk town making joint venture."Former factory Vinogradovas drinks will be remodeled. It will pour wine quality Vinogradov and natural brandies French trading house "Gauthier" — says journalist Viktor Kachan. — The amount of investments — 12 million euros. Project implementation period — until 2011. It is expected that on the new company will be created 200 jobs, and it will bring considerable cash receipts to the city treasury. " "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Belarus. " "The lowest wages — the educators." The average salary in

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Andrew FURSOV: The Death of the middle class

Originating in the XIX century., Middle-class core kapsistemy a long time led a modest life. This changed in the post-war period (1945-1975 gg.), Which became the middle class of the West "glorious Thirtieth Anniversary" (Jean Fourastié) era "fat cow" and a political triumph. In the post-war period (upward wave Kondratieff cycle, 1945-1968/73 years) dramatically, by orders of magnitude, increase the "social pie." This "wave" is not only surpassed all previous periods of expansion of the world economy (1780-1815, 1848-1873, 1896-1920 gg.), But all of the previous century and a half period of its development: in the years 1945-1975. was

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The decline of the American middle class

The collapse of the Soviet system proved fatal event for America's middle class and, as it turned out disastrous event for the American economy. U.S. corporations began to curtail production in the country, preferring to exploit labor in China, where wages are a fraction of U.S. rates of remuneration.

Even today, this process could be made reversible, returning the production capacity of offshore corporations home by taxing them according to the surplus value due to location of plants producing the product. Let's say if production is located in the States, then this "geographical" tax must be extremely low, and

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In the U.S. and Europe degenerates middle class: social scientists are hitting the alarm

Mainstay of modern Western society — the middle class — after the crisis struck has a clear downward trend and degradation. And it's not just a loss of income of its members, but there is also a demographic and class issues.

The problem is equally acute for both the main antagonists of the Second World War — the world's hegemonic U.S. and European — Germany, as well as for the previous "ruler of the world" — the United Kingdom and other countries of the "golden billion".

Young Europeans, Japanese and Americans are no longer able to start and provide

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Dark Ages Middle Ages

Between the fall of Rome and the onset of the Renaissance had been hidden for centuries of history. They are called the Dark Ages Middle Ages. After the collapse of the Roman Empire in Europe rampant famine, plague, persecutions. The state of war has been a constant. So persistent that it is only occasionally broken by truces.

Bet you did not know … Myths about the Middle Ages


In the Middle Ages 9 out of 10 people have died, and did not live up to 40 years

Accurate data on life expectancy in the distant past, we, of course not, but historians say that in the Middle Ages it was somewhere around 35 years. (In any case, 50% of those born survive to that age). But that does not mean that people were dying only when they reach 35 years of age. Yes, the average life expectancy was about this, but many died in childhood. We do not know exactly what is

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