The mighty nimrod

IN THE LATTER HALF of 1942, German U-boats were sinking an average of 750,000 tons of Allied shipping a month — the Battle of the Atlantic was being lost. Not only were the vital cargoes not getting through but ships and merchant seamen were being lost faster than they could be replaced. Within a year the situation had changed and the U-boat ‘happy time’ was over as their losses rose dramatically.

This turnabout was in large part due to the increase in the anti-submarine capability of Coastal Command, air cover of the convoys in previously unguarded areas meant decreased losses

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More than words

A labor of love for Wynnewood’s Tim Whitaker, Mighty Writers empowers kids. By Jim Waitzer.

Naiesha writes on a board and awaits the verdict. A simple “good job” from her tutor sets off a mini-celebration. A little girl with big eyes and bountiful energy, Naiesha has spelled the words correctly and knows their meaning. They cling to her as surely as the barrette in her hair.

Young people study at nearby tables amid stuffed bookshelves and images of Superman, Spiderman and President Barack Obama on the wall. One bulletin board features youth poetry, another sports essays written by middle-schoolers about

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Festival Mighty God until he became power event

In 1993, the pioneer of the festival in Mogilev "God Almighty" was rector of the Church of St. Stanislaus, now Bishop Wladyslaw Blin Vitebsk. The festival was created for vzaemaabagachennya cultures and rapprochement of Christians of all denominations. At the origin of the festival were folk artists of Belarus Viktor Rovdo yes Zinaida Bondarenko, docents Belarusian Academy of Music Korzhenevskaya Anna and Victor Skorobogatov. In the days of the festival city filled the multilingualism.This year the festival was not multilingualism. Most of the participants — from Belarus and Russia. At the festival were made by one participant from Poland, Ukraine,

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Festival of God Almighty lost own spirit …

Musical piece of work Nicholas Rivne and Natalia Arsenyev "God Almighty" began the festive opening of the festival. Palace of Culture Association "Khimvolokno" which held a celebration was full of spectators. In more ladies. Still attractive than a festival for Mogilev? Here are some of submission:"I soul rest at this festival. At this festival I always impressive and if I have the opportunity I always come to the opening and closing, as the concert of organ music" — says the young lady."Music, singing, language, British, Polish, Czech, before all Belarusian. This event nayshykovneyshae exclusively in Belarus, and in raising globally.

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At the festival, Mighty God, maybe sound and the Belarusian language

In This year, As in the past, all marketing materials about the festival — in Russian. The Department of Culture City Council, but not to behold the this problemss."There absolutely is not a substrate. This is not what we do not like Byelorussian or its Belarus. Two legalized language. No need to look, what language they speak or print. Should be the idea of the festival is saved — it the most important thing "- Said in a telephone interview of the employee culture.The Department of Culture assured that the official opening of the festival Belarusian language will sound.Permanent participant

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Mighty God: diploma awarded Yankees

Now members of the competitive applets got diplomas and prizes. Diploma "For the development and preservation of cultural heritage," jury rewarded the Franciscan monk from the United States Nicholas Fartunasa.In This year Grand Prix of the festival did not award. First degree diplomas at the festival received an exemplary children’s choir from Minsk "Verasok" Academic Choir and "Hosanna" from the suburbs of the town of Pushkin. Prizes and awards received artists from Belarus, Russia, United States America and China.About the Festival "God Almighty" Nicholas Fartunas vyznat from the Web and sent to the address of the Mogilev electric church of

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Mighty God again in Mogilev

Gathered in the middle of the celebration were the Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, the Vatican representative in Belarus, Archbishop Martin Vidovic, salting Petko Ganchev, also head of the consular department of the Embassy of Poland in Belarus Krzysztof Sviderak.

Palace of Culture before the opening of the festival "God Almighty" See the opening of the sixteenth Festival of Sacred Music "God Almighty" in the Palace of Culture came about a thousand Mogilev Mogilev. On the opening of the festival in Russian chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee announced Victor Shorikov.Festival blessed Catholic and Orthodox priests.Archbishop Martin

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Mogilev: Sacred Music Festival began Mighty God

During the six days will be a competition of choirs and singers. At the festival will honor the memory of Vladimir Rovdo and Guy de Picard. On the evening of their memory for the first time you hear liturgical music "Belarusian Mass" in the Belarusian language.Meanwhile festival events are advertised only in Russian. In the management culture of the Mogilev city executive committee reklyamavanne festival only Russian language explain this:"It’s not fundamentally — Russian or Belarusian language. We have two first recognized municipal. We at the opening ceremony usually sounds Belarusian language. At any moments and is ruskamovnasts. There is

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The festival Mighty God Belarus remained the only brand

Previously the festival organizers did alert on 3 languages: Belarusian, Russian and British. The last three years only in Russian. In the culture department of the Mogilev city executive committee in not behold the flaws. They say: Belarusian language two municipalities — Belarusian and Russian."We have the documents governing the writing of official, unofficial documents that may be on the Russian and BelarusianRussian languages. The Russian language is more accessible. We have 30 percent of the participants from Russia. Why can not we, when we have a choice to make in the Russian language? "- Said Deputy Head of culture

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Instead Festival Mighty God — a few concerts

At the Company's name a few posters of the festival is, but it is difficult to see. In the eyes of the catch phrase "spiritual treasure."

"As such, the festival of" God Almighty "this year, no. There are only a cultural and exhibition project" spiritual treasure ", which takes place in the framework of the" Mighty God. " Full festival is planned in 2012. The crisis — the word. Crisis. Festyval even spiritual music requires a significant financial cost. If you hold the festival — so hold "- said an employee of the Department of Culture of the Mogilev city

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