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Planes — just super

Russian aviation industry offers a new generation of aircraft projects

In our country the main plane is projected twenty-first century — the MS-21. This is our first airplane, the wings of which are almost entirely made of composite materials. In the future, composites will be widely applied in all planes — military and civilian. We are currently testing several prototype fifth-generation fighter. For the fighters of the future is created missiles also a new generation.

This and many other correspondents of "RG" talked with the president of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan.

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The village Kurya Altai opened the Palace of Culture and Arts

New modern building was a real gem of the village (the birthplace of the famous designer of small arms Mikhail Kalashnikov).

 Photo source:altairegion22.ru

Construction of the Palace of Culture as part of the governor’s program "75×75" began in 2010. For this purpose from the regional budget of about 99 million rubles.

The new building is not only a space for music and dancing, the audience hall, cloakroom, lounge, staff offices, but also a meeting room, ladies’ and men’s dressing room, a recording studio, a building adapted for people with disabilities. The total floor space is more than

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Russian designer has won a competition to develop a new design

Boston metro scheme

The scheme of the Boston subway, designed by Mikhail Kvrivishvili

The scheme of the Boston subway, designed by Mikhail Kvrivishvili


The winner of the competition for the development of the new design scheme of the Boston subway was the Russian designer Mikhail Kvrivishvili of Lebedev Studio. This was reported on October 7 Boston Magazine.

  For a subway map, designed Kvrivishvili voted about 6,000 people out of 17,000 voters. WinnerCompetition, announced in April 2013 in connection with the construction of new stations, selected with the popular vote in Boston.

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Belarus and Ukraine have agreed on joint production of agricultural machinery

Belarus and Ukraine have agreed to implement the project on joint production of agricultural machinery, said on Monday in Minsk, Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich during a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Azarov.


"We support your proposal for the production of agricultural machinery on a fairly wide range and in terms of volume," — said Mikhail Myasnikovich. "It is good that we agree and that there will be serious support measures that will boost our joint production," — he said.

The head of the Belarusian government has taken the initiative to "think

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News Superjet

"Business Breakfast" on board the Sukhoi Superjet 100

16 Aug 2013, 17:20 Today, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", together with the president of "United Aircraft Corporation" Mikhail Pogosyan was first performed "Business Breakfast" on board the newest aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet 100."

Photo:Oleg Prasolov/ WGRenat Zakiev/ RG.


The team of journalists, "RG" and two newspaper reader — Michael and Michael Marahanov Bulichev who sent us two of the most interesting questions about the development of domestic aviation, fly on the route Moscow — Naberezhnye Chelny — Kazan — Ulyanovsk — Moscow. During the flight, Mikhail Pogosyan, will

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The company Neurosoft (Ivanovo region). Expanding its production volumes

The company "Neurosoft" expands its production volumes. A new building for the production of medical diagnostic equipment inspected July 25th governor of the Ivanovo Region Mikhail Men.

Head of the region reported that, thanks to built the body was able to expand production, increase the staff.

Mikhail Men, was pleased with the work of the company. "This is a completely self-sufficient promising enterprise. Annual output per person over two million rubles, which makes "Neurosoft" unity among the enterprises in the Ivanovo region ", — said Mikhail Men — The company has over 170 employees,

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E-mobile — the first photo

On the eve of the show announced the pre-production model of "e-mobile" on the Internet a photograph of a "living" machines made in Minsk.

Information that Mikhail Prokhorov will pass on June 21 in St. Petersburg on the "E-mobile", was distributed by his press service on June 19. Official pictures of passage "e-mobile" on the Nevsky Prospect of 14:00 MSK has not been made public, but Mikhail Prokhorov put one picture in your tweet under the headline "Greetings to all who doubted!".

Judging from these photos, the design of the car is pretty far from

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history of the brand just5


Company President Mikhail Nikolayev, Just5 created the first Russian mobile phone that is interested in Wal-Mart and Amazon. Inventing a machine for retirees, he captured the hipsters, bikers and fishermen.

Since the middle of last year Just5 phones can be purchased at TigerDirect, Frys and other major U.S. networks and from the beginning of 2011 by Amazon.com and Wal-Mart. In Europe Just5 sell their contracts with major mobile operators Vodafone and Orange. In 2010, Just5 sold about 200 million handsets, and its revenues are estimated SF, amounted to approximately $ 20 million sales is small.

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Betrayed their homeland to Hooters?

In Washington, our opposition leaders took part in the conference "New approach or business as usual? U.S. — EU — Russia after Putin’s repression " Valery Panov 14.03.2013

After a recent trip to the U.S. State Duma deputy from the "Just Russia" Dmitry Gudkov LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky demanded to bring criminal charges against colleagues: for "treason." Zhirinovsky got angry to the point that even compared with Gudkov General Vlasov, recalling that the deputy — "part of the government and went to the United States, who are preparing a war against our country, and he went and

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