Myron flag hung on the anniversary of the Battle of Orsha

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida, citing reliable sources, said Radio Liberty contents of the note attached to the flag. It reads: "Congratulations to all the days of the Belarusian Military Glory. Recent Georgia indicate, the Belarusians need SUR "seriously prepare, if necessary, repeat the feat of our Protz near Orsha. Long live Belarus! lives forever! Myron."According Khamajda, flag waving over the city about 40 minutes: it was removed soon police and emergency workers. Meanwhile, Boris Khamaida and his friend Alexander Solovyan watched the flag removed, they were approached police and asked to produce documents. Watchmen order stated that amount to report

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Unknown grave defiled Kuzma Dark

Military Cemetery grave desecrated in Minsk Belarusian writer Kuzma Chorny.This was said Chairman of the Belarusian Writers Union Ales Pashkevich. He said he called the lady who cleaned the grave nearby, and said that on the grave Dark Kuzma were traces and broken fence.Lady cleaned the grave of the writer. But fencing remained until broken. Sovereign Pashkevych take care that its days are corrected.Military Cemetery now been many people, who cleaned the graves of relatives.Knows one of the visitors:"His grave was removed. Brought new flowers, old thrown off. All updated and planted flowers alive. Brings a lot of eggs, candy,

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With Islamists in Mali will fight BRITISH spy plane

  Britain sent a military spy plane Mali Sentinel R1 (pictured) to support the French military operation against Islamic militants, reports the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.   Sentinel reconnaissance aircraft is a modification of a business jet. He resettled radar capable of in a few areas to explore Minutka length of several thousand kilometers.   Earlier aircraft used in Libya in the fight against the troops of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Spy planes to date are also used in Afghanistan.   A total of five RAF spy plane Sentinel, but West Africa will be sent only some of

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China is able to counteract the U.S. military communications systems

Chinese military use South American secrets acquired by our agents to counteract the U.S. sverhtehnologichnym communication systems used in the «combined weapons systems» and missile defense, said September 20 with reference to the statements of officials of the South American governments. Found that China has the ability to «wedge» in the work of the Joint tactical system disk imaging rassredotachivaniya JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System), as has been told in the article «Anti-Jamming Performance of JTIDS-Type Waveform», posted on July 10 in the journal Aerospace Electronic Warfare, coming under the auspices of the Institute 8511 and which is

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U.S. suspends military aid to Israel

States were obliged to halt military aid to Israel in connection with the fiscal crisis. It is recognized now U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at a press conference in Bali (Indonesia), where the activities of the business summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Due to the suspension of the U.S. government, President Barack Obama canceled his trip to the APEC summit today, instructing lead South American delegation at this international summit Kerry. «Our assistance to the security of Israel, the coming to our ally in the Middle East, has been postponed,» — said managing the U.S. State Department.

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Vitebsk: criminal case for beating fighter

The victim is being treated in Vitebsk frisky clinic care, and the commanders of the 103rd Mobile Brigade filed an application in the Vitebsk interpost military prosecutor. Guilty in the crime was arrested, instituted against him criminal case. As said Vitebsk human rights activist Leonid Svetsik, also appealed to him close fighter urgent service with complaints of hazing cases in the 103rd mobile brigade, which is considered in Belarus "elite" military unit. Svetsik offered his help in order to make up the military prosecutor appropriate application. But the unfortunate case with zbtym fighters occurred earlier than other disgruntled relatives gathered

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China can invade TAIWAN BY 2020

In his yearly report to the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan warned neighboring countries, the U.S. and its own people, that by 2020 China could perform «successful invasion of the island,» reported October 9. Beijing holds overarching upgrading its own military capabilities, including weapons directly aimed to counter the United States’ ability to intervene in defense of Taiwan. This anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-satellite weapon, cruise missiles, long-range, modern fighters, several classes of nuclear submarines and everyday. Taiwan belongs to these preparations seriously. The island government should invest significant resources in defense, namely the establishment of a

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Media: The source of military aid to Egypt instead of the U.S. is Russia

Outside Egypt is experiencing severe policy configuration. Most populous Arab world government changes its orientation, seeking friendship with Russia. Israeli television reported that after a huge part of America froze military aid to Egypt, the government of this country relies on the help of the Russians. Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, Nabil Fahmy said earlier that the case with America «entered a period of problems and issues,» and that Egypt must «find other sources» weapons and military aid. Israeli TV version, «other» Our homeland is assumed, with which Egypt wants to make a big deal to buy guns,

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Shock and Awe for Assad

Americans are waging war on a template, the template is always different from their Konstantin Sivkov U.S. military threats and their allies in Syria adresok sound louder. Barack Obama has declared its readiness to strike even without UN sanction. Manage Turkey with all this is not just focused on a limited impact, and full-scale invasion on the role of the Army. Configured for military anger Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Jordan provided its area to accommodate groups of American troops. For the U.S. invasion have all the necessary military-strategic bridgehead. Yankees chances to obtain the consent of the Security Council of

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Possible scenario for a new confrontation

Not so long ago in northern Israel ended final mezhvoyskovye staff exercises the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), which worked out methods and options of simultaneous warfare on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts. This week took part in the exercises heads of the Ministry of Defence, General Staff officers, Land Forces, Air Force, Navy, Northern Area headquarters, commanders and permanent replacement units. Focused on the organization of interaction of various arms of the experience of operations in Lebanon and Gaza. In particular, painstakingly honed interaction of intelligence, armor, infantry and artillery units, air force and navy, logistics and communications, medicine and

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