On the conceptual uncertainty in the development of military small guns in the Russian Federation


The need for the creation of this or another standard military small guns should be determined by the end user, acting as the customer. Specifically, he said, based on the experience and forecast future disposition of hostilities, developing the tactical and technical requirements to want the standard tools. Next — R & D competition, the definition of a promising reference, troop tests, the elimination of defects and rework, setting the standard for service. The only way to ensure the future development of military small guns.

But the security forces of the Russian Federation, as the end user,

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On housing dilemmas soldiers

On housing dilemmas military has long been clear. Of course, the government does almost everything in order to provide housing for military personnel, but housing question as before remains open for thousands of families. Many military families and the elderly to date seek out ads in newspapers to surrender the apartment because they do not have their own their own homes, laid them under the law. Some soldiers in the process carried out in the Russian army reform were laid off, and home so the military is given with great difficulty and with considerable delays.

Over the past few

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Small boat from combat «SAFE BI» — Mk VI

24.05.2012 year. Company for the construction of boats «SAFE Boats International», located in the town of Bremerton, Washington State, won the tender for construction of 5 units of a new type of combat boats «Mk VI» with the possibility of building another 1st instance. Price 1st boat — about 6 million dollars. The total amount of the contract — a little more than 35 million dollars. Estimated time of delivery adopted new boats — 2014. New ships ordered myself expeditionary combat command of the naval forces of the United States. NECC created in 2006 to perform common actions, special

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Sheepish About Hitler and clever generals

Not once remarked that in his memoirs, the German generals very carefully separate themselves from Hitler, strongly arguing that it was he, and only he perceived silly strategic and operational solutions, while all the generals (especially the creator of the next regular memoirs) knew in advance how to beat the directions in which to advance, when and how. And it is they, they say, in every way justify Hitler and assured him. But he does, silly, not listening, but if I listened, it all went very differently and the victory would have remained behind Germany.

Naturally, as the highest military

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On the big war in the Middle East

One of the generals of the Israeli armed forces, voiced the idea that bothers brains have many professionals in the Middle East. The commander of logistics management of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Gen.-Major General Eyal Eisenberg said that the possibility of starting a major war in the Middle East, built up all the faster, the magazine writes, "Haaretz".

According to Eisenberg, such a war is likely to result from the use of weapons of mass destruction. Israeli general warned that the "Arab Spring" (the so-called string of "democratic" revolutions and unrest in the Arab States) threatens to

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SEVEN RUSSIAN COMPANIES ranked in top 100 arms manufacturers

Russian arms sales growth companies in 2012 was the highest in particular thanks to the municipal orders. This is stated in a new report on the large manufacturers in the field of military industry «TOP-100» Stockholm Institute research problems of the world (SIPRI), released January 31 at the Conference on Security in Munich. The list includes seven Russian manufacturers. Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» took 14th place, «United Aircraft Company» — 18th place, the company «Helicopters of Russia» — 25th, «AHK» Sukhoi » — 36th, «United Engine Company» — 38th, «United Shipbuilding Company» — 46th, SPC «Uralvagonzavod them. Dzerzhinsky » was at

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Possible threat to the U.S. population. Video


Photo from: fotki.yandex.ru

24.07.11.V 2008 the Pentagon announced plans to deploy 20,000 troops in the continental U.S., which is scheduled to be prepared by 2011.

These plans are very similar to the current movement in the country of troops and military equipment, as reported by truck drivers, and the emergence of more and more war in the streets, as reported by ordinary people.

Interestingly enough, this plan is linked to the military sponsored research RAND Corporation (Research Center who studies the problems of international relations and national security, scientific, technical, economic and military issues; approx. Mixednews), conducted in

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The tragedy of Ashgabat claimed 1382 lives. Video


14.07.11.V by bomb blasts on July 7 at military depots in Abadan, Turkmenistan — Ashgabat suburb, killing 1,382 people, more than a third of them — the children, the human rights organization said website "Chronicles of Turkmenistan". Thus, data on the number of victims of the explosion, the judicial authorities of the country and human rights activists, differ by more than 90 times — according to official reports, 15 people were killed: two soldiers and 13 civilians.

The explosions occurred due to negligence and non-trivial safety in handling of ammunition, wrote "Chronicle", citing a source in the Ministry of

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Do I need the RF aerospace forces

Ancient philosophy is: The future will be what we will lay it real. This truth is well known and proved by many years of experience as the development of society and the development of separately taken person. Now both military and civilian professionals perfectly clear: without a precise awareness and understanding of the scale and disposition of future generations of wars, without them doing their strategy, in principle, impossible to give its armed forces a corresponding new look. Transforming and practically — creating an entirely new armed forces, it is appropriate to proceed not from now available, and future

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Do we need to imported weapons? (Poll)

One of the main reasons for numerous disputes in recent years have become weapons purchases abroad. For a variety of circumstances, Russian Defense Ministry has shown interest in the development in the field of foreign weapons and military equipment, which in some cases led to the conclusion of supply contracts. Already at the stage of negotiating these agreements caused a lot of criticism and controversy. In these discussions, it was suggested a lot of arguments, but in general, they can all be summarized in a few lines.

First, let's examine the history of purchases. Until that time, the introduction of

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