RUSSIA experienced strategic missiles «VANGUARD»

Experts argue if you need a brand new country rocket breakthrough or rather tested «Topol» Command of the Strategic Missile Forces mission (RVSN) Russia plans to produce pilot until March launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) «Vanguard». A senior source in the command told «Izvestia» that will shoot from Kapustin Yar in Astrakhan targets on Kamchatka Kura test.   — This is the fourth since 2011 launch. Three ran past the whole successful, recognized as one of the complex. However, in this time the rocket will fly with the layout of the authorized combat and not with ballast, as

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In the ocean will «laser» option battleships

20 years later, after the investigations began in laser cannons, naval forces of the United States managed to achieve great success in the design and development of shipboard laser guns. But, apparently, the existing fleet was not ready to, to adopt a new tool., Reports The new study, which was carried out experts at the Congress, show the inability to obtain old and new ships of the U.S. Navy laser guns as onboard power system owned by insufficient power. According to a report produced by the Congressional Research Service, a couple of years will be the first high-energy

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A new species of the Ukrainian army … Is there hope?

All the more often repeated in publications specializing in the military theme, you can meet dramatically bad date as to the condition of the Ukrainian army, the fact that such forces can not simply be coming, so the position is hopeless, and the only thing that can be count — Repair and modernization of existing military equipment …. And yet this year on the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was allocated significantly more funds from the municipal budget than in years past — about 16.5 billion hryvnia. With all of this specifically on the development of military

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Irony of Fate, or Enjoy fright

On the eve of the Jewish New Year South American and Israeli military had not been warned about missile launches even their own people «The most striking fact in the launch of ballistic missiles distant radius acts of central Mediterranean Sea in the eastern part lies in the fact that the first and the Israelis and the Americans and the British announced their own complete ignorance» — this view correspondent «RG» ; expressed a retired colonel Yaniv Rochow, for many years worked in the research department of the Ministry of Defense of Israel. «In this case, — continues the idea

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The new fighter for the Russian Air Force

Su-30cm pilots will receive less than a year after the design of the order

The company "Irkut" and Sukhoi began flight tests of functional fighter Su-30cm, set up to supply the Ministry of Defense.

September 21, 2012 at the airport of Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC "Corporation" Irkut "- took the first flight of the aircraft of this type. After a four day or for tests joined the second Su-30cm. In both cases, the first flight was quite lengthy — about 2-hours and passed without comment.

As the president of the company in August, "Irkut" Oleg Demchenko,

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Mystery «side lobes»

  Iranian military displayed as a trophy new South American drone Iranian TV footage showed the captured drone South American production ScanEagle, suggesting that it belongs to the South American Navy. South American leadership claims that the drone did not lose. Experts believe that Iranian experts were able to decipher the encryption system control U.S. drones and now often fail to put them on their airfields. Iranian militants seized in their own territorial waters in the Gulf South American unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) type ScanEagle. On Tuesday said Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Admiral explained

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Moscow warns

In the Russian Federation there are no other levers of influence on the U.S., not counting reminders own military power Someone surely deems ordinary coincidence. But when these coincidences are so dramatically in sight, then consider their common language is not rotated. U.S. President Barack Obama calls on Congress to grant him the right to bypass the UN Security Council decision to strike targets Syrian regime for the introduction of chemical weapons against its own population. Russian President Vladimir Putin at this time giving an interview to Channel One and agency Associated Press, which states that our motherland can agree

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The new binoculars recognize the identity of the person with 200 meters

Another plan is ripe with sailors United States. Now it concerns the development of a special binoculars, which will allow to recognize personality person from a distance of up to two hundred meters.

Such an optical device can be created on the basis of the project with the California company StereoVision Img. The project concerns the creation of ad hoc wireless 3D positioning system of human persons. With all this sense the project is not even to get a relatively accurate picture of persons, but rather to identify the person using the remote scanning of the retina of his

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Houses in Vaskelovo shaken by explosions at a military training ground


27.04.12.Zhiteli village Vaskelovo Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region complain of violent explosions. Readers 47News reported that in the village of "shaking the house."

"The village Vaskelovo always a loud explosion. Past — today April 27 — from 11 am to present. House shaking, "- told us the reader Catherine. As explained in the administration 47News Kuyvozovskogo rural settlement, explosions could be heard from the landfill in the village Yelizavetinka where military munitions destroyed.

Recall that from January 20, 2012 military engineers of the Western Military District started the destruction of ammunition, the shelf life will expire in 2012, as

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Portfolio of export orders OPK — $ 46 billion

The order book of military products produced in Russia currently stands at more than $ 46 billion, said on Monday the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin.

"Over the last 10 years we celebrate the growth of exports as a whole: in 2003 — three times, and the growth portfolio (military equipment) is also about three times. Today it is over $ 46 billion dollars ", — said on a conference call A.Fomin the state defense order in the Government House.

He noted that the volume of defense contracts in the

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