UFO over the islands of Hawaii


12.04.11.V skies over Hawaii seen unidentified flying objects, akin to the fact that "hover" over the "Fukushima 1". In Hawaii luminous objects "interested" military base the U.S. military. Despite the fact that information on UFOs leaked just now, the lights are recorded on April 8. Altogether, there were five areas exuding glow. The object of curiosity UFO chose Pacific base Makua.

As noted, the object moves erratically, changing the intensity of the emitted light. Sometimes they are divided, and sometimes joining in a single group. Total time sightings were only a few minutes, after which mysterious objects with

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New online games war theme

Now in Russia an unlimited number of people are worshipers games on the military theme. Some set the game on your own computer and prefer to fight the real enemy agent network, others choose a new online game. And they both try to achieve substantial results in choosing a particular game.

One of the most popular online games in the Russian sector of the Web is the game "Tanki Online." This game designed for men of all ages. With all of this in Tanks play people who belong to a variety of public classes, and all get real pleasure from

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Half of the military of the United States suffers from overweight, and a third of heavy drinkers

 According to the Pentagon report, more than half of the military are overweight. In this war the Coast Guard has the worst performance among all the armed forces. Excess weight is recorded more frequently in men (more than half of the cases) than in women (slightly more than one-third of all female soldiers). The report emphasizes that the evaluation was conducted in overweight using BMI (body mass index), which does not take into account the presence of a large muscle mass and therefore can provide a higher (worse) results than it actually is.

Previously, the Pentagon

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New helicopters delivered to Torzhok

Center of combat deployment, located in the town of Torzhok received 17 helicopters, including "Night Hunter" (Mi-28N), Mi-35, Ka-52 "Alligator" and E-8 MTV-5.Ob it informs the press service of the Defense Ministry. Precise period in which the newcomer aircraft equipment was delivered in Torzhok, is not specified. Until the end of the first month of 2012 in Torzhokskiy center will be delivered and four helicopters Ka-226.

Earlier it was announced that in today, the Russian Air Force will receive about 90 fully modernized and new helicopters and planes. Of their military must be get 20 attack helicopters E-28N and

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New combat razvedmashiny Britain

The British Defense Ministry plans to put 2015 in its armed forces, more than 1,300 new combat reconnaissance vehicles. At the middle of last September in London arms show, produced in English, including "defense" has been demonstrated new BRM option Scout SV. Needless to say, this is quite "raw" design, which should soon be reincarnated as a multifunctional complex, allowing the British army to do the job on the overarching areas of the enemy. It is planned that Scout SV vary quite outdated Scimitars («Scimitars") and the Spartans («Spartans").

Brand new technology is presented as the integration of technological developments

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Sestroretsk explosions and tremors — the solution is not found

November 18, 2011 22:02

In Sestroretsk unrest: once per week, residents heard explosions of unknown origin. Most likely, the reason is that the military eliminate ammunition. But in WEST these guesses as always deny.

Echoes of unexplained explosions in the fall heard many people cityscapes (both peripheral and the historic center), but recently the alarming "reports" come mainly from the resort area. By the comments of residents Sestroretsk, from time to time they hear the unidentified frightening sounds.

"It started in September — it was still quite warm. Periodicity varies: sometimes two weeks silence, sometimes two days in

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The new super-powerful explosive synthesized American laboratories

Each new generation is trying to outdo the last generation that is called inside to hellish machines and other tools, in other words — in search of a massive explosive. It would seem that the era of explosive in powder form gradually goes down in history, but the search for new explosives do not stop. The smaller the mass of the explosive, and the more it affects the force, the best it is a military spec. Activate the quest itself explosive dictates robotics, the introduction of small rockets and bombs big lethal force by drones.

Naturally, the perfect from a

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Top Ten modern military technology

Once a year the world society spends billions of dollars to improve their own fighting arsenal, best planet scientists are working to create more sophisticated types of guns, that increment of the military potential of any other country. And the success of military development in this area are obvious. Here are some of the modern inventions and will be discussed in this review.     One of the most common types of injuries in combat operations are burns. Protect American fighter from such a special coating designed to damage to the skin, made under the control of Dr. Robert Lochhead

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Saudi Arabia can buy 600-800 German Leopard 2 tanks

On Sunday, the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, citing a source in the government said that Saudi Arabia wants to buy 600-800 German Leopard 2. This amount is more than twice higher than anticipated. Earlier it was informed of the intention of Saudi Arabia to purchase about 300 tanks. The article says that the deal on the 800 tanks will cost 10 billion euros (12.6 billion dollars). Contract may be the largest ever military prisoner deal to supply the German military equipment for export. According to the report, the contract for the first tranche of 300 tanks ready for

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Strange earthquake in the UK

When photographing occurred push, and instead of reflecting on the glass bulbs are white stripes

When I started pushing, one Briton made a photo, which shows how sharply from another jolt jerked the image in the frame. White points is a reflection of lamps in the window. SUT $ $

City of Berwick (Berwick) in the county experienced Nortumberlent night strange tremors recorded by seismologists.

Feeling the afternoon at 15.15 strong shaking buildings and heard an ominous rumbling sound, many people thought that an earthquake. But authorities later said that it was about a certain sonic booms and

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