U.S. will use cyber attacks for military purposes


22.06.11, Moscow, 13:19 U.S. President Barack Obama has signed a number of orders on the use of cyber attacks and other computer operations as a weapon to protect U.S. interests around the world, said on Wednesday the Associated Press and RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Pentagon.

Orders governing the treatment of officers of the U.S. armed forces for a resolution of the cyber attacks on the computer opponent, and also permit the inclusion of the possibility of cyber attacks in the overall U.S. military strategy.

The documents were signed a month ago and waited for the completion

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WHY RUSSIAN FLEET mighty ocean? — Chinese experts

  Now mil.news.sina.com.cn portal published an article from an unnamed professional China State Institute of Defense, in which the creator reflects on why Our homeland began intensively to build warships for the Navy.   According to the plans, by 2020 Our motherland wants to build eight class SSBN «Northwind», by 2016 the Navy will receive 18 surface ships, six submarines and 30 boats for special purposes.   History of the Navy is part of the «powerful Russian nationalism and honor,» writes the creator. During the war, the USSR had a cool large submarine fleet for the U.S. confrontation and maintain

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«Smerch» multiple rocket launcher

«Tornado is subject to all.» «67 acres of perdition» … «and girth of the Russian» Smerch «… It’s all about Russian multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS)» Twister. « «Smerch» — Qualitatively new in the field of rocket systems gun. «Smerch» created in 1986, adopted the Armed Forces adopted in 1989. MLRS — fighting machine (BM) from 12 runners (placed on car chassis highest patency MAZ-543M, which provides a speed of 60 km / hour in store for stroke fuel — 850 km); Transport-loading machine with a crane and the charging device; Rockets (MS) high-explosive act cluster submunitions fragmentation acts

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Indias poor sample rearm his infantry

A year earlier, the Indian military announced that it will apply for the development of the modern assault rifle, bought 44,000 of them, and then will create them under license in India. But the process is moving very slowly, and many Indians as military so outside the military suspected that hated corruption in the procurement system and slows the project.

India over the last 10 years building up its own military spending Army, but these efforts were not many effective. One reason is corruption. Like many other states, in India has long been a difficulty with kickbacks and favoritism

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Pentagons non-lethal weapon?

A worldwide network of Web got a very fascinating document of the military department of the United States of America, which was initially developed for internal use in the government and which included data on the development of some kind of weapon, named "non-lethal". It was assumed that it must be used for the destruction of enemies, and to establish control over them.

The list was posted on the Web site of "social intelligence" which previously possessed by their pages the South American government classified documents related to the provision of state security.

This list contains within itself more

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Ukrainian pilots nearly shot down a UFO …




Notice of motion to the Polish border in the direction of Kiev "undersized air target" came to the command post Mirgorod. With Mirgorodskogo airfield defense troops of Ukraine on alert took off two fighter "Su-27".

All attempts were on duty at the command of military contact with

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Impact Force: Battle UFO. Online.

Another film about the development of various countries in the field of UFOs. Such an air army would like to have any state. Enjoying

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United States began to develop suit for giving military abilities of superheroes

Over the next 3 years the South American military can get the latest armor entitled TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), reportsBBC. New suit will give Marines superhuman capabilities. Namely, it is about a suit with exoskeletal basis with the introduction of hydraulic amplifiers muscle, but other than that he has a shell with a «smart» (or active) armor. In addition, there should be a laptop computer and computer communication system. In terms of reference for the development of sensors TALOS also included body temperature, heart rate and level of dehydration of the body. According to experts, a similar suit

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The sudden treachery of NATO

Last week held a television appearance Defense Serdyukov which raised for discussion a number of topical issues. One of the topics was the leak WikiLeaks, which shows that the anti-Russian forces carried out a double play NATO. General sekretal Rasmussen leads brightest examples of the maintenance and opening new pages on the cooperation of the Government of Brussels and Moscow. Along with these structures in NATO worked out strategic plans for war against Russia, and this explains the need to protect Poland and the Baltic states from the appearance of the likely anger. As an example of the composition

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A variety of reports of Russian armored vehicles

In recent years, the Russian Defense Ministry embarked on transparent. High-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense are often involved in press conferences, give interviews and publish compelling information. August 8, accomplished another press conference with the role of the Deputy Secretary of Defense Alexander Sukhorukov, which open a discussion on the progress of the State programs from re-calculated to 2020. As is always the case, were presented not only pleasing announcements.

Let's start with the positive reports on Russian armored vehicles. According to Sukhorukov, at a press conference in the shops and on platforms Kurganmashzavod were about hundreds of

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