Against the U.S. scrap no reception Syrian

Air campaign against the regime of Bashar al-Assad will be more like the impunity beating than the military campaign Currently in Russian and global media publications shaft just about impending military campaign of the United States against Syria. Counted the number and types of aircraft, cruise missiles sounded TTX sea or air, lists various aeronautical lesions are forecasts beginning and development of military conflict (mostly very long life). Professionals listed numerous forces and air defenses available to Bashar al-Assad, serviceable Air Force planes armed forces of Syria and sometimes concludes: Syrian regime is able to give a powerful rebuff a

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«Trojan horse» in the nuclear suitcase

Information coming war: why then prepare RF Now when they say analysts about future wars, they mean no longer clash of nations and peoples, as in former times, and civilizations. Civilizations problem now so topical that their cooperation against the backdrop of increasing globalization can become a problem axial first half of the XXI century. And on the first plan are increasingly pushed the informational component of the armed conflict. Inter-civilizational wars and armed conflicts considered to be those in which one civilization or representing its government (coalition) aim to forcibly kill the other means, to oust its historically developed

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Dame in the Belarusian army and the police more

In Minsk police once a year an increasing number of ladies. They work in the main to the investigative agencies, inspectorates juvenile, also in the Department of Citizenship and movement. Head of Minsk police Anatoly Kuleshov said "freedom" of privileges that no women police officers did not have."They all live on one and the same laws, orders, regulatory framework. All cases are investigating men and ladies are investigating. So there are no exceptions. Features, of course. But the lady is a person myagenkoy nature. I would note that it is more cleanly and in some ways more Radzivil treat their

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Western media: Our homeland is revising its military doctrine

The Washington Post is now in the article "Putin: reversing into the future," asks: "Does George Bush permitted Putin plans to change the American administration? .. Russian President re willing to intimidate American allies in protest against the deployment of anti-missile radar in the Czech Republic and Poland. Related missile defense system fails to suspend Russian simultaneous kick, but Moscow has threatened to withdraw from the contract on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and short-range offense, which signed Misha Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in 1993. "Currently in Europe likely to mass demonstrations and other organized act in support of the Kremlin,

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China is able to counteract the U.S. military communications systems

Chinese military use South American secrets acquired by our agents to counteract the U.S. sverhtehnologichnym communication systems used in the «combined weapons systems» and missile defense, said September 20 with reference to the statements of officials of the South American governments. Found that China has the ability to «wedge» in the work of the Joint tactical system disk imaging rassredotachivaniya JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System), as has been told in the article «Anti-Jamming Performance of JTIDS-Type Waveform», posted on July 10 in the journal Aerospace Electronic Warfare, coming under the auspices of the Institute 8511 and which is

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U.S. suspends military aid to Israel

States were obliged to halt military aid to Israel in connection with the fiscal crisis. It is recognized now U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at a press conference in Bali (Indonesia), where the activities of the business summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Due to the suspension of the U.S. government, President Barack Obama canceled his trip to the APEC summit today, instructing lead South American delegation at this international summit Kerry. «Our assistance to the security of Israel, the coming to our ally in the Middle East, has been postponed,» — said managing the U.S. State Department.

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In Russia there will be a hard act for defense reconnaissance plane

In Russia begins to develop a new reconnaissance aircraft capable of conducting its activities in the stratosphere due to what he would inaccessible to enemy air defense systems. In addition, within the next 2 years 40% of the country’s combat aircraft will consist of unmanned aerial vehicles. On the development of new aircraft journalists said the Commander of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin. According to him, in the interests of the military department of the Russian Federation in the coming years will be created a number of reconnaissance aircraft, including a fundamentally new stratospheric apparatus which is beyond

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Military preparing for avian influenza

Combined with military detachments radiation, chemical, biological protection will be established in all regions of the country and will be able to start work as required within 24 hours. At the moment, they are provided with special machines and equipment for dezinfektsyynyh works, appropriate personal protection equipment.

Battleship on the new rules of the game

Defence Ministry takes over chaos in shipbuilding Yesterday, Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments Yuri Borisov held a meeting on military shipbuilding. Listing all the mistakes that led to the breakdown of the previous state armaments program, he called for a fundamental revision of the relationship between the military and the shipbuilding industry. Meeting was the first in his own way: soon these events will affect the air component forces and aerospace defense. Speech sovereign Borisov held yesterday in Krylovskaya municipal research center (St. Petersburg). He noted that the last three state armaments program (SAP) were not met due to a

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China can invade TAIWAN BY 2020

In his yearly report to the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan warned neighboring countries, the U.S. and its own people, that by 2020 China could perform «successful invasion of the island,» reported October 9. Beijing holds overarching upgrading its own military capabilities, including weapons directly aimed to counter the United States’ ability to intervene in defense of Taiwan. This anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-satellite weapon, cruise missiles, long-range, modern fighters, several classes of nuclear submarines and everyday. Taiwan belongs to these preparations seriously. The island government should invest significant resources in defense, namely the establishment of a

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