The German government training center moves to Russia

December 7, 2011: Our homeland joins Germany, China, Israel and many other large military forces, building center combat training for their own ground forces. Our homeland has hired German firm Rheinmetall, to build a German state Training Center Three years back, in order to build similar in.

Center is based on the education system, developed by the U.S. Army in 1982. State training Center (STC) (National Training Center, NTC) is available on 147,000 acres in the Mojave Desert at Fort Irwin, California. There, the U.S. Army revolutionized the training of infantry in the 1980s with the development of MILES

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In the south-east of Turkey declared evacuation


Turkish military. Photos © AFP

30.09.11.Turetskie authorities announced the forced evacuation of several mountain villages in the province of Hakkari, located in the south-east of the country, the newspaper Hurriyet.

Evacuation declared in at least four areas — community leaders have received appropriate instructions of the central authorities.

In Ankara explained that do not want to endanger civilians during the recent large-scale military operations in the mountains.

The surrounding mountains Kato where people ordered to leave, have seen the Turkish army units, accompanied by dozens of armored vehicles. Among other things, in the province of Hakkari profit armored

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The German military secret

German soldiers near the monument to the god of war — Mars: "We shall conquer the whole world!"

The Germans — warriors, yeah … Two unleash a global war, so what! After all, they did not have a little bit before the creation of the atomic bomb. A rocket FAA they had to do. Yes, a lot of that had soaps, for example, brewed from human fat … So we, the inhabitants of the third planet from the Sun, a miracle slipped out of the second World War. Lucky — because the Germans start a bit later, at a

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Shortage of troops affects their readiness

The results of the autumn conscription campaign just summarized, and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces come disturbing reports that some regions have not fulfilled the plan on the call. Already at this point it is clear that for the first time in recent years the armed forces are experiencing shortage fighter and sergeants on the call. With all of this continues to go down a layer of contract soldiers.

Speaking not long ago in a closed session of the State Duma Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov admitted that "the needs of the military organization of the country

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Red Dragon has awakened

  Chinese news agency Xinhua published a ranking of the most important events in China for 2012. The fourth row of the list took China’s success in the military field. This year, the Chinese are actively kerf in the struggle with Japan and with a number of countries in Southeast Asia over disputed areas of the East China and South China Seas. The apotheosis of this confrontation was Adopt the first Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning», built on the basis of treasury Ukrainian aircraft carrier «Varyag». When our state sign «Aurora» sewage flooded with sewage when in the Barents Sea after

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Empire attack («Uwazam Rze», Poland)

Our homeland is preparing an army to conquer neighbors My article «Protecting yourself or loss of sovereignty», which were presented in the fear of the motives of military exercises «West-2013» to be held in Belarus provoked a lively response on the Russian side, a storm of conflicting views on portals and usmotritelnoe silence the Polish Ministry of Defense . Only Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski (Radoslaw Sikorski) assured journalists that takes expressed fear me seriously. Russian commentators was subjected to sharp criticism of my text (one expert Colonel referred to my thesis «ravings of a madman»), and their Belarusian colleagues

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Military satellite, Geo-IK-2 is out of order


Moscow. March 1. INTERFAX.RU — Geodesic spacecraft military "Geo-IK-2", which was placed in an unplanned orbit on February 1, has failed, not having worked for a month, "Interfax" on Tuesday in the military.

According to him, the problems in the satellite began in the middle of last week. Then the machine has failed devices solar orientation. Unfortunately, experts do not have to recover the satellite, and it was lost.


Unknown grandchildren Kalashnikov. Pecheneg beautiful

"Machine gun Kalashnikov infantry" successfully passed the military tests

Heirs of heavy machine guns, as you know, guns are common, keep fire of which we can fry, ground machine, also with anti-aircraft, bronetransporternoy, helicopter units.

One of the best contemporary single machine guns is considered to be 7.62 mm gun Kalashnikov PC with rapidly exchangeable barrel and its modernized version of the PKM, entered service in 1969. He did not once has proved effective in combat. In the 80 years battle experience has revealed the scarcity of both firepower and sighting range of regular hand-RPK-74 used in the link

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The largest UAV in the world adopted by the IDF.

On Sunday, armed Air Force IDF adopted a new unmanned aerial vehicle «Eitan» (Creation of the Israeli group «aviation industry», IAI). This UAV, which is the biggest in the world, superior in size, range, maximum height and payload class drones «Heron-1» and South American counterparts. Almost UAV «Eitan» («Heron TP») entered service IDF Air Force in June 2011. They will operate as part of the 210th squadron of heavy drones. But formal «certificate of acceptance» held on 21 February 2010. Length of this UAV is 15 meters, wingspan — 26 meters. To compare its size with the size of

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Unearthly beauty Alligator

As stated by the command of the Air Force, as part of defense procurement programs from 2012 to the Army Aviation will receive about 30 Ka-52 "Alligator". The first four serial board enrolled in the combat center Torzhokskiy implementation and retraining of pilots of army aviation in January, and all the while the pilots were trained on management. The presentation to the press machines come true on February 8.

Apparently, the first line units, which receive "Alligators", will be those that are placed in the Primorye Territory. This is natural, because the helicopter is produced there, in the town

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